The PaGaLGuY Underdogs Team 2015

If the taste of victory is sweet, being an underdog makes it sweeter. Hard work, persistence, focus, determination, winning against all odds, a never give up attitude, ability to punch above one's weight... this team has it all. The team of dreamers, the team with probably the purest of emotions when it comes to prep, the team of people who can give anybody a run for their money on the day they intend to, the team whose dictionary doesn't contain the word failure, the team with probably the best camaraderie: The PaGaLGuY Under Dogs Team 2015

If the taste of victory is sweet, being an underdog makes it sweeter. Hard work, persistence, focus, determination, winning against all odds, a never give up attitude, the ability to punch above one's weight... this team has it all. The team of dreamers, the team with probably the purest emotions when it comes to prep, the team of people who can give anybody a run for their money on the day they intend to, the team whose dictionary doesn't contain the word failure, the team with probably the best camaraderie: The PaGaLGuY Underdogs Team 2015

What is the team all about????

The concept of an underdog team evolved some years back, where in a team of 11 hard working dreamers are selected, they help each other and they work together in full filling their dreams. These guys know they are not great guns, they are not studs, but they are extraordinary in one thing than the rest of the pack. These guys have that single word which is an energy drink for the Journey called CAT i.e. Determination.

These guys might have failed in 8 out of 10 mocks but they would have surprised by outstanding performance in 2 mocks and all because of sheer passion and confidence.

Total 11 members will be selected democratically (Captain + 10 playing members). But everyone else is welcome to take part in the journey of UDT till CAT and post CAT also.

How do I apply???

Just make your nomination here on this thread with a link to your Mock CAT scores..Based on the selection criteria, your scores, your attitude, your activeness on the forum etc, you will be taken in to the team, THE PaGaLGuY Underdogs Team.

Please go through the below link for references:



1.Only one post per person (edit the same for additional information)

2.It should be self nomination & no soap box stuff allowed in any form i.e don't market for your friends by posting here or sending PMs/calling the selectors

3.Kindly post your mock scores (for the exams held) in the same nomination post & keep editing the same as when you get your results for the next coming up mocks.

Puys who dont follow the rules would automatically loose a chance to be selected.

Eligibility criteria:

1. Should have scored less than 500 rank or >= 99.0 %ile at least once in AIMCAT/SIMCAT/MOCK CAT or in any other institute's exam.

2. Should be a dreamer, a firm believer, should have the fire in the belly

Know your selectors:

@grondmaster : One of the person who knows PG in and out, Moderator, Community Manager and Avid quizzer

2. Yours Truly: @shashank3012 

More selectors can be added as and when required.

Selection Process:

It would be in 2 phases.

Phase 1: Selectors shortlist 15-20 nominations ( approx ) from among the nominations made.

Phase 2:

Selectors talk to these 15- 20 puys to have a discussion about their performance in mocks, activity on PG and views on being part of Team.

Please note that selectors reserve the right to ask for LinkedIn account or FB account, Contact Number or Test Series results screenshots for authentication reasons. Failure to provide these as and when asked during selection process will lead to rejection.

After this talk, announcement of final team for season 2015 shall happen.

Deadline for Nominations: 5.10.2015, 11:59 PM

Announcement of the PaGaLGuY Underdogs Team 2015: 10.10.2015 ( Tentatively )

Being a part of this team is always a don't lose out by not nominating on time.

All the best Junta...Hope to see an Underdog team which will make all the UDTians and Puys junta proud.

All the best!

Here is my nomination for the second most coveted team on PG.. 

I have been an underdog throughout my life and I know how it feels to amaze everyone with your performance when no one expected that from you.

Here is a glimpse of my profile :

10th - 83.12 (WBBSE)

12th - 77.2(WBCHSE)

Grad - 7.69 from WBUT in ECE 

Working in TCS,Kolkata since nov,13.

This will be my third and final tete-a-tete with CAT .

CAT 12 - 79%ile.. 90%ile in QA and 55%ile in VA

CAT 14 - 95.065ile 95.96%ile QA 82.94%ile in VA

Hoping to make it big this year. Here is the link to my mock scores.

I would love to be a part of this team . All the best everyone !!! 

Am i only person who was so enthusiastic about underdogs team??  Koi nominations nai dega kya 😛

The Relationship between CAT and me is 4 years old as this will be my 4th Attempt . After 3 consecutive debacles my belief has only gone stronger that next time I will crack CAT.This journey of CAT has made me stronger than ever before . 

