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Section 1:

Section 2:




Undergrad Major - GPA/%age:

Work-Ex (number of months):

Sector :



Panel No:

WAT Details:

Topic and other relevant details:

GD Details:


Number of People present:


Other Salient Details:

PI Details:

Panel Members Intro:


Your Expectations :

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As we kickstart the process for MDI Gurgaon today, we share the format for sharing the individual experiences. The format is as follows:

CAT OA Score:

Section 1:

Section 2:




Undergrad Major - GPA/%age:

Work-Ex (number of months):

Sector :



Panel No:

WAT Details:

Topic and other relevant details:

GD Details:


Number of People present:


Other Salient Details:

PI Details:

Panel Members Intro:


Your Expectations :

Time : 1:00pm,  16/02/2016

WAT- Government funded universities are for education, not for politics. Time - 15min, Word limit - 150words

GD- 20min on WAT topic

PI- My PI included questions related to the WAT topic, Why MBA, Why HRM, Little about Hobbies. I am a CA Final student so obviously they asked why not CA, why MBA over CA, etc.

2 days have passed and still no activity on this thread :( 

Cat OA Score: 96.42

Section 1:93 Section 2:88 Section 3:97


X: 91.2 XII: 92.6 Undergrads:73.4 (B.tech)
 No work ex

Venue: MDI

Date:17/2/2016 Morning

WAT-GD Topic: MBA Education in India is over regulated and under governed

No one really had much clue about the topic so the discussion went nowhere.Since people didn't have much content, the discussion remained civil and there was no fish market situation

Personal Interview:

Both panelists were females and were from HR.

Pretty straightforward questions...tell me about yourself...strengths...hobbies....why mba....a book that really influenced you....a speaker that you admire(I said Mr Shashi Tharore and there was some discussion about him)

I hope this was useful and best of luck guys!!!

To all those who have completed the interview process, please share their wat topics and pi questions. Thanks

CAT OA Score: 95.87

Section 1: 97

Section 2:90

Section 3: 93




Undergrad Major - GPA/%age:70

Work-Ex (number of months):6

Sector : Health care

VENUE: mdi gurgaon

Slot: 19 feb 9am

Panel No: 2

WAT Details:

Topic and other relevant details: is the startup ecosystem celebrating too many failed entrepreneurs

time 15 min

GD Details:

Topic: same as wat

Number of People present: 10

Time:15-20 min

Other Salient Details: a total fish market but still pitched in 4-5 times....

PI Details:

Panel Members Intro: one male and one female


m: so you are the last in the panel must have got really tired?

m: so what do you know about gst?? how is it better ??and why are we not able to implement it??

m: two most burning issues in india right now?

m:if you become the hrd minister of india what immediate steps you will take??

then over to the lady

f: now you are finance minister what will be the 3 key aspects of the budget of this year you will focus on??

f: so what are your views in make in india?? should we adopt chinas manufacturing model??

Your Expectations : no why mba?? or tell me about urself??
 as i was last in the panel and with a poor percentile they weren't really interested in wasting there time..overall all the interviews in my panel were of 5-10 min only with standard ques..looks like cat score will play the ultimate factor this time also..

DISCLAIMER: The PI experience is a verbatim (exactly as it happened)and happens to be a long write up.

CAT OA Score:98.48

Section 1:98.55

Section 2:98.22

Section 3:91.91




Undergrad Major -B.TECH( CS) 72.3%

Work-Ex (number of months):0



( We were made to sit in a lecture hall where document verification was done.The process took about an hour)

Panel No:1

WAT Details: Time given for wat was 15 minutes but as per me they stopped us short of the given period Topic and other relevant details: Privacy intrusion caused due to social networking applications. Started with a real life scenario(short story) but could not complete the concluding paragraph.

