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Till when can we update GMAT score in MDI application form. If I have filled and completed the application form before the deadline, is it possible to send GMAT scores in December (for PGDM courses) or do we have to upload GMAT scores before the application deadline?

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Valid GMAT scores obtained prior to the end of the MDI application deadline will be considered for candidature

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What to upload in experience certificate for current employer?
Can offer letter be uploaded?

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Hi team!
I have 2 doubts:

  1. Actually, I am currently in the last year of engineering. Now, under the “Education details” tab, there is an option for filling marks obtained as well as result awaited. Which one should I choose?
  2. Also, in the Work experience details tab, should I mention “NA” in the fields marked with asterisk or should I let the fields be and continue on the next page?

Awaiting reply.


Offer letter can be uploaded for now.

  1. You can proceed by clicking on Result awaited.
  2. If you do not have any work experience, you can skip the section entirely.
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Hello team.
Amount of money is deducted from my bank account but the same is not reflected on my application portal. What should I do now?

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I have yet to receive my graduation degree. But I have screenshot of final results published on University website
is it acceptable??

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My one particular past experience in a company is from 17-DEC’20 to 5-JAN’21 (A total of 20 days only).

However, when I try to input this information in the experience section of the form, the format available is MM/YYYY through a dropdown for both “Period from” and “Period To”. I am forced to enter “Period From” as “Dec-20” and “Period To” as “Jan-21” without mentioning the particular dates in the respective months.
Due to this, the system is capturing my experience in this company as 2 months, but in actuality, it is only 20 days.

Please let me know what should be the best way to handle this.

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@mdi.corpcom Kindly assist.

Requesting revert @mdi.corpcom

Respected sir

I Eshita Juneja, ( payment ID: MDI63790b6826064190) have made the payment of Rs. 3000 but have not received any confirmation mail from your side.

Kindly look into this matter and confirm the payment, I will be highly obliged.


Eshita Juneja

The same happened with me but later i received my payment Id but i have still not got the confirmation mail

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You can choose one of the following options -

  1. You can ignore this particular experience as it is only 20 days
  2. You can enter the start and end month as December itself
    However you need not worry, you will have the option to fill the exact dates if you are shortlisted after your CAT results as well.

If you receive the Payment ID, it implies that your payment has been captured.
No issues if the confirmation mail is not received.

Yes it is okay for now. You will get option to upload the certificate later if you are shortlisted.

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I have work experience from 1st July, 20 to 30th June,21 (ie 12 months, hence eligible for IB). However, while filling form as start July and end June, portal screen shows 11 month (with this, I will be rejected for IB). And if I fill start July and end July (which is not correct,), It shows 12 months. What to do and how to fill to avoid rejection for IB as I actually have 1 year experience.

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You can enter the details the details as July to July for now to validate 12months experience. However, your eligibility will be checked once again before shortlisting after the declaration of CAT results through relevant documents.