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The spectacular view from the acad block at Goa Institute of Management ensures that the students are in the realm of nature while their learning never stops!

Goa Institute of Management has always prioritised environmental and societal awareness. The international conference held at GIM based on ‘State of Employment in India: Problems and Prospects’ organised by Centre for Public Policy and Governance aimed to build knowledge and train leaders for sustainable enterprises and an inclusive society. With the COVID-19 pandemic posing a number of issues, one issue that must be addressed is economic change.

Dr Ajit Parulekar, Director, GIM, and Prof. Sebastian Morris, Senior Professor, GIM, spoke about the issues of employment and decreasing economic growth.

Goa Institute of Management appreciates everyone’s participation in this conference for making it a grand success.

•The Quintessential Summer Experience•

At Stryker, India, my day as a market research intern involves interacting with surgeons, attending surgeries, and gathering maximum insights to understand the segment within the domain assigned. With the support of an enthusiastic team, taking up challenges head-on is an invaluable learning opportunity in itself.

  • Prachiti Shetye (PGDM-HCM 2021-2023)

We were honoured to host Mr Ashish Gupta, Founder of FretBox, as the guest speaker for the Aspire’22 series organised by the Corporate Relations and Placements BIFS-GIM. He spoke on the topic ‘How to Design your Start-Up with SaaS as a Use Case’.

“They say that taking the first step is the hardest part. But once you are a few months in, you realise that the hardest parts of building a company are yet to come.", propounded Mr Gupta as he addressed the batch in an interactive virtual session. He started the session by laying down the framework for building a start-up from scratch. Describing the journey of a founder, he emphasised the challenges faced such as fundraising, hiring, product design, and launch.

Mr Gupta concluded the session by highlighting the importance of determination and consistency to succeed in one’s path to establish their business.

We would like to thank Mr Ashish Gupta for taking the time to interact with the students and hope to host him soon on campus.

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It is a moment of great pride for us as we announce the winner of Lok Niti, hosted by IIT Kanpur. The team ‘Hustlers’ performed exceptionally well and secured the first position.

Our heartiest congratulations to Mr Chirag Nihalani (PGDM Batch of 2021-2023) and Mr Shiwang Agarwal (BDA Batch of 2021-2023).


•The Quintessential Summer Experience•

“At JP Morgan Chase and Co., as a Global Finance and Business Management Intern, my project is based on the functioning of the Corporate and Investment Banking segment. I am studying the different ways of enhancing the processes and learning the various aspects of the organisation."

-Manasvi Modi (PGDM BIFS 2021-2023)

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•Humans of GIM•

"I would have never guessed what was in store for me when I boarded the bus from my home to Goa with a friend for vacation. What was supposed to be a week-long trip, became my second home.”, stated our very own Jaggu Bhaiyya as he went on narrating his life story.

“I arrived from a small village with my friend to work for his relative who used to work at Ribandar Campus. As fate would have it, my so-called friend stole all my belongings and fled. My brother-in-law lent me a helpful hand to help make ends meet while his other employees were not around.

From prohibiting the students to leave the campus in the midst of the night to serving them chai, coffee and everything that students need, and from helping in accounts to guiding students, I have come a long way."

From taking care of our daily snacks to ensuring our smallest of needs are met on the campus, he made sure we are never out of any munchies even when the college was in a bio bubble.

This goes out to the one we love - our very own Jaggu Bhaiyya.

"We all have our own set of strengths and weaknesses. Spend time and energy enhancing your strengths rather than your weaknesses. ", stated Ms Aishwarya Srinivasan, Data Scientist, Google Cloud, during a webinar hosted by Corporate Relations and Placements Big Data Analytics-GIM on the topic ‘How to build a brand for yourself in the field of Data Science & AI’.

Ms Srinivasan started the discussion concerning the significance of building a personal brand. She highlighted the value of developing one’s brand in terms of differentiating yourself from the competition, gaining trust from the network, and increasing visibility for professional advancement. She also spoke about how a brand is unique to the founder and how the dynamics can change with time.