GD Details: Privacy intrusion caused due to social networking applications. GD was smooth.everyone pitched in..I spoke 3 times(kaam hi tha yar), no fish market! gd maybe went on for more than 15 minutes (intended time period) as power went out a few times but people never stopped speaking.(andhere mei b judge kar lenge professors :P)

Number of People present:11

Time:15 minutes

Other Salient Details:A person lead in the gd very well.Thanks to him that I could speak..otherwise would have been left waiting for my turn. After the gd,one of the professors said that they may call us in random manner and not according to our serial number in the panel. I was 8th in the panel but 1st one to be called in for the interview.(:d)

PI Details:Time ka andaza nhi h..maybe 10 minutes(max)...ya phir 8 minutes! Panel Members Intro: Two male professors aged between 40-50.One spoke throughout the interview,the other spoke sometimes in between.(maine jo bat kar rhe the unpe hi focus kia zyada)(dono professors ke saath eye contact na ho pata humse).

Let us call the talkative professor( PT) and the other professor ( PQ). As we were waiting outside the PI room, PQ calls out my name.(100W ki smile ke saath yes sir..he said "is there anyone else with the same name"....ye q pucha:X) Greeted both of them .They told me to have a seat.


PT: So Vinay you spoke very less in the gd.

Me: Yes sir..I had repetitive points and I was waiting for my turn.Actually sir I am not a very good speaker.(haad kardi mane) PQ:So you are a very good listener.(smile thi ya mazak uda rhe the :P)

Me: (Confidently) Yes sir.

PT:So you have not scored very good marks in 10,12 and grad.

Me: No sir,I dont think they are bad at all.Ok 12 percentage is the highlight but rest is also good.

PT: Yes,12 % stands out.


Me:Sir the actual reason that I am from gurgaon and I would like to remain in gurgaon.Another reason maybe that an alumni of MDI told me about Mr.Sanjay Bakshi and his exchange program with Warren Buffet.This happens to be a big deal in finance and although I have very limited knowledge in the domain I would be very grateful if I could learn from him.

PT:But you can learn from the internet as well.

Me:Yes sir,you can search online .But I told you the actual reason sir. PT:No issues.It is alright.

PT:Had it been IIM A?

Me: Sir obviously IIM A.(grin)

PT:So have you gone through the MDI Website.

Me:Yes sir.

PT:So when was MDI established?(told) PGPM?(told)..asked some other stuff about MDI(told).(rapid fire tha yeh :D)

PT:So how do you rank a institute.

Me:Sir I do not believe the ranking given online.I try to talk to the alumni and then make a decision.

PT:Give me a scientic approach.

Me:Told about various parameters such as roi,location.And then said that final rankings could be different for different people according to the respective weightage given to each parameter.(He had asked me to determine the final ranking.)

PT: What is the difference between TFT and CRT.

Me:(Phas gya) Sir TFT is an old technology.

PT:Old means? Me:Sir it was introduced earlier than CRT. TFT has a big back(:P) while CRT is much smaller in size.

PT: pointing to a pointer.TFT or CRT?

Me:CRT sir.

PQ:Do you know the full form of TFT.

Me:No sir,in 4 years of engg I have not been taught anything close to what you are asking.

PT: No issues.

PT:What is cloud computing?

Me:(ye pata hona chaeya tha)..saving data on internet..dropbox..(kuch b bol rha tha)told them I did not know and that it has not been taught.

PQ:Which college?

Me:SRM University.

PQ:Which campus,where is it located?

Me:Sir ghaziabad,located on delhi-meerut highway.

PQ:So you have completed graduation?

Me: No sir, I am still completing it.

PT: He is still in college.

PT:Do you have a job offer?

Me:No sir,I did not go for placements .I only focused on MBA.

PT: No issues.

PT:(He took the WAT paper from PQ.)So you have written about privacy intrusion.Where is the topic explained?

Me:Justified my stand.( In the first paragraph only..no cross questions..he talked about it a little more)

PT:What are your hobbies?


PQ:(Suddenly).You dont write?(wat se shayad laga ke creative hun:d) Me:No sir.

PT:Ok..what is your cat percentile.

Me:Sir 98.48.


Me:New iims, IIM-S,MDI.

PT:Ok you can go.

Me:puzzled(itni jaldi 😞 ).

PT:ok wait,have you had any interviews?

Me:Yes sir,new iims.

PT:Where was it?

Me:(Naam yad q nhi aarha)Hotel JP Siddharth,New Delhi.(Shayad memory check ho rhi thi:P).

PT:OK,you can go.

