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Why France?

  • Grandes Écoles
  • 1200+ English Programs
  • Less Expensive Education
  • Top Universities
  • 8 years of Visa

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Paris, is ranked by QS as the number 1 student city in the world for 4 consecutive years 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016.

More than 300,000 International students choose to study in France every year, making it the 3rd most preferred destination for Higher Education in the world.

France is also offering 8 years of Visa to Indian students (Exclusively)

Next intake is Fall 2017.

France is also the Fashion, Gastronomy & Romance capital of the world

UK & France are the only two countries which have most number of Triple Accredited Business Schools. The only difference is the latter offers Stay back visa for all Indian students.

MBA in France has one of the highest ROI.

1 Year Masters vs 2 Years Masters

1 Year: Made for Professional, Work ex. needed, Prevalent in Europe

2 Year: Made for Freshers, Little Work ex. needed, Prevalent in US, Asia

1 year Master program often come with brief internships and are more of a specialisation, best suited for those looking to specialise in a field or get back to job asap.

Advantages of 1 year MBA/Masters:

- Less Investment

- Less Living Costs

- Same Accreditations

- Early employment

- Specialised programs

- Prevalent in Europe (UK, France, Germany)

What you get for Free in this office:

- Consultation on European Masters, Bachelors programs

- Identification of Top schools

- Consultation on Student Visas, Business Visa, Work Permit

- Career Guidance in Europe

What you be chargeable:

- Application Assistance

- Visa Applications

IIM Calcutta is the only Business school with Triple Accreditations in India. 

There are 13 Triple Accredited Schools in France, 4 in Paris.

Triple Accreditations ensure the acceptability of your program worldwide. Why do you think many Indian schools do not have their degrees accepted worldwide?

Govt. of France is focussing on Indian students and plans to recruit 10,000 students by 2020.

This could be your best shot for an education, a career, a life abroad.

What better place than Paris!

Special tech Visa for STEM entrepreneurs. France is one of the fastest growing startup hubs and Paris ranks among the top 5 centers for start ups. 4 years Tech Visa starting 2017

L'Institut européen d'administration des affaires

This is the number 1 Business School in the world as per latest rankings by Financial Times

Is UK MBA still worth post Brexit era?

IIM Calcutta is the only TRIPLE ACCREDITED College in India for MBA

France has 13 such schools

PS: Lesses Expensive!

Do you know France is among the least expensive countries for international students in top 5 Student destinations around the world.


Visa applications commence June 1st for Students willing to study in France.

India has only 1 Triple Accredited Business School, IIM Calcutta.

Triple Accreditations are among the most prestigious accreditations in the world.

HEC Paris launches an online Masters Degree, Now become an alumni of world class B School in just 14 lacs INR.


Hi,  can you please help with some French B school names that accept double MBA/ an accelerated  MBA. I did my mba in international business  from a tier 2 institute  in India and  have 4+ years of total experience. Am willing to pursue  another MBA This time to gain some international experience and  broaden my career opportunities.. 

Jason Baran, spokesperson for the GRE® program is back to answer your  GRE® related queries. Join the thread and post your questions now:  


Hi, Can you please help me with the list of top colleges In france for Masters in Maketing and MIm. Also, how much is the work ex required for these courses ?