Ms Srinivasan also provided tips for students who are just starting out in terms of posting content in the field of Data Science. For example, focusing on quality and consistency of the content produced and reading a lot of what others have written to figure out the message they want to convey. She reiterated that the key to success is networking and a two-way street.

We thank Ms Aishwarya Srinivasan for the insightful and knowledgeable session. We would like to have more such sessions with her in the future.

•The Quintessential Summer Experience•

Being a part of Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) is the pinnacle of my MBA journey. I am working from home as a part of the HR Operations team. I get to don many hats since the HR operations team is involved in anything and everything, right from payroll, dashboards, to organisational management and structuring.

I am blessed to have a highly experienced mentor who finds time for me despite his busy schedule. It has been a great experience spending my days in primary and secondary research to create a design of tools to help the CHRO office.

Shubham Bhamre (PGDM 2021-23)

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It was an honour to host Mr Karthik SM, Global Talent Acquisition Head, Biocon Biologics, as a guest speaker for Industry Spotlight Series 2.0, organised by the Corporate Relations and Placement Team - GIM.

Speaking on the topic, ‘HR Technology: shaping the Future Work’, Mr Karthik elucidated the real-time cases of the latest HR tools bringing about a new age in the business world. Mr Karthik stated, “Companies should leverage HR technology, and employees must learn and unlearn in order to bring about disruptive changes in the organisation through Digital HR Transformation.” His take on the new Human Resources technology also included students taking into perspective barriers like implementation at an organisational level, cultural fitment and introducing a new paradigm across multiple generations.

We thank Mr Karthik for providing a comprehensive outlook of the HR industry to the students and we hope to host him on campus soon.

•Academic Exchange Diaries•

I am glad to have gotten the opportunity to be part of the GIM Student Exchange Programme and study at CUNEF University, Madrid. Being taught by reputed professors made the complex finance concepts easy to grasp and made my way much simple.

Making friends across the world is the best thing about the Exchange Programme. It helps you understand their mindset, and at the same time tell them about the Indian culture. Besides, I also got a chance to travel across 14 European countries like Norway, Italy, Hungary, and Greece to name a few. The travelling made us implement all our MBA concepts starting from planning, execution, and turnarounds strategies, be it quick calculation in currency exchanges or making an excel of the travel plan.

Indeed, this journey has helped me transform into a much more confident person and has broadened my perspective. I would consider the Exchange Program to be one of the best-learning experiences of my life.

Meghna Bhattacharya (PGDM 2020-2022)

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•The Quintessential Summer Experience•

My role as an AMT Intern at ITC entails analysing market potential and developing data-driven strategies for boosting businesses throughout Gujarat. The experience here is incredibly enriching as ITC has given me complete project ownership. The complexity of the problem statement requires me to approach it from a fresh perspective and develop unique solutions.

This internship has given me a better understanding of the FMCG Supply Chain, especially in a company as diverse as ITC. I have the liberty to explore new areas to solve problems and deliver results. The mentors here are incredibly supportive and provide valuable advice based on their diverse backgrounds. My internship at ITC will undoubtedly be beneficial and serve as a springboard for future opportunities.

– Ayush Mishra (PGDM 2021-23)

We had the privilege of hosting Mr Swapnil Tambi, Director, BNY Mellon as the esteemed speaker for the Industry Spotlight Series 2.0 by the Corporate Relations Cell of GIM.

Mr Tambi, in his session on Adopting AI/ML for Strategic Decision Making, elucidated the importance of using the algorithms for devising strategies pertinent to the organisation’s development. He shared some key characteristics regarding successful digital transformation and the key enablers of the industry. Mr Thambi explains, “AI/ML is changing the face of industries, and there is widespread concern about it replacing humans. In reality, it cannot replace humans but augment our actions.”

We thank Mr Tambi for such an insightful session that will enable the students to enter the age of digitisation with a newfound understanding of the nuances of the digital world.

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