Me:Getting up,thanked both the professors.

PT told me call someone from outside,PQ said no no,we wil call on our own.

Your Expectations :

Expectations(kuch nhi pata).interview mei kuch khas pucha nhi.Pehle hi reject to nhi kar dia tha..(isko jaldi se bhej dete h :(( :d)..but interview was chill.no stress from their part..no nervousness from my side..rarely stopped smiling throughout the interview and spoke with confidence.

Gd: India should spend more on social sector relative to defence sector. 2 panelists. 1 male and 1 female. Introduce yourself What do you mean by balanced life? What's object oriented programming What else are your hobbies? Which books have you read? What is the lesson that you have taken from Gita? What's the average of binary numbers? What will you do when you face confusion in as a manager and you have to take a decision? What's sensex and nifty? How to protect your intellectual property when making apps? Can you patent an idea? Why don't startups generally get involved in IPR cases unlike big companies ? Any questions for us?

CAT OA Score: 97.29

QA: 93.45 ; VA: 97.07 ; LRDI: 94.43

Profile: X - 84% ; XII - 82.80% ; B.Tech - 76.50%

Work Ex - 23 Months (TCS)

MDI WAT-GD-PI Experience - 24 Feb - 9 am slot

We were assembled in a class and documents were verified. Then, at 9:45 we were sent to our respective panels for WAT & GD

WAT Topic - India needs to focus more on Social Sector than on Defence sector. (10 mins to write) Then GD for 15 mins on the same topic.

My take - Was second to enter in the GD..Gave a balanced viewpoint between both defence & social sector..Why India's defence budget is justified. Told why social sector also needs to be improved..Gave examples of latest health schemes..financial inclusion schemes..Agriculture welfare schemes etc..was a good gd..not a fish market with good points by evry candidate.


P1-a lady in 40s

P2-HOD of Strategy - sir in 50s

Time : 20-25 mins

P1: What does ur name means and hw does it relates to u? Meanwhile P2 was looking at some documents and noting down something..possibly ws evaluating my WAT

P1: Where are you working?

Me: Told working at TCS..Explained about my role and work profile..explained hw it contributes to my client.

P1 cuts in between.

P1: Hw do u think Indian IT sector has a role in Indian economy. How it contributes to its growth?

Me: Explained abt hw IT sector is a major contributor to dollar inflows and how India is leading in services sector.

P1: What is d share of IT sector in Indian Economy??

Me: close to 60%..not sure though.

P1: Do u think that Govt needs IT?

Me: yes, explained hw TCS transformed entire Passport seva, how it is managing Home Ministry IT dept. And how v r moving towrds a digital india.

P1: Candidates prior to u were telling that World Economy is not doing good and as a result Indian Economy is also nt doing well.

Me: gave examples on hw dey r unrelated on some points eg. Oil crisis is hampering economy of OPEC but is good fr India since we import 80% of oil demand.

P1: explain how china devaluation is affecting Indian Automobile Industry. Me: Gave exmple of Tata motors that China is a big market for Tata motors and how a slowdown is affecting its business.

P1: What is India's GDP and what is any other economy growth measure?

Me: gave answr for gdp ques bt told not sure abt d oder measures.

P1(smiled): Ok..I will nw take u to a different area. Tell me whom between Rama and Krishna inspire you more?

Me(thought for 5 secs): I admire krishna more bcz of him being Witty, diplomatic yet down to earth.

P1(laughed): that's y u r being diplomatic..

Me: No mam..I am nt being diplomatic..only trying to be straight forwrd and truthful.

P1: Ok..Now sir will ask...:P

P2(was listening to every answer and alas..finally left my docs): So, when was TCS established & for what?

Me: 1968 & fr punch cards fr Tesco. Then he strted asking me abt losses Tata motors, TESCO, TELCO..is incurring.

Me: I knw abt TCS business and why it is nt doing good since past quarters bt nt aware of dese companies.

P2: Hw do u rate Ratan Tata? Me: told he is one of d great leaders I admire.

P2: Why?

Me: explained hw he has strted frm being a shop floor worker at Tata Steel and how turned around tata business.

P2: What is Tata's turnover.

