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Please share the link for xat official key of xat 2017, Cannot rely on keys given by institutes

How do you approach maths based DM caselets ? Especially lengthy ones ?

How to prepare for POEMS in XAT exam? Is there any app or site.

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I got recommended by many that reading books by Ayn Rand would help ace the DM section.

Has anyone tried doing that? What difference did it make in your score?


With regards to Passage 1, Q3 of IMS DM book:

Why isn't  (i) the answer instead of (iv)? The former answers the allegations made on changing housing plan, while the later has got nothing to do with the accusations.

Can anyone please share the study material for XAT dm?

IMS DM book, passage 3, que 3

Why the answer is A? A only strengthens the termination of Genie...

Mr. Medium ko bhi to consider karna hoga na ki usko job kyu dena hai...option A does not tell why Mr. Medium has to be preferred. @Fartman @harikrushna

Option D is better than A, although (iv) ajeeb sa hai lekin Mr Medium ke advantages bata raha hai atleast...The best answer would have been (iii) and (v), lekin ye koi option me nahi hai

Should you even try to attempt questions like 'Sabji-puri' set asked last year ? (They are too time consuming)


Need advise on the selecting a prep test package IMS/TIME/Oliveboard?

Also how are you preparing for the GK section?


Can someone share IMS DM pdf???? TIA

is there any XAT GROUP for QUANT Discussion?

Single question caselet:

Rahul is a corporate turnaround artist, and having previously steered LSI and Asiana Airlines through bankruptcy, he is now attempting to do the same with KBS, the nation's largest supplier of escalator parts. It's shaping up as a bumpy ride. Days after KBS filed for bankruptcy protection on Jan 23, he was criticized for providing a generous severance package for the senior management while indicating that he planned to ask for steep cuts in pay and benefits from the company's more than 67,000 unionized workers.

KBS's move puts the retirement pensions of its 40,000 U.S. employees and 18,000 retirees at risk and worsens the eroding position of its chief customer, NM escalators, which announced a 3.5 billion dollar third quarter loss recently. NM is contractually obligated to pay thousands of KBS workers a portion of any benefits they might lose in bankruptcy, a bill that could run as high as 17 billion dollars. One immediate reason for KBS's filing was to forestall a 2.32 billion dollar payment it was required to make to its pension programs in January. Rahul blames the defined pension benefit, which he calls an "anachronism," for his company's downfall and points to the downward wage pressure exerted by globalization for precipitating the current crisis.


It was recently disclosed in the media that Rahul received $3 million as a signing bonus when he joined the company. As a director of KBS, you are expected to speak at the Annual General Meeting to pacify the fears of shareholders. Which of the following is likely to be your explanation for the decision?

  • Rahul has promised to infuse capital into KBS using a network of private-equity investors.
  • Financial incentives are a necessary evil during the economic downturn.
  • Rahul’s previous employers have paid him higher signing bonuses to improve the turnaround of their companies
  • The signing bonus was paid after a thorough background check and keeping in mind Rahul’s successful history of working with bankrupt companies.
  • Rahul was only halfway through his term as CEO with OBS, when he was offered the position at KBS; it would thus, require him to forfeit a large part of his salary.

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R calculators allowed to exam or is there any virtual cal?

Any reliable source for XAT DECISION MAKING & RCs ?



Found the below link for GK very useful



Anyone wants to share IMS/Times mocks tests... please ping me...

Any one who can share prediction based decision making set and any video discussing the approach to solve these sets? Thank you