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RRB SSE Recruitment 2019 Notification:


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@grondmaster, @pagalguy  Please move this thread to Jobs and Career Section.

Let us discuss about syllabus, tips to crack exam, books to be referred and other things.

Guys, Will the question paper for mechanical and electrical be same? Will it be asking from both electrical and mechanical??

A person wid Degree in Computer cannot apply for JE???

😕 kisi ka payment verify hua kya???😟 🚄 🚋 🚋 🚋 

guys one doubt,i have registered for je in one rrb,can i apply for sse exam in different rrb???or is it necessary to choose same rrb for both je and sse?? i want to apply to a different rrb..am i allowed to do tht?

hello Guys I want to know whether a person can apply for sse and je from the same rrb or not .?

thanks in advance

i want to apply for JE IT (RRB).. how to do it exactly

guys i  havent  got one time password(otp) but i got my  rgisitration no.....can i  complete my  registration process ? while  i  was  making online payment  i got the message that u  cannot make payment between 23;30 to  :30  what is this???????/plz reply

Friends...Help me out..My template document is not successful...I have uploaded 96 dpi template first..but failed..again I uploaded 150 dpi template..this one also failed....How can I finish my registration process as 100 dpi scan is not available..please help me out in this...

Friends...Is it true that we have to take our RRB exam in the city we have chosen???

I m from BE Electrical & Electronics Engineering!! What stream i can choose.. shall i choose DEGREE in ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING ????? plz any1 clear my confusion!!!

guys do the print application after form submission is coming with photo and signature unclear or half missing....

hello guys, if any one have filled the sse or je form from rrb mumbai than we can share the journey and can look for the stay in mumbai if you have no relatives there as in my case.

contact me at [email protected]

which books should i refer for rrb sr and je sectn exams...pls suggest 

Can I apply for both JE and SSE

I have a doubt .... i have heard that in tech. section (Mechanical) focus is more on theoritical question rather than numericals .... is it true

rrb mumbai service is unavailable .........??????????

how to upload the template in RRB.. with 100dpi scan and file size 100-200kb.. i am trying but its not taking at all.. any solutions??