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Hello, i have 3.8 years of work ex in IT, with good academics and overall profile.

i want to study management MIM, what exams i have to give?

MIM vs MSc vs MBA

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Triple Accreditation


There are 13,000 Business Schools worldwide, less than 1% of them are Triple Accredited

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Round 1 vs Round 2 (Key Differences)

EARLY BIRDS: Students in Round 1 usually get early birds in Europe, means paying less tuition fee than Round 2 students

ADMIT: Students apply for all the seats compared to a few left over in Round 2

SCHOLARSHIPS: More scholarships for R 1 students in Europe compared to R2 as most Govt scholarships are open until the end of R1

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CAT: 3 in Top 100

XAT: 0



MAT: 0

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