Me: told

P2(aftr thinking): But I have researched abt ratan tata. Aftr he became chairman..evry tata company went into losses. Gave exmples of tata steel.

Me: tried to defend by telling..How he has turned a loss making jaguar company into a profitable one. Hw acquisitions of Tetley and jaguar by Tata hv worked good.

P2: What is d share of jaguar in tata motors sale..???. 😛

Me: not sure..but told dat considering purchasing power of indian household..could be 10-20% only.

P2: yeah ..but many other tata companies were in losses.

Me: told dat I do not only judge a business just by profit nd loss..but ratan tata apart frm dis has made a significant change in indian lives.

P2: den u should probably join ramdev.. 😛

Me: sir..even he is heading a fastest growing FMCG rite nw 😛

Both laughed..

P2: yeah..so how ratan tata has changed lives?

Me: Nano is one exmple..which made commute of lower middle income indian..much safer...

P1(suddenly): hw much has d accident rate decreased aftr nano in India?

Me: sorry mam..I do nt hav figures on dat..but dis what I assume.

P2(laughing): Ok...we had enough...Thank u.

Me(smiling): Is that all sir?..anythng else..?? 😛

P1(smiling): no..that's all...thnks...

Me: thnk u.. 😃

Was nt a typical traditional interview..ws nt asked..abt urslf..why mba... Bt tried to respond well to the off d track ques. Overall a gud interaction..panel was also nice...!!!

1) Can I mention CFA level 1 in the academic award section? 2) Is there any word limit for the answers to be filled in the form?

When can we expect the results of pi round?

Is there any word limit mentioned for the WAT essay? 

CAT OA Score:97.xx




Undergrad Major - GPA/%age:80

Work-Ex (number of months):32

Sector :IT

VENUE: kolkata


WAT Details:should salaries of athletes,actors,CEOs be capped?

Topic and other relevant details: 15mins time 150 words maximum. Stay within the word limit as the panelists mentioned it 2-3 times to do so.

GD Details: 

Topic: same as WAT

Number of People present:9-10


Other Salient Details:time was short, people were still not making a fish market as the panelist had mentioned 2-3 times not to do so. Once a fish market ensured and the panelist gave a loud bang on the table to make us calm down. Topic was okayish, most of us did contribute adequately.

PI Details:

Panel Members Intro: 1M, 1L:- both were very comforting in nature. Didn't try to intimidate and all those stuff.


1. L-Tell me something which is not mentioned in the SOP

ans- Told

2.L- Why MBA

ans- Told

3. L-Dont u need knowledge?(i didnt mention this point in why MBA)

ans:- Related it with my worklife and stressed on the importance of Knowledge.

4 L- which stream u want to specialise in?

Ans:- I told "Operations" as people with workex goes for those. 

5. L-Tell me about operations management

Ans:- Told whatever i know from the net.

6. L- so u talked about inventory management. If there was a target of 100 stocks and a team kept 80 stocks, is it good or bad?

Ans:- Didnt know the details of it, so gave a viewpoint on both good and bad.

7. L- asked about a mathmetical formula related to the above question

ans:- Couldnt answer that. 

Now it shifted from L to M and I completely was torn apart by my lack of knowledge (or lack of luck).

8-M- tell me someone who is famous as ur namesake?

ans:- I told about a physicist, but he told no its a statistician who comes a lot during budget time.

9-M- Where do u want me to ask question related to?

ans- Workex (oh god! current affairs would have been better)

10-M- tell me about your work, what do u do?

ans:- Told about my work.

11-M- asked me to give an example where a feature is not testable?

ans:- I couldnt get anything in my mind of what is not testable. Blabbered around a lot, but the professor wanted me to give specific example. Couldnt answer specifics, kept on beating around the bush (Wrong decision-never do that,it forms a bad impression)

12- M- Asked me about chandrasekaran? who is he? (I m not from TCS)

ans- I told in a very nervous manner that he is TCS CEO.

13.M- The professor caught me, asked me u r not sure about it?

ans- I said "no sir" its not coming to my mind at the moment but in all probability he is.

14. M-Then he asked about if u r TCS CEO how will u take TCS to a different level like that of Accenture? IBM Global?

ans:- talked about disruptive technologies.

