[Official] Verbal Thread for CAT 2017!!!

As we are done with CAT 2016 and those who feel that they need to start all over again to get into their dream b-school, here it is!!


THE QUANT THREAD _____/\_____ :beers 🍻 

di-lr thread


any one has time mocks pdf

Can anyone tell how to prepare for verbal n which books to use ?

Suggestions for RC preparation?

Where can I download reasoning book by Arun Sharma please suggest ?

Where can I download data interpretation book by Arun Sharma ?

 Hi all CAT aspirants, you are invited to join this group for queries related to admissions at MBA, IIT Kanpur.

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Hello guys, I am a final year Engineering Student from Mumbai. I gave CAT 2016 just to see how I fare and got 50.96%ile Can anyone help me out on how to begin with my CAT preparations (PS:- I have the entire set of TIME study material which my senior gave me)

Guys any good sources for sentence correction


The __________, those cellular bodies which contain the __________ particles, the genes, provide

us with basic facts of genetic transmission.

(a) protoplasm, microscopic (b) globules, fat

(c) cytoplasm, minute (d) chromosomes, hereditary

Hello Aspirants, 

Can anyone share with me the pdfs of TIME mock papers(last year one)...?


 A. Freedom of movement, as commonly understood, entails the right of every citizen present lawfully within a given territory to move freely within it, without any hindrance and without having to ask for specific permission from the authorities.
B. The right also incorporates the freedom to choose one’s residence.
C. This right is a basic ingredient of liberty and it strengthens a citizen’s ability to earn his livelihood and choose his associations.
D. Not only citizens, but also legal residents and even aliens may be ‘lawfully within a given territory’.
E. Thus, one may freely choose which city, town, village or district one will make the center of life. 

 If anyone want to buy material of Time and CL in Delhi/Gurgaon please PM me.  

At one time, European and Japanese companies tried to imitate their American rivals. Today, American appliance manufacturers import European scientists to lead their research staffs; American automakers design cars that mimic the styling of German, Italian, and French imports; and American electronics firms boast in their advertising of “Japanese-style” devotion to quality and reliability. In the world of high technology, America has lost the battle for international prestige. Each of the following statements, if true, would help to support the claim above EXCEPT:

(A) An American camera company claims in its promotional literature to produce cameras “as fine as the best Swiss imports.” 

(B) An American maker of stereo components designs its products to resemble those of a popular Japanese firm. 

(C) An American manufacturer of video games uses a brand name chosen because it sounds like a Japanese word. 

(D) An American maker of televisions studies German-made televisions in order to adopt German manufacturing techniques.

 (E) An American maker of frozen foods advertises its dinners as “Real European-style entrees prepared by fine French and Italian chefs.” 

 Para Jumbles ..

1. If this difference between aspiration and emotion, between the true light and the perturbations produced in the individual by that light, be kept in mind, and the closer consonance of philosophy with aspiration, the relation of Theosophy to Mysticism can be more clearly apprehended.
2. Aspiration differs widely from emotion and yet is equally akin to devotion, and when once centred in the soul is less liable to transitions and oscillations and is nearer related to philosophy.
3. It is only through the establishment of a perfect equilibrium between faith and reason that the Divine Life and the Divine Wisdom can become manifest in man; Faith without reason becomes fanaticism; reason divorced from faith becomes sordid materialism, and while prating of order and law begets anarchy.
4. Another point should also be held clearly in view, viz.: the philosophical relation between Faith and Reason; between the existence, immutability, and beneficence of the Divine Life, and the orderly sequence of its manifestation, and apprehension by the mind of man.
5. Meditation or contemplation may coexist with either the emotional or aspirational nature, and both mystic and theosophist recognize the Divine Unity and aim at the union of the human with the divine.

******Odd one out***** 1)various measures of authoritarianism have repeatedly been found not to correlate with various measures of maladjustment including standard clinical indices such as the Eysenck "N scale. 2)the failure of authoritarian attitudes to relate to authoritarian behaviour is, however, a more serious failure of the adorno Et al. Account. 3)it is certainly true in other fields such as racism. 4)In fact, to psychologists the attitude /behaviour discrepancy is a familiar phenomenon.

 Sorry for posting here.. but if anyone wants all of CAT prep material from CL and TIME in Gurgaon. Please ping me I am giving it away for FREE. Just hope that you will do the same once you are done with them.