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Guys, All the best for the GD/PI starting tomorrow. Please share your experiences in this thread. Post the information according to the below format, so that it is easy for your fellow aspirants Also please find below links to the past y...
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Really great to see such participation by all in this particular thread. This will really be helpful for future aspirants. Thanks to all of you.

@visionIIM-ACL please close this thread.

My final season - Calls - IIM A, L, S, RRRTUK, MDI, IIFT, FMS, NITIE - ITM, XLRI - HR, IIT B,D,K, XIMB, SIBM P, SCMHRD | Converts - MDI, IIFT D, NITIE - ITM, IIM S, IIM RRK, XIMB | Skipped - IIT D, K, SCMHRD | Final Verdict - MDI PGPM Class of 2014
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Venue and Date:
Gurgaon and 7th March (09:00)
Process was a bit delayed, started at at 10:30.
GD Topic: Certainty of justice is more important than severity of punishment.
Was ready with the topic and wished to start. However, panel said will indicate when to start.
Someone else started. I was the third one to pitch in. Two girls and rest guys. Overall balanced GD.
Talked about Raja Bhaia, Rape cases (One guy had too many points here), Courts and System in India (here I talked). Points became a bit repetitive in the end. I tried to discuss for solutions for the present system, however no takers. A bit average from my side.
Panel asked each and everyone to summarize.
Interview: Were taking about 15 mins.
Elderly Prof (EP), Middle Aged Prof (MP)
Greetings, file not taken.
EP: So you've mentioned you are a business analyst, what do you do?
Me: Sir, I carry out primary and secondary research for clients to help grow their business. Competitive, Market and Customer Intelligence, etc etc
EP: What is secondary research?
Me: Sir, finding and analysing information on sources available on the internet. Websites, journals, presentations, reports etc. Primary research caters to talking to people on phone or in person. This we do for market studies, company profiles.
EP: What is Foreign Investment?
Me: Sir, there are various ways of foreign players investing in India. FDI, FII, or any other ?
Me: People, companies investing in Indian stock markets, such as through hedge funds, mutual funds.
EP: Any regulation regarding FII in India?
Me: Sir you have to be registered with the SEBI to invest in India. Apart from that, I believe FIIs can invest a max of 10%, else they will be classified as FDI.

EP: Any other ??

Me: Sir, foreign players can't take account money very easily. India doesn't have capital account convertability.

EP: But, why? I am making money for my own self. If I make profit, I will take it out.

Me: Sir, foreign investment is very important for India and its growth. Hence, India has very rightly put these regulations. Foreign players can't be allowed to take advantage of some favourable situations and -- cut --

EP: But, that is how business works. All businesses are meant to have a profit.

Me: Sir, I understand that. However, all companies need to have a social message as well at the time of their registration. That is how business works. Only profit a motive will not guarantee success. -- cut --

MP: What was your company's social message at the time it was established?

Me: Sir, I do not exactly know that. However, we serve multiple clients. We help them grow their business and act as knowledge partners bridging gaps.

MP: What is Evalueserve?

Me: Sir, it is a KPO. -- cut --

MP: I know what's a KPO. What does your company do?

Me: It acts as a link in the consulting supply chain. EVS has three verticals, Intellectual Property, Financial Services and Corporates and Professional Services. A problem arises, we search for data and information available on it, analyse the data and recommend a solution to the client.

MP: So you are in the last division?

Me: Yes Sir. I am in the Corporates division. I have worked on company profiles, market studies, newsletters, project leads. We try to offer more solutions to help the client grow his business -- cut --

MP: So, what do you do?

Me: Sir, I am a Project Manager on a dedicated client setup. We help the client be informed of his industry competitors and customers. We also track construction projects for the clients. We carry out market studies pertaining to geographies, industries -- cut --

MP: So what sort of analysis do you do? What tools do you do?

Me: Sir, I do qualitative analysis on certain benchmarks and parameters. Data Analytics is another department in EVS and we take help -- cut --

MP: But I hate these BPOs/KPOs. They are spoiling the youth.

