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RBI Grade B 2019 Recruitment

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RBI Grade B 2019- From Notification to Selection


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For General awareness how many months current affairs is sufficient

Deal All my humble request to you all who want to prepare and crack 2019 RBI grade b make a Whats apps group that will help usto prepare well in time frame manner

Can someone please suggest all books and material for both phases? thanks.

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I am an aspirant of RBI GRADE B 2019 and requires a serious suggestion regarding its preparation from candidates who have cracked RBI GRADE B both phase 1 and phase 2 . Which is the better course Anuj Jindal's or Edu Tap?? Or is there any good academy/institute which helps in preparation for same in New Delhi? 

Your suggestions will help all the upcoming aspirants. 




I am preparing to buy   RBI GRADE B AND NABARD 2019 course from bankexamtoday.

This year reached till interview in NABARD and till mains in RBI.

Their economics notes are best i guess.  it cover every aspect of the exam.


Phase 1 is expected in the month of

  • September
  • August
  • After September
  • July
  • Before June

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#Target RBI Phase 1 GA 2019

Rbi course

Searching 1-2 serious aspirants to take RBI, Sebi and Nabard course together. If anyone seriously interested do contact. Thanks.

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1. Asia power index - 4th
2. Wealthiest country - 6th
3. Healthcare access & quality index (HAQ) - 145th
4. World press freedom index - 138th
5. Commonwealth innovation index - 10th
6. Energy transition index - 78th
7. World happiness index - 133rd
8. Global corruption perception index - 81st
9. Inclusive internet index - 47th
10. Global manufacturing index - 30th
11. Environmental performence index - 177th
12. Global talent competativeness index - 81st
13. Ease of doing business - 77th
14. Global gender gap index - 108th
15. Richest country - 126th
16. Most trust govt.- 3rd
17. Global hunger index - 103th
18. Global human capital index - 115th
19. Global cyber security index - 23rd
20. Renewable energy index - 3rd
21. Slavery index - 4th
22. E waste index - 5th
23. Terrorism index - 8th
24. Global military index - 4th
25. Crony capitalism - 9th
26. Global connectivity index - 43rd
27. Good country - 70th
28. Energy security index - 90th
29. Global innovation index - 57th
30. Human development index - 131st
31. Global peace index - 137th
32. Network rediness index - 91st
33. Steel production - 2nd
34. Weathiest country - 6th
35. Global retail development index - 1st
36. FDI confidence index - 11th
37. World economic freedom index - 130th
38. Bank index - 130th
39. World disaster risk index - 77th
40. RTI act index - 4th
41. World bank logistic performance index - 35th
42. Global wind power install capacity index - 4th
43. Climate change performance index - 14th
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46. Women in politics index - 148th
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48. Global passport index - 75th
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51. E govt. development index - 96th.



# Both FDI and FII are related to Foreign Investment.

# In FDI, Company (Parent) makes an investment in a foreign country.

# In FII, An Investor make an investment in the market of Foreign Country.

# In FII companies only need to get registered on the Stock Exchange to make investments.

# The Foreign Institutional Investor is also known as HOT MONEY.
Reason to be called Hot Money: As the investors have the liberty to sell it and take it back. In Layman Language, After selling your product collect your money and go to your country.

# But in FDI, It is not possible.

# In simple words, FII can enter the stock market easily and also withdraw from it easily. But FDI can’t let enter or exit easily. That’s why the majority of nations choose FDI over FII.

# FDI only targets a specific Enterprise. It’s AIM is to increase:
1. Capacity;
2. Productivity and
3. Change in the Management Control.

# FDI is more stable than FII; FDI brings capital, good governance practices and better management skill and even technology transfer.

# FII helps only in promoting Good Governance and improving Accounting.

# FDI flows in Primary Market. -> Long Term.

# FII flows in Secondary Market. -> Short Term.

Need some serious aspirants to take RBI, SEBI and NABARD course by sharing and study together. If anyone interested inbox me.

Can anyone help If I am eligible to apply? I belong to SC category hold following educational qualification

MBA 70%

B Com 43%

12th 55%

10th 52%


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