[Official] DILR Thread for CAT 2017!!!

As we are done with CAT 2016 and those who feel that they need to start all over again to get into their dream b-school, here it is!!

Hi all

Quant thread


 verbal thread 



Is there any pdf/ link where I can get the solutions for TIME's CAT study material - especially for Quant and DI? Not the answer key, the solutions. Thanks. 

Hi everyone are there any web resources/links to practice LR and DI? Thanks in advance.

Please can someone solve the below set and mention the final table/cases you end up with?

A software company has to assign four of its employees – Ken, Linda, Mona and Sunny – to four cities – Bangalore, Lisbon, Los Angeles and Shanghai – over a two-year period. Each of the cities is assigned at least two employees over the two-year period. This condition is deemed to have been met if an employee chooses to remain in the same city for the second year. The employees have a choice of staying in the same city for the second year or relocating to some other city.

  • In the first year, no employee is assigned to a city whose name starts with the same letter as that of the employee’s.
  • Ken and Linda are married and will always be assigned to the same city. No others can be assigned to same place at same time.
  • Linda does not like Shanghai and Sunny does not like Lisbon; they will not be assigned to these cities respectively.
  • Linda is not assigned to Los Angeles in the second year.

 I know I am starting a bit late, but can any of you suggest me books I can get for DI? With proper examples and vast questions covering every topic?

This will be my first attempt at CAT. Sometimes I have free time in office and want to utilise it to improve my DI-LR, any tips on what I should do?

If in a statement it is written that M IS STANDING 2 PLACES BEHIND N that implies

  • m is at 1st than n is 4th
  • m is at 1st than n is 3th

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Hello guys, I am a final year Engineering Student from Mumbai I gave CAT 2016 just to see how I fare and got 50.96%ile Can anyone help me out on how to begin with my CAT preparations (PS:- I have the entire set of TIME study material which my senior gave me)

Ques 1 to 3?

guys can anybody suggest me name of books which can help  me to prepare for  di and lr 

Please suggest some good books for puzzles.....TIA

Hi all, I have few queries 1. I have IMS old CAT materials (2014 or 2015 edition may be). I completed Numbers chapters from it. I wanted to know whether the contents is same or old as compared to the latest one. TIME books new ones are too costly and I am not able to get the 2nd hand books. 2. I want to join couple of mock test series. Please rate TIME , IMS, Cl in terms of the difficulty level compared to actual CAT/XAT exam. Currently they are priced in the range of 6k to 7k. Will the price of any of these test series + sectionals reduce by any chance in future?

7 person (a,B,c,d,e,f,g) are standing in queue not in same order as per height now if e is second to the tallest than e is at what position in queue

  • 2nd
  • 3rd

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Help with 35&36

Hello 😄 

I am a working professiona in IT industry and my shift timing is 11 am - 8 pm (Thought most of the time I have to stay past 8 ). I sat for CAT 2016 after self-studying and the result was not what I expected. So this year I decided to opt for some coaching as after giving CAT 2016, I realised that I had some lapses in my preparation for which I need some active guidance. 

But now I can't decide which one to opt for - classroom coaching or online coaching? I am thinking of going for onlne coaching as with my hectic work schdule it will be easier for me to attend night coaching classes after work and on wekends and it also saves me the time to travel. But at the same time, if I attend classroom coaching I will be able to actively participate in a class and compete with other students which will help me in greatly assessing my performance. I am in a blind here and I need some suggestations. Thanks to all for taking the time to read my post and also for your advice. 

plz explain this

#mockrequired Does anyone has Previous CAT mocks ? Need it for DILR practice.