Me: Sir, BPOs/KPOs are a very important part of the services sector of the country. They are generating jobs, giving employment. I do agree that at a very young age, the youth gets money and some bad habits -- cut --

MP: Jobs? Even Naxalites can generate employment. They can recruit you. Why don't you join them?

Me: Sir, Naxalites are not wrong in what they are seeking. They are fighting for basic needs of life. However, no-one gives them a right to take lives. -- cut --

MP: But look at you, you being a chemical engineer, you are spoiling your degree, the government's money?

Me: Sir, I am a business analyst in the chemicals practice. So, actually all my clients are companies in the chemical industry. Hence, I understand the technology being used here and help them grow their business. For example, I know of polymers -- cut --

MP: Yeah, Yeah That I know, but even a B.Com guy could do what you are doing or in a BPO , I have seen them working.

Me: Sir, In my team we have people with MBA, with Economics degrees and that actually helps in widening our knowledge. We get a variety of requests and this facilitates better understanding of the project. We also have Chemical Forums which help brief people with non-core backgrounds on some basic principles -- cut --

MP: Do you read newspapers?

Me: Yes sir I sometimes do. But I try reading online.

MP: Tell me the founders of google?

Me: Sir Larry Page and Sergey Brin. I can't remember the first name of Brin.

MP: So what about the news?

Me: Sir -- cut --

MP: Here in your form you have written DU, but then DCE?

Me: Yes sir, Delhi College of Engineering was part of Delhi University. It is now Delhi Technological University (DTU) -- cut --

MP: You have also written city as New Delhi and state as Delhi. I am an outsider from Orissa, explain to me the difference.

Me: Sir, New Delhi is a city and an area in Delhi. Delhi means the National Capital Territory of Delhi. Delhi includes other areas as well but I can't recall. Delhi NCR includes Delhi and other cities such as Gurgaon, Noida etc.

MP: So you mean to say Gurgaon is part of Delhi? Sheila Dixit controls it?

Me: No sir, Gurgaon is part of Haryana. However, informally it is in the Delhi NCR, National Capital Region.

MP: Who's the largest KPO in India?

Me: Sir, Evalueserve only is the biggest KPO in India. In fact, it was EVS only that coined the term KPO in 2003.

MP: What other calls do you have?

Me: Sir, XLRI -- cut --

MP: No, that's from XAT. From CAT?

Me: SP Jain, FMS and new iims.

MP: We are done.

Me: Thank you sir. Thank you sir.

Seemed to be a very stressful interview.

Hope this experience helps future aspirants.

Converted 😃

MDI 2013-2015
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@vampgm see you in college bro 😃
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Venue and Date:

Mumbai and 14th April(09:00:00)

GD Topic :Is Reservation in Higher Education hampers the real purpose of Education
GD Performance:Spoke second.After letting others speak ,gave 4-5 good points with an Example.(3.5/5)

PI(10 min.):2 People(One lady and other a finance fellow(Anil Mishra))

1.Asked about Jabalpur and asked to plan an itinerary for the lady.Told all the places I knew of confidently.
2.Asked about questions on Start-Up(I was working in it). Talked at length as I was full-prepared.


Verdict :Converted(PGPM)

1.Speak confidently in GD and PI both.
2.No Guess Work.
3.Less weightage to CAT as people with 96 have converted PGPM this year.
4.Most Importantly PIs may be weird but it mattered the most.(Personal View)

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have every interviewee given a wait-list number?? 😠

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Any chance at WL869???

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Hi Seniors, wat is the chance to convert at WL 38 for pgdm.... plz reply

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What Was the Waitlist Movement for core PGPM program last year ?

Seniors your guidance is much needed....

Any chances for convertion at WL 389...

Milne hai mujhse aayi, Phir jaane kyun tanhaai.. Kis mod pe hai laayi Aaashiqui....
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Selected for HRM program...

Atb to everyonemg

Can anyone throw some light on HRM scope and placements??
CAT 97.37 SNAP 96.9 Converts: MDI, SCMHRD, IMT-G (FT),IIT-M,TAPMI
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The first list is out !