15.M- Told u used a fancy name-now give an example.

ans:- I told about how IOT is coming into the market and how we can tap into it and create high market share.gave an example of IOT.

16.M-asked about why indian companies dont develop products?

ans:- told companies are mostly for offshore workforce in India, they wanna provide cheap labour to the world. that is the more important part.

17.M- Asked do u see companies investing in products?

ans:- I said no, people are more interested in offshore productivity only.  (i again beat around the bush and faltered and blabbered here)

18.M- Then came the final question. What is finnolex? ( Thats what i heard, actually it was finacle by infosys)

ans:- I dont know sir (in my mind finolex wires coming only)

19-L- U dont know finnolex of infosys? (expression like i didnt know abc 😞 ) 

ans:- no mam( i could not recollect anything about it at the moment)

suddenly out of the blue M said- U may leave with a disappointed tone.

At that moment i knew i was struck off at that moment. :( 

Overall the panelist were good and friendly. I should have understood finacle and know about it completely. but it was okay.

Your Expectations : reject maybe because of my apparent lack of industry knowledge.

CAT OA Score: 99.45


X: 74.80 XII: 68.16 Undergrad Major - GPA/%age: 69.3

Work-Ex (number of months): 15 Sector : IT

VENUE: Chennai Hotel Clarion

Slot: 03-03-2016 Panel No:02

WAT Details:

B-schools rankings : no significance , just numbers (something like this)

Topic and other relevant details: 150 words limit in 15 mins, mostly every one was done in 10 mins except for one , panelists waited for him to complete. As soon as he completed , panelist asked if every one is done , and then took the WAT papers

GD Details: Topic: same topic as above

Number of People present: 08 present out of 10

Time: around 9:45 am

Other Salient Details:

general topic, everybody tried to talk, became fish market sometimes .. could pitch only 2-3 times

performance - 2.5/5

PI Details:

Panel Members Intro: 2 persons , one serious looking Mam(L) around 38-45,One sir ( S ) around 35-42 years same GD and WAT panelist Me - (M)

Questions: entered and wished them, they greeted back

L : Introduce yourself.

M :  ... blah blah blah

L : so u volunteered the CSR wing , what kind of work does your company does in CSR ?

M : explained

L : So what u did in that ?

M : explained how I volunteered, told that initially I tried to teach small kids, but due to language problems , I started helping in distributing materials

M : hmm ..okay ..

S : Do you think that CSR is merely a image building exercise rather than truly being a responsible act ?

M : It should be ... S (interrupted in between)

S : No , tell how it is not image building.

M : Sir , suppose a company opens a hospital in a in its near by area , provides facilities and pays the doctor , here they might be building a image , but this is actually helping the needful and so it is more than just image building. The good work is actually being done here.

S nodded and seemed satisfied. few more questions pertaining to work ex comes .. to which I gave the answer

S : your percentile is 99 point ....

M : told

L : which old iims do you have the calls from ?

M : none . 😁

L : shocked and asked why ..

M : told poor acads (purane paap 😞 )

L : new iims ??

M : yes from all !!

L : how was the interview ?

M : It went good mam.

L :okay ..which one will you choose:MDI or IIM ? after all there is IIM brand.

M : told would look into different parameters while choosing, it is more than just choosing based on brand. Also told brand doesn't matters much, few years down the line , every thing becomes equal and depends on one's performance and even then if I have to depend n my college brand for promotions then it means that I have done nothing good and learnt nothing from work ex.

S : laughs and asks which coaching ?? 😛 😛

M : test series sir

S : for GD- PI ?

M : none sir.  😬 

L was about to say some thing , I politely requested her permission to complete my answer to S .

L : Sure (smiling)

M : Sir I had a friend who is studying in IIFT , I held discussion and he helped me in interview prep.

S : Okay.

L : U have call from IIFT ?

M : no mam , missed by 1 mark.

L : ok. Tell me what parameters will u look for choosing a college.

M : first the quality and number of full time faculty .

L : how many do MDI has ??

M : 75 full time core (had read about MDI in wikipedia 2 mins before interview 😛 )

L : okay , what other criteria ?

