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All the best for the WAT GD/PI . Please share your experiences in this thread. Please follow the format provided below to post your experiences. *This thead is dedicated to sharing your GD/PI experiences. Kindly refrain from having any other...
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Cat 97.3 X - 9.2/10 XII - 92% BBA - 3.61/4 fresher

GOOD WAT/GD and a very chilled PI. I'm confused about the PI. it was very relaxed so it could go either ways. 

Chance to convert?

@Soumya1307  ·  59 karma

Very high.

Female/Non engg/Good Acads!!

Enough for selection IMO. All the best. :) 

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oh alright, lets hope for the best, thanks! 😃 @Soumya1307 

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What is the conversion ration in MDI?! And usually how many waiting lists come out??

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When are the results expected???

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19th March 9 AM, Gurgaon

GD Topic: There's no harm in banning religious books in India
GD Experience: An under-confident guy starts with saying GOOD EVENING (Seriously at 10 AM 😠) and then says that let's have a structured discussion and then starts with giving his opinion without any discussion 😠😠😟
People jump in with their views with at least 4 people speaking at a time. In short a total mess!
Interview: 1st to be interviewed. One Lady (L) with short hair must be about 45-55 and a gentleman (G) 50-60 years old
L: Tell me something about yourself
Me: start with personal details talk about job and then hobbies
G: Do you read newspapers?
Me: Yes but not frewuently
G: Which one?
Me: HT Mint
G: Tell me something going on in business world?
Me: Talk about Interim budget, Ukraine's withdrawl of pact with EU, stock market, rupee strengthening
G: Recently facebook made an acquisition in social media sector, any idea about it?
Me: Yes Whatsapp acquired for ....
G: What are your views about the acquisition?
Me: Blah Blah Blah
L: Tell me something about your job? (The best part)
Me: fancy talk about job and some recent achievements
L: Do you think MBA is required for a street smart person?
Me: Blah blah blah
G: What is CAD and fiscal deficit?
Me: forgot about CAD 😠
L: Any recent news about fiscal deficit?
Me: Told
L: Who's is the telecom, railway, foreign affairs, finance minster?
Me: Told
G: Have you been traveling (hobby) since childhood or just taken up?
Me: Just taken up.. didn't have a job before so didn't have money 😁
Both laugh
Overall Experience: GD was worse than Arnab Goswami's discussions and interview went pretty well.
Tip: Don't start a GD if you are not confident and want to wish good evening at 10 AM in the mng
CAT 2013: 98.8 Calls: IIM S, New IIMs, MDI, NITIE, IIT B. Converted: NITIE and MDI HR. Waitlisted: IIT B, MDI PGP
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@suchetshetty  ·  0 karma
@pgcorpo : I disagree, That good evening was foolish 😛
@crackhead99 : You know, people tend to remind others during the GD that they shud "TAL ONE AT A TIME" and "NOT TURN THIS INTO A FISH MARKET" even when everyone is ACTUALLY calm(probably hoping for the so called BROWNY POINTS)......in your case however, you had a strong reason to use that card 😃 btw....aapne ye post thoda late nai kar diya? 19th March ko tha na interview? 😛
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@khullarmanuj  ·  71 karma

can I ask how much did you speak in that GD mess that happened there?

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Was just wondering... how much is the 60% weightage given to CAT score going to have a say in the final result. Has MDI gone back to the days when 99+ percentile meant a sure shot convert? What was the criteria in the previous years?

CAT 13 : 99.20, CAT 14: LOL (95.88), as they said take lite
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@Sahil.sharma  ·  0 karma
@pgcorpo @Sin-D bhai dont know what was the criteria last year n i am not sure whether it was even released last year or not , whatever it may be i just have the feeling that earlier also it would have been 60% or even more than that 😛
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@DhagashD  ·  88 karma

Criteria wasn't declared last year... Most probably, it was 70 pc CAT score and 30 pc GDPI with acads and work exp being graded as part of the GDPI itself.

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Can someone please tell me when are the results and the probable dates of waitlists, according to the trend last year?

