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● XAT 2020 Registration started through online mode from 23 August 2019.

● XAT 2020 Exam Date: 5th January, 2020


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 A new magazine, Fiz, was intended to appeal to young, urban people who spend a large proportion of their income on expensive fashion clothing. Initial surveys of the magazine's readers revealed that the actual readership was greater than expected, that it was disproportionately young and urban, and that the readers spent no more on fashion clothing than was average for their age. One year after its introduction, revenues for the magazine were so low that it ceased publication.

Which of the following, if true, best helps to explain the demise of Fiz described above?

A. Clothing fashions change quickly; a trend that is widely popular one season may be considered silly or embarrassing the next.

B. The readers of Fiz were more likely than expected to be regular subscribers to the magazine than to purchase occasional, but more expensive, copies of the magazine in stores.

C. Fashion advertisers, who provided half the magazine's original budget, withdrew their ads due to the survey results and replacement advertisers could not be found.

D. Every year new magazines are introduced that attempt to appeal to young people.

E. A competing magazine, Shine , was introduced at approximately the same time and attracted an almost equal number of young readers. 


 A large number of drivers routinely violate highway speed limits. Since driving at speeds that exceed posted limits is a significant factor in most accidents, installing devices in all cars that prevent those cars from traveling faster than the speed limit would prevent most accidents.

Which one of the following is an assumption on which the argument depends?

A. A person need not be a trained mechanic to install the device properly.
B. Most accidents are caused by inexperienced drivers.
C. A driver seldom needs to exceed the speed limit to avoid an accident when none of the other drivers involved are violating the speed limit.
D. Most drivers who exceed the speed limit do so unintentionally.
E. Even if the fines for speed-limit violations were increased, the number of such violations would still not be reduced. 



An ice cream cone consists of a sphere of vanilla ice cream and a right circular cone that has the same diameter as the sphere. If the ice cream melts, it will exactly fill the cone. Assume that the melted ice cream occupies 75% of the volume of the frozen ice cream. What is the ratio of the cone’s height to its radius? 




Whenever a major political scandal occurs in Pauly County it is followed by a dramatic increase in the number of suspected political scandals reported by the local press - a phenomenon that lasts anywhere from a few months to several years after the publicity given to the aftermath of actual scandals focuses attention on the suspicion of other political scandals. Consequently, officials in the county claim that the increase in the number of reported scandals is caused more by the frequency of news coverage than by an actual increase in the number of scandals.

Which of the following, if true, would seriously weaken the assertions of the government officials?

A] The publicity surrounding political scandals is largely limited to the voting region in which the original scandal occurred.

B] It has often been observed that in Pauly County the branches of government are so tightly connected that one discovered scandal usually leads to a series of other related offenses.

C] News organizations do not have any guidelines to help them decide the extent to which any given scandal warrants coverage.

D] Political scandals are reported by news organizations only when the organization is certain it will obtain a substantial increase in viewership through such coverage.

E] Studies by non-partisan political analysts suggest that the average number of genuine political scandals does not change significantly from year to year or region to region 



 The recent decline in the value of the dollar was triggered by a prediction of slower economic growth in the coming year. But that prediction would not have adversely affected the dollar had it not been for the government’s huge budget deficit, which must therefore be decreased to prevent future currency declines.

Which of the following, if true, would most seriously weaken the conclusion about how to prevent future currency declines?

(A) The government has made little attempt to reduce the budget deficit.

(B) The budget deficit has not caused a slowdown in economic growth.

(C) The value of the dollar declined several times in the year prior to the recent prediction of slower economic growth.

(D) Before there was a large budget deficit, predictions of slower economic growth frequently caused declines in the dollar’s value.

(E) When there is a large budget deficit, other events in addition to predictions of slower economic growth sometimes trigger declines in currency value. 


 The city of Nagar has a population of 10 million,
2 millions amongst whom are rich, 3 million poor
and 5 million belong to the middle class.
Saundarya Cosmetics manufactured and sold
beauty product to the rich class at a premium
price. Its products were very popular with
customers. Many people from the middle and poor
segments of the population aspired to buy these
products but could not afford because of the high
prices. Of late, sales growth has been stagnating
in the rich segment. Which of the following is the
best option for Saundarya Cosmetics to maximize
long-term profits?

A.Sell the same products at lower prices to middle
and poor classes.
B.Sell similar products, of different quality
standards with different brand names, to middle
classes and poor classes.
C.Sell its products under different brand names
to middle and poor classes.
D.Continue to target rich only and hope that
today’s middle class would be tomorrow’s rich
E. Target middle class as it is the largest segment
and forget about the rich. 


Owing to recession in the economy, X Ltd. has been undergoing a financial crunch. The situation is such that some top officials might also have to be fired. The company grapevine is abuzz with speculations of lay-offs at every level.Which of the following information will most likely assuage the employees’ fear of lay-offs?