M : MBA should be an experience , not just simple learning .. told there should be Participation in various B-schools competition and also college should have various clubs which will help in learning more.

L : what are the clubs in MDI ?

M : told and explained her the functioning of each clubs. (thks wikipedia 😛 )

L seemed happy.

L : okay .. do you have any question from US ?? *(supposed to be the last question for the interview, but things went bad here after because of my foolish answer)

M : yes mam ... if an elective is too much popular ,and too many students apply for it, then does any cutoff criteria is there for selecting students based on CGPA ?

L : after thinking for few secs .. No I dont think so ... (asking to sir) Do we have ??

S : generally it never happens , but as it is an hypothetical situation , then there might be some criteria, but again this is hypothetical situation.

M : tried to seem satisfied and smiled at them.

L : which speciallisation do u want ?

M : Mam, I would like to weigh the options during the first year , then choose the electives. If i am pre decided and make a choice now which I regret later , then I will be doing the same mistake as I did in engireering. **(Big mistake , brought engineering in picture unknowingly, that too when I was not prepared enough for the same)

I continued , I choose electrical due to recession ,because my father asked me to choose , So I didnt do well there.

L : what would you have chosen back then ?

M : CS

S (suddenly) : So u did EEE , tell me diff between generator and silent generator ?? why it is silent ? Give me totally technical answer ? (facepalm ,realizing that I just axed my own leg 😞 )

M : not sure sir .. (but tried to give some answer relating lamination, he was not satisfied)

S : okay , tell me the working of split ac ? What are the electrical components and how it works ?

M : gave some arbitrary answer for parts , but couldn't tell about working. S mean while gives an eqn : x^y + y^x = 999 solve

M : tried bt couldn't solve. (I felt the question has no answer , but didnt say anything to him)

S : why phones are called cell phones ?

M : because they contains cell(battery) ..so cell phones (wrong answer) 😞

S : tell me the chief economic adviser ?

M : Not sure sir.

S :Do u have any connections to bihar ?

M : my ancestors belong there ,

S : lalu is popular face there,

M : yes sir

S : How many kids does he have ?

M : (facepalm..) 10 sir .. (actual answer 9 :P)

S : okay ..recently two son and one daughter were in news ?? why ? told one is Deputy CM and not sure about the girl and other boy.

S : okay .. that will be all .

M : Thank you both of you.

Your Expectations :

started well enough, but ended even poorly.last questions were horrible. Axed my own leg while justifying a answer !!! :( 

Verdict : 


CAT OA : 97.68

Wat gd topic : mobile usage is increasing physical and mental stress for generation X.

GD group consisted of 10 members. Had a good a GD. I initiated and spoke 4-5 times in between. People their praised and contradicted others point.

PI : 2 panelist Y(yellow shirt) W(white shirt) late 40's or early 50's

Wrote in wat that we are sensible human beings.

Y : what is sensible? Or sensible human being?

Me : anyone who can differentiate between right and wrong.

Y : So you consider Rahul Gandhi sensible?(both laughed)

Me : sir everyone think himself as sensible, and I would refrain from commenting about him.

Y : to W sir I know Rahul personally so want to have the view point of this sensible person that how sensible is Rahul Gandhi.

Y : how can you say that someone is sensible or not? Me : sir if someone's thought process is similar as mine, I would find him sensible. But that doesn't mean that someone with different perspective is not sensible, he may have more objective view than me.

Y: so u find narendra modi sensible?

Me : sir I do agree with few of his schemes.

Y cuts me in middle. Y : so this guy will define sensible and decide that who is sensible and who is not.. Do you think you are sensible?

Me : yes sir. I do think that way.

Y : why?

Me : sir because I can think what's good for me.

Y : but we need guys who can think what's good for organisation and country.

Me: sir the one who can think for himself would be able to think for organisation, but the one who cannot think for himself will never be able to think for others.

Y : so sensible person always takes right decision right?

Me : No sir, given a limited information he might take best decision out of it, but when you give broader information he might find himself wrong. And accepting him being wrong is sensible.

W : hmm Good.

Y : ohkay, their are 5 decisions to be taken, probability of being right is .3,.4,.5,.6,.7. Tell me probability of 4 being right.

