All about Study Abroad: 2021

The thread has been started to assist those who are planning to study abroad for a short period of time – one or two semesters. This is a PG Official thread to provide news and information about short term study abroad options

 Hi guys, PaGaLGuY is running a series of podcasts with students who have spent a semester abroad through cultural exchange programmes or for improving their career prospects. These countries include, Canada, Russia, Japan, Europe and some more. If you have any questions you would like to ask them, do let us know. We would be glad to bring you answers.  

Hey guys, look out for our podcast series starting tomorrow. We will bring to students who have studied abroad for a short term and are here to share their experience. 

Our guest for tomorrow, is Akshay Varade, with a Masters in Applied Finance degree, who studied in Russia for a semester, and is now planning to move to Germany or Norway for a Doctoral programme. 

 Hey guys, as promised, here is our first podcasts with an alumnus of St Petersberg University in Russiaa, about the perks and experiences of studying abroad for a semester. Hope you guys like it. 

 Going abroad for higher education is never a smooth ride. Partly, because it involves adapting to a culture that's new, unfamiliar and perhaps to some extent even intimidating. How promptly one adjusts to a foreign country is determined on how quickly one adapts to its culture, language, food, weather, and on how easily he/she is able to befriend residents. Keeping that in mind, PaGaLGuY plans to run a series, one each week, wherein we speak to students pursuing education in different countries to learn about their experience adapting to a new culture  Read our first article in the series... 

 If you're interested to pursue MBA or higher education in Asia, kindly follow the thread (link given below) to know what's trending in the education scene in Asia; what are the courses one needs to watch out for in the continent and for every other educational news in Asia. 

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What online courses for Product Management certification, internationally recognized, would you recommend?

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The GRE General Test is taken by about 675,000 people from 230 countries each year.  
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Frankfurt School of Finance and Management is organizing "The Finance Boot Camp"for non-finance Bachelor and Master students seeking to develop or deepen their skills in finance. 

Dates:  Finance Boot Camp 2017: July 10 - 21, 2017 

Duration: 2 weeks

Language: English

Credits: 5 ECTS (7,5 ECTS possible upon request)

Location: On campus

Costs: EUR 3,400 (price includes all corporate and cultural excursions, local accommodation, transport and lunches at Frankfurt School canteen. Flights are excluded).

Application deadline: April 30, 2017. 

Please message me for application details.  

Any ideas about Vietnamese University?

Planning to study abroad but confuse which country you should apply for ?Watch this expert video to find out


Hi! I am interior designer. Planning to do a short course aboard to enhance my skills. I have come across this 6 months advance course in interiors from istitute of marangoni- Milan. Would like to know if this institute is recommended for interiors? Also if I can get information on short courses at advance level from other universities. Thanks.

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 Hi everyone. As part of our MBA project we are doing a small survey to understand the preferences of students interested in studying abroad. Kindly spare a minute to fill this short survey. TIA