1 The company has formed a special HR team to look into salary cuts for middle level employees.

2 The company’s HR team has hired some more top-notch officials.

3 The company’s PR has refused to comment on this matter when prodded by the press regarding its future course of action.

4 The company’s research team has discovered alternative uses of its product that make it into an essential product for people.

5 The company refused to engage Y Ltd., a company which renders outsourcing services for rehabilitation of the fired employees, when approached by it.


Owing to recession in the economy, X Ltd. has been undergoing a financial crunch. The situation is such that some top officials might also have to be fired.The three primary top managers being considered for dismissal are Akash, Vinay, and Sahil. Of these one has to be dismissed.Which of the following information would be the least useful for X Ltd. in taking this decision?

1 With his financial expertise, Akash has steered many companies away from tough times.

2 Vinay’s aggressive marketing strategies have borne exceptional results in growing economies.

3 Sahil has, on numerous occasions, publicly conveyed his ambition of becoming the CEO of the company.

4 Sahil has made some key innovations in the business processes of X Ltd.

5 Akash has been penalised for his involvement in some deals that exacerbated the recession.

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 A prisoner escapes from the Shaw shank prison. He runs away at a speed of 20 km/hr. A couple of hours later the warden sees that a prisoner is missing. He immediately sends a team to catch him. The police team chases him in a car which runs at a speed of 40 km/hr. The police team has a dog with them which runs at a speed of 50 km/hr. As soon as the police starts the chase, the dog runs towards the prisoner. Once he reaches the prisoner, he turns back and returns to the police car. The dog continues this to and fro journey till the prisoner is caught. What is the distance run by the dog in the direction of the police(from dog to police)? 


 Sumit was sitting in a boat which was rowing upstream. Due to strong winds, his hat flew off into the river. However, Sumit did not notice it immediately. After travelling a distance of 4x, he realized that he has lost his hat and immediately asked the boat to turn back. He caught up with the hat when it had travelled a distance of 3x. What is the ratio of the speed of the boat to the speed of the river? 


 Find the absolute sum of the distinct roots of (x + 3) (x - 4) (x + 2)(x - 5) = 144 


A group of 20 friends went to a party. On their way they found a certain number of gold coins. The number of coins is such that if they divide them equally, then 18 coins will remain. Had there been 1 friend less, 17 coins would have been left after dividing all the coins equally. Similarly, if the number of friends had been 18, the number of coins left after equal division would have been 16 and so on. Also, it is known that the number of coins is the least possible value that satisfies all these conditions. What would be the number of coins left if there were 50 friends? 


Hey everyone ! Anyone here giving the TIME Xat Mocks ?? (AIMXATs)

I just wanted to know whether the online AIMXATs, conducted on an all India Scale (2 of them this year) are made available offline as well after the test period gets over.Coz there's no way I can travel this far in the freezing cold weather, risking my health.

Thanks in advance !


Jordan Felbort is working in an IT company where he works for six hours a day. It allowed him to have enough personal time, which was one of the main reasons he chose that job. He lives in Mumbai with his father, who was working for a meagre salary. But Jordan's salary of Rs.30,000 is enough to cater to all his and his father's needs. He gives his father Rs.15,000 every month and with the remaining money, he takes care of his expenses and saves whatever money is left. Today morning, Jordan got a promotion and his salary was increased to Rs.40,000. However, his new posting was changed to Hyderabad and he had to report there in two days.

He called his friend, Samba, who lived alone in a 2 BHK flat in Hyderabad. and told him about his situation. Since he would possibly live in Hyderabad for a long term, he asked Samba to help him with his accommodation. He told Samba that he could not afford to incur a cost of more than Rs.10,000 on his accommodation and Samba thought it would be a good idea if Jordan and he shared the flat. They decided that if Samba's landlord agreed to it, they would share the rent equally. Samba was currently paying a rent of Rs.12000 which excluded the maintenance cost of around Rs.3000, usually per person, that was borne by the landlord himself. So when Samba talked to the landlord about the possibility of sharing the flat with Jordan, the landlord was reluctant because he was worried that having one more person would mean that there would be a slight rise in the maintenance cost.

Q. After a year, Jordan got an increment of 20% because of his stellar performance at work. Jordan decided to move back to Mumbai because he wanted to be with his father, who had retired recently. But his manager told him that it was not at all possible, because the company really needed him in Hyderabad at the moment.

Which of the following steps is Jordan most likely to take?

a) Cancel his plans to move back to Mumbai.

b) Convince his father to move to Hyderabad with him. (correct answer)

c) Request his manager to get him posted in Mumbai.

d) Resign from this company and look for another job in Mumbai.

e) Postpone his plans to move back to Mumbai.

I think the answer shud be D becoz he himself is unable to adjust his living expense , hence he cant afford more expense i.e. his father's living expense. So B shud not be the answer ,