Me : thought for 15 secs, sir not that good with probability but can share my approach.

Y : am not interested in your approach.

Y : SO IF I travel in future creating time machine what will be the things I will have to take care of?

Me : sir about time machine or about me?

Y : obviously about you, you sensible.

Me : sir foremost thing I will take care of is will the environment of future will suit me, and will I be able to survive their.

Y : so how you felt in Aug 2016?( pointing to me my mistake in form regarding wrong date.. Instead of Aug 2013 in from date of work ex I wrote Aug 2016).

Me : sorry sir.. My mistake.

W : no problem such mistake happens and cost heavily.

Y : so you interested in HR.

Me : sir am keen in doing MBA this year, and my interest lies in core pgpm programme.

Y : tum jaao yaar (leave)

W : no I have a question.

Y : arey sir jaane do ise coke pite apan.

W : na let me ask.

Y : pucho sir and he left.

W : figure of CTS

Me : 12.46 billion dollar.

W : I want to make it 20, in 3-4 years. What I should do?

Me : sir cts is a fast growing company, but still it has to keep pace with fast changing world. It had few good acquisition in past, like it acquired KBACE Technology. It's a Oracle cloud computing firm with many clients, Such acquisitions will help company to venture in new promising technologies. Moreover CTS has concentration of BIG names as client but they are less in numbers, so CTS will have to broaden it's perspective to smaller client as well, so if one BIG name fails it may not impact company big time, and company maintain its growth even in down times.

W : hmmm Very Good.

Y and W : ohkay thanks you may leave.

Me : Thanks sir.

PS : Interviewers were very good and comforting.

Expectations : NOT very HIGH.

CAT: 99.85

10/12/B.E: 83/79/6.65

Location Kolkata, 3rd March morning slot.

WAT and GD: Outsourcing and Offshoring - Do MNCs have a duty to maintain a strong presence in their home country.

I would give myself 4 out of 10 in both WAT and GD. WAT I could have written well. I don't like speaking a lot, so spoke about 20-25 words 2-3 times in the GD. That's all. So 4 /10 for both.

I had watched United play at night, so slept at 4 and then got up at 7 and went for the interview. So these got screwed and knowing that I had screwed these, I went in for the PI. Was a bit tensed. I was the first in the group.

PI: P1(Chilled out Sir, 50-55), P2(Griller, 45ish).

P2 called me in and started looking at my WAT sheet. My handwriting is bad, extremely bad. 90% of the people can't understand what I have written. P2's face clearly showed that he was trying to understand which language I had used for WAT.

P1 had my MDI form in his hand.

P1 looked at me and was like bhai thodi izzat toh dede. Permission nahi liya baithne ke pehle. Good morning toh bolde kam se kam. 

P1: What about the GD, how do you think you did or the GD progressed. Me: I said it was fine and I did well.

P1: Ok. Tell me about yourself.

Me: Said about 25-30 odd words.

P1: Waiting for more from my side but then realised that I was done with my intro. Tell me about your hobbies.

Me: Games like Football. (Yes. 3 words)

P1: You have a B.E not a B.Tech. Explain the difference

Me: Same thing. No difference.

P1: Explained the difference, then asked if I understood it. 

P1: What is Ramanujan's addition to Maths.

Me:  Said zero. Then corrected myself by saying that was Aryabhatta. Forgot about Ramunajan. (Had to mention 1729, Ramanujan Hardy no. Couldn't recall then.)

P1: Ok, Indian mathematician's contribution to mathematics.

Me: Decimal system, number line, 0.

P2: What do you like?

Me: Maths.

P2: Ok, let's talk about Physics. Explain Brownian Motion.

Me: Did.

P2: Explain the zig zag motion w.r.t the stock market. (I had mentioned trading in my intro)

Me: Explained.

P2: Ok, w.r.t capital market infusion and efiiciency cycle. Explain it's pros and cons.

Me: I was dafaq is that. IDK.

P2: You are good at maths.

Me: I like maths.

P2: So, you are good at it.

Me: I said I like it. I never said I was good at it.

P2: Ok, explain the difference between Mean and Average.

Me: I said both are same. They are synonyms.

