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Join the discussion on IIM Udaipur Admission 2018-20 and Get all the information about IIM Udaipur, IIM Udaipur Placements, IIM Udaipur Average Package, IIM Udaipur Cut Off, IIM Udaipur Ranking, IIM Udaipur Fees and Much More….

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Hi Sir, I have got 97.28 percentile overall. But i have got 79.34 percentile in Verbal. Rest all sections 98+. Please confirm my chances of getting the call

CAT 2017 results announced !!

We wish the best to the candidates for the upcoming WAT-PI rounds !

Please do ask any queries that you have regarding IIM Udaipur. We will also be creating WAT-PI material and allocating mentors to aid the aspirants for the further rounds.

It would be our constant endeavor to timely communicate all the relevant information related to the 2018-2020 session admissions to all the aspirants. 

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Team MiiC

IIM Udaipur

 Can i expect a call at 96.8 (sectionals above 85)... GEM 36 months work ex.... 10/12/grad : 88.8/91/8.01 cgpa 

 OA - 87.03 

Verbal/DI-LR/Quants - 72/96/83. 

General Category X/XII/Btech - 94/90/96.

 2 years workex.

Any chance of getting calls from baby or new iims? 

Can I expect a call at 91%ile (nc obc) fresher X/XII/BTECH 84/81/78

  OA 80.91%ile All sectionals above 72. Engineer male(NCOBC).Past acads- 10/12/BE 78.55/60/69.41 work ex 6 months. Can I expect a call (new or baby) or should i start my prep for cat 2018? 

It seems many have queries regarding"calls" from Bschools. I'm sharing a previous year's spreadsheet containing the same. Please note that this sheet is for reference only, so please do not make any concrete judgements based on this, since trends keep changing. All the best! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1e0xy23lZ-LHrWSkCV0p0bf3-HPNx-9nIdALZqwFis6w/edit?usp=drivesdk

OA: 94.37

VA: 92

DI: 94

QA: 91

X : 87%

Xll : 67%

BE: 72%

Any chance?

 OA = 98.26

VA = 94.50

DILR = 98.64

QA = 95.74

GEM, (87.60/79.40/82.9), 30 months of work ex. Need to know my chances.. please help  

OA : 89.5

VA : 76

DILR : 93

QA : 89

10/12/grad : 94/83/80

2 years work ex.

Any chance for gd/pi call ?



DILR: 91.3


10/12/Grad: 91.2/93/66.1



Cat 98.65(85.3/98/99.3) 10th/12th/Grad - 93/73 .2/62 15 months work experience Udaipur possible?

87.34%- obc 92.9/90.67/66.46-10/12/engg Chances for call and conversion?

OA 99.05,10/12/b.com-82/89/57,no work ex ..realistic chances of conversion??

 OA: 97.26 VA: 88 DI:92.68 QA: 98.44 
Work ex :10 months graduated in 2016 
X/XII/Grad: 91/91/59

10th-9.4 12th-91.80 BTech- 67.8 Wex- 6 months VARC- 99.35 DILR-81.37 QA- 92.95 Overall- 96.68 Chances?

 Can i expect a call at  10/12/Btech-68.8/68.6/65.3CAT 17 VA/DILR/QA/OA- 94/93/97/97.43work ex 69 months IT  GEN 

Can i expect a call at 10/12/Btech-92.4/86.6/88.2 CAT VA/DILR/QA/OA-97.06/84.18/97.34/97.41 work ex-0 GEN