Those who have made it - Congratulations !
Those who are waitlisted - all the best guys - don't lose hope yet.

Final Converts FB Group -


Aspirants/Waitlisted FB Group -


Pagalguy thread for final converts -


MDI,Gurgaon PGPM Class of 2014 |Corporate Communication Cell | http://on.fb.me/Vcy23T
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Sorry for posting so late. I hope this will be helpful to Puys next year.

CAT OA Score: 97.05

Section 1: 89.61 😟

Section 2: 98.38


X: 91.2

XII: 76.4

Undergrad Major: 60.28 (Mech. Engg.) 😠

Work-Ex: NIL (Fresher)

VENUE: Kolkata

Slot: 19 March (1.00 PM)

Panel Number: 1

GD Details:

Topic: Should religious teachings be taught in our schools to inculcate better values in students?

Number of People present: 8

Time: 12 min (2 + 10)

Other Salient Details: The panel comprised of two people, an old lady and an old man. Later, they were the interviewers in my PI too.

My group members were beating about the bush initially. They started talking of spirituality, Hindu-Muslim divide, the Koran, Jesus Christ, etc. I was silent all this while and then intervened to bring them back to the topic. I feel the time given was too short and we could not conclude in the end and were abruptly stopped by the panelists. There were 2-3 guys who spoke a lot, but I think they were off the topic. I spoke for a decent time and spoke relevant to the topic. (Well, that's what everybody feels about his/her own GD! 😉)

PI Details:

Panel Members Intro: The same two people - the old lady and the old man. (Which meant they already had analyzed me partially, having seen me in the GD earlier.)

Questions: (All questions asked by the old man, the lady was just smiling all the time and observing me)

Q: So you're from Nagpur?

Q: Why Kolkata?

Q: Where are you staying in Kolkata?

Q: Did you come to Kolkata by train or flight?

Q: Which train?

Q: How long was the journey?

Q: Why does Ahmedabad-Howrah Express (the train I took to Kolkata) not follow a straighter route, and deviate to pass through Nagpur?

Q: Oh! Is Nagpur the center of the country? Didn't know that!

Q: Why have your acads fallen drastically from X to grad?

Q: What extra-curricular activities were you involved in?

Q: Do you still play table tennis?

Q: How will you measure the geographical center of India?

Q: Tell me how and why summer/winter seasons occur.

Q: What is Earth's escape velocity? Its value?

Q: How will you explain this to a small kid?

Q: Why does day break earlier in Kolkata as compared to Nagpur?

Q: You see we have an AC installed here. Why is it that coolers don't work here?

Q: You said before the British, various dynasties and princely states ruled over India. Tell me where did all these people go when the British came? Where did they go? Did they just vanish into thin air? (He wasn't satisfied by my answer to this question. I desperately wanted to say at this point, that how do I know where did they go, maybe they went up skywards to heaven/hell!! rolleyes)

Q: How will you explain the entire History of India to a small kid?

Q: Can you tell me some recent news from West Bengal?

Q: Tell us something about the Bangladesh riots.

Q: Which is the opposition party in Bangladesh?

Q: Can you please elaborate on the Indo-Pak Kashmir issue?

Q: For what reasons is Bank of America in the news? Is there any Indian connection to it?

Your Expectations:

As is very evident, right from the first question they were just passing time with me through questions on history & geography. I answered all of them. Just struggled a bit to recall the history part about the Mughals and other dynasties that he was asking. It was only towards the end that they asked some relevant questions, which I answered. While I was answering, both the panelists were frequently looking at each other, and nodding with a smile. I don't know how to interpret their expressions, sarcastic or satisfied or something else. rolleyes

Going by what I've read on PG and by what most people say, my percentile of 97.05 and poor grad score leave me with a very slim chance of going through. I have no converts so far, so MDI is the last option for me, but unfortunately seems to be a distant dream. But I hope a 1 in 100 chance comes through and I convert this one.

Ek accha convert dila do bhagwaan!!

All the best everyone! 👍

In a mad world, only the mad are sane. || MBA Class of 2016, DoMS IIT Madras
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