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@Sin-D  ·  353 karma

Last year results came out on 27th April...11 days after the last interview date which was April 16th I believe.

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when are the results?

IIM K batch of 2016
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28th March, MDI

CAT OA Score: 97.11

Section 1: 86.55

Section 2: 98.88




Undergrad Major - GPA/%age: 78.3

Work-Ex (number of months): none

Any other special thing about you: i am from VARANASI. which was the essence of my PI.


Slot: 1:00 pm

Panel No: 1

WAT Details:

Topic and other relevant details: summarize the proceedings of GD. (wrote it as a narrative)

GD Details:

Topic: Democracy is hampering progress

Number of People present:11

Time:25 mins

Other Salient Details: started out smooth but very soon it was a fish market. i had a sore throat...

(tears). but pitched in twice or thrice. the panelists warned us once & we restarted but nevertheless turned a fish market yet again. they stopped us before we could conclude.

PI Details:

Panel Members Intro: two ladies. really smart & welcoming.


1. are you named after the famous actress?? told about the goddess Lakshmi connection.

2. wat do you know about goddess lakhsmi? brief intro

3. wats the 'vahan' of goddess lakhsmi? couldn't tell. they commented i didn't know abt the goddess. i turned it around somehow.

next they came to VARANASI had a 10 minutes intense discussion on the political scenario of the city. MODI, AAP & rest. good discussion. & say they said. they wished me luck. i was the last candidate for the last day of the interview. that's something...

Your Expectations : the PI was really good. because ppl before me didnt really have great PIs but GD was a fish market. so fingers crossed. also met a lot of 99.xx so you never know...

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@nishu609  ·  104 karma
@Ai0009 same type of experience .... but i think at last , all it depends upon your PI....
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CAT OA Score: 99.52


X: 84.6

XII: 85

Undergrad: BTech; 6.1/10

Work-Ex (number of months): 38

Sector : IT

Any other special thing about you: One of the youngest Team-Lead. CFA L1 passed.

VENUE: Mumbai

Slot: 1 PM

Panel No: 4

GD Topic: Do violent video games make children violent in real life?

Number of People present: 11

Time: 15 min

Other Salient Details: There were some good speakers but surprisingly, no one gave any points against the topic. So, I brought in a few. Were stopped once when the chaos was getting out of hand; dunno how that would affect the points.

PI Details:

Panel Members Intro: The coolest panel ever. Ma'am (F1) was asking to-the-point qustions. Sir(M1) was trying to unsettle. They asked everyone about their GD.


F1: Don't you think the current economic situation of our country is really bad? Why not?

F1: In the GD you were the only one who talked a bit in favor of video games.:D 😁 .

M1: But you should have pushed your point a bit further. Though I would disagree with you

- (discussion ensued with me defending some violent games as stress-busters).

M1: Today, Modi called Kejri a Pak agent. What do you make of it? Kejri also makes such comments. Who should we believe. (I ended the discussion with saying 'choose the lesser of two evils', at which M1 laughed loudly; dunno why??).

F1: So, shouldn't the country be run by Econoimists and not by politicians.

F1: You say no, then neither should MBAs run anything..... But aren't they the same as Economists??

M1: Why didn't you wear a tie? Doesn't it make you less formal? Doesn't it give othersx an advantage? -

(good-natured hilarious discussion for few mins).

M1: Ok, Why are you going for MBA? Why wouldn't yoiu go for PGPIM?

F1: Who does Haryana provide electricity to? ( HIT gold here somehow and said AP 😁 . dunno where it came from)

F1: So, I think we are done, you wanna ask something? -

(I thought and told them i read about power and water problems in gurgaon.. another 3-4 mins of discussion 😁 ).

M1: Ok, then all the best. make sure you wear a tie next time, if there is a next time.

Your Expectations : Seem fairly positive to me. Also got lucky by getting this panel. panel No.5 were ruthless.

