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Cat 95.16 percentile 10th 79% 12th 62.6% B.tech 68.6% My chances??

what is the expected cut off for IMT DCP?

How imt gets student through xat,do we need to apply seperately? Xat %ile for imt?

Is there a cut off or will the profile be considered for dcp shortlisting?

These are some of the answers regarding the DCP program at IMT G

1) It is a dual country program so your first year is in Dubai at IMT Dubai Campus and the 2nd year is in IMT G with the PGDM FT students.

2)  The fees is obviously a  higher than the PGDM  FT  program as you stay n  IMT Dubai Campus for a year as you have to pay the hospitality and food charges accordingly. 

3) As DCP is an IMT G programme, the placements are on IMT G campus along with the other students. The placement policies , rules , companies are all same for everyone and all are given an equal opportunity to perform.




I have XAT-87.141 %tile chances of call?

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Is dcp call out?

Does this mean, i got a call for DCP??!

Do we need to fill the form by 3rd Feb or just need to schedule our GD PI date by 3rd feb ??

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Call for dcp .what to do or wait...