P2: So, mathematicians around the globe are stupid? They use the 2 words for the same thing.

Me: Uttered some random crap and said Median is also there and stuff like that.

P2: Ok, what is the difference between a line and a curvilinear line.

Me: Said slope changes there instantaneously. So we have Calculus for that.

P2: What was the oil import bill for India in the last fiscal year. 

Me: It was about 80 Billion$ if my memory serves me right.

P2: India is such a big country and only 80 billion? What is India's ranking in imports and production. Me: Said.

P2: I asked you about Mean and Average. You speak about Median. I ask you about line and curve, you speak about calculus. I ask about oil bill, you don't remember that. You are guessing. You don't know anything. Why did you come here? Let's talk about your academics. Civil Engineering, isn't it? Me: Yes Sir. What is the difference between a cantilevel and "....". I have no clue what term he had used there.

Me: IDK.

P2: It's only been 30 months and you have forgotten everything. You will forget all the MBA material also. Kaise hoga?

Me: I got Civil because of my AIEEE rank. Here I will study.

P2: Again you are saying random things. Pointing towards P1.

P1: Someone makes a statement - All old people die while taking medicines. Medicines are bad. Medicines should be banned. What's your take on this?

Me: All people eat food. All people die. Food is bad. So, food should be banned. Then tried explaining about correlation. -1 to 1 and so on. Then said medicine improves life expectancy, so it's fine.

P2: Again you don't know anything. What is your CAT score?

Me: 99.85.

Both were quiet for a few secs. Then P2 said what calls.

Me: IIM CLK. FMS result is not out yet..... P2 cut me in between. Ok thank you. That is enough.

P1: Wait. Have you studied the budget? Me: Yes. P1: Tell points which were added for the 1st time.

Me: Education sector spending increased. GST, RBI MPC, Bankruptcy Code all will be passed soon. (He wanted to hear about the EPF 60% I think)

P1: These are not new. Tell me about the FD and BD. Me: Told 3.9 and 3.5.

Ok Dhiraj, thank you.

No clue what to make out of this. If I was the interviewer I would have given myself about 5/10. So around 13/30 in total. Almost everyone was grilled in my panel.

what is the word limit and duration of WAT??

CAT 98.55 Average to poor Acads, 23 months work ex in IT Services D-day: 2rd March WAT/GD: Should organ donation be legalized in India I guess i wrote well. GD was good too. Now the fun part. PI Panelists: both middle aged, one talks(Talker), other simply stares(Stalker) Talker: You left ur job to prepare fr CAT. Me: Yes sir. Talker: Hw mch u got? Me: 98.55 sir Talker: then it's no good. Max to max mdi hoga. No IIMs. Me: mdi is a top b-skul too sir. Plus it depends on the candidate. Said sumthin rhetoric like knowledge is greater than college. Talker: not impressed. Said u cud hav studied frm ne bskul den. No need to work hard fr mdi. Me: i was like ohh man, dats harsh. But defended sumhw Talker: Explain me how skype works Me: i said sum trash Talker: wt all circuit breakers are dere? Me: i said sumthn. Talker: still not impressed. Then askd bout my three role models Me: said raghuram rajan, ms dhoni n nwazuddin siddiqui Talker: y raghu? Me: spoke of his achievmnts n sum rbi stuff, n like man behind monetary policy n all, blah blah Talker: raghu is just d face of rbi. All datvhe says is scripted by his team Talker: u said bout knowledge. Y join mba? Become a professor like us. U'll enjoy life. Me: evry1 gt deir own aspirations. Plus u can retrn to teachin aftr a stint in d indstry Talker: yes u can, if u gt fired that is n gt nothin else to do. Me: gettin a very sinkin feelin frm inside by then.... Sum more talk. Finally Stalker speaks. I was like hoorah. Stalker: y dont ppl die in a bus if its hit by lightning? Me: explained grounding n all Stalker: no, bcz the bus has a "conductor" PJ. GIGGLE GIGGLE. ME: thats ppj. But neway smiled. Intrvw gets over. I bid them bye n stuffs. They say warn oders that we grill candidates b4 u leave. I cum out. Lite a fag. Came home n slept. Thanks.