If you could reason with religious people, there would be no religious people.
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CAT OA Score: 98.56 %ile


X: 94.16 %

XII: 89.5 % (Commerce)

B.Com: 87 %

CA: 58% (First Attempt)

Work-Ex (number of months): 16

Sector: Infrastructure

Any other special thing about you: None

VENUE: Mumbai

Slot: 25 March 1:00 PM

Panel No: 3

WAT Details:

Topic and other relevant details: To write proceedings of the GD

GD Details:

Topic: Violent video-games are affecting the children and adolescents?

Number of People present: 10

Time: 2.00 PM

Other Salient Details:

GD went off abruptly with not such a great start and the person fumbling (starting first is not always the best idea unless u're confident). Kept quiet for the first minute but then by the end I ended up chipping in about 5-6 times. Overall, there was a consensus and was a really good GD. There were moments where the GD could've turned into a fish market, but everyone gave others chances and were willing to give in, so that the GD was good.

PI Details:

Panel Members Intro: Old Guy – Salman Rushdie look-alike (SR), Young Guy (YG)


SR – You're a CA, u've cleared CFA Level 2, have a good job and a good package, WHY do want to complicate your life?

Me – You always want to keep improving yourself and I feel that time has come to take that next step forward (SR seemed convinced)

SR – Tell me about your family? Your father seems to have too much money to spend on education?

Me – Sir, my father works as a VP (Sales) in GCPL and has enough money to allow his 23 year old son to pursue an MBA course. (Then the twister – Told him that my Bro just graduated out of IIM C)

YG – Is there a competition between the both of you?

Me – Absolutely not. He is an engineer and got into IIM C at the third shot. So we are nowhere comparing each other. Over that, he was my CAT mentor. He would be proud of me getting at the Institutes of my choice.

SR – U've mentioned dancing as your hobby. Tell me something about that?

Me – Sir, I was with Shaimak's for about 5 years and have done more than 100 stage shows and have also danced in Bollywood movie (ended up showing pics of SRK, Ash etc.) (By then SR was very interested in seeing those – Luckily I did carry the pics)

SR – U've also mentioned Football as an hobby. Who is your favourite footballer?

Me – All time favourite was Ruud van Nisterooy and currently Lionel Messi

SR – The days of Van Nistelrooy's & Henry's will never come back in the Premier League era. (I'm dumbfounded by this – Never expected him to know this)

SR – What is the difference between NPV & IRR?

Me – Explained

SR – Thank God that you know this otherwise your chances would have blown away without any other consideration. Expect you to know the basics.

SR – Write down the formula of DuPont Analysis

Me – Sir, ROA or ROE

SR – ROE, don't try to look for the easy way out

Me – Wrote down in the piece of paper he gave me.

SR – If you were an ant and had to go from one corner to the roof of the other corner, what would the shortest distance be?

Me – Tried and gave an answer but he wasn't convinced.

SR – CAT gives you one chance, I'm giving you two – Try again

Me – Sir, I can give it a try but I think I'll be wasting some of your time on this

(Moved on)

SR – OK.. So I think we are done.. U may call XYZ chap while going out..

Your Expectations: Overall was a great interview..I wish I could've answered the last question but nevertheless. Personally, YG was just a mere spectator and SR was pretty much convinced by the responses I felt.

Hope this helps..

We do what we were trained to do... ... what we were bred to do... ... what we were born to do.
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@DhagashD  ·  88 karma
@RickRoy valid point, sir. I could have been more scrupulous. In fact, I spoke to a friend of mine who just graduated from MDI. He said Salman Rushdie always speaks in Hindi, but expects people to reply to him in Hindi... I might have been a bit too informal and open. But anyway, a combination of borderline CAT score and a disaster of a PI means I have no hope in hell for MDI... So not bothering about it much... But yeah, learnt an important lesson.
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@RickRoy  ·  23 karma
@DhagashD Dude this year with 60% weightage to CAT the difference between a 95%iler and a 99% iler would not be more than 3-4 marks on a scale of 100..hence GD PI and profile is the make or break..u never know the interviewer's opinion on the interview might be different than yours..so that hope still persists bro for anybody and everybody..
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