I am truly an Underdog who is waiting to Unleash his potential . 

Profile :

10th        79.83(CBSE)

12th         88.50(CBSE)

B.Tech    81.03(USIT,GGSIPU)

Work ex : TCS Delhi 22 Months ( Recently left job ) 

Some Past Scores:

NMAT 2012: 209,210,211 

NMAT 2014 : 220   ( Convert ) 

SNAP 2012 : 96    2013 : 98.9

CAT   2012 : 95    2013 : 84     2014 : 96.3

Link to Mock Repository

i appeared for CAT 2014 but scored 94.3%le but this time determination is driving  me to achieve creme de la creme of >99%le .Hope to perfrom my best in 2015 

 Profile :

10th        96.76%

12th         84.83%

B.Tech    65%(PUNE UNI)

Work ex : Family business 2 Months 

SNAP 2014 : 96.3    

XAT 2015:  99.5%le in QA(overall 94%le)

MBA-CET 2015 : 99.851%le

CAT 2014 : 99%le in QA

IMS : 08A66056 (New pattern)

No.         QA             DILR       VARC            OA

SIM 102  99.96       99.94      92.41          99.94

SIM 4      97.69       99.93      92.1            99.92 

SIM 5      93.56          95.98      95.9           98.48

SIM 7      98.03        96.68      83.3            97.39

SIM 9      97.36        99.95      99.09         99.92

SIM 5      93.5          95.98      95.87         98.48

Aimcat  ARCC5T002 (New pattern)

1614         98.92            97.56     84.1        98.44

1612         94.7            96.87     94.7         97.8

This is where i belong UDT. Although this will be my first attempt on CAT ,i want this to be my last aur isliye jo bhi hai is under🐶 ke paas sab laga dunga

Ab tak



BTech-72.98% (yet to finish)

This is the link to my mock repository

P.S I have the biggest repository till date this season

Hi all,

This is my 4th and final attempt at taming the feline, and also the first time I'm having the courage to nominate myself in one of the two most coveted threads on PG.

As I sit down and gather my thoughts to effectively present my nomination, scenes from the not so distant past flash before my eyes - years of toil, determination and sacrifice, all leading up to the ultimate goal of belling the CAT, a goal which I am still chasing with hope in my heart.

In the last 4 years or so, I have seen it all, as far as CAT is concerned; however, every time my dreams have been shattered by one reason or the other.

CAT experience:

CAT 2012 (first attempt) - 99.25 (Overall) 79.xx (QA/DI) 99.99 (VA/LR) - No sooner did I leap in joy on seeing my overall %ile than my heart sank in dismay at the sight of my sec1 score. And that was the end of my IIM dreams that year ( I was a fool to believe that relatively newer IIMs and non-IIM institutes were not good enough for me, hence didn't apply for their programs)

CAT 2013 - 93.xx (Overall) 69.xx (QA/DI) 98.xx (VA/LR) - What the fish! It was more like an action replay as far as sec1 was concerned! Being an engineer (and supposedly good at quants), I was shocked at my own abilities (or lack of them). Was I attempting too many questions and scoring excess negatives? Am I really good enough to be dreaming of studying in an IIM? The demons in my head were killing me. But I decided to give another shot and this time I vowed to keep no stone unturned.

CAT 2014 - This was the year when CAT changed its pattern by increasing the number of questions to 100 (50 in each section) and doing away with sectional time limits. I decided to do approach sec 1 (QA/DI) cautiously and to devote more time to this section to maximise my score. However, come C-Day, the feline surprised us all with probably the easiest paper in its history. This translated (as I later found out sadly) into higher cutoffs in both sections, and my attempting 76 questions fell short of the magical percentile, yet again.

95.53 (Overall) 94.00 (QA/DI) 92.xx (VA/LR)

I was broken beyond measure. I decided to not chase the feline ever again in my life. I donated my study materials/notes and secretly wished I'd never see them again. I decided to focus on my job and move on in life.

Fast forward to the converts season (April-May 2015). I met a group of college friends over a couple of beers one day after office, and in that group there were 2 guys who had quit their jobs and were joining IIM C and XLRI in the following week. They started talking excitedly about their coursework, future job prospects, campus life, XL-IIMC Sports meet,etc till it turned into a full blown XL vs IIM C debate! And as I sat there gulping down one beer after another, I thought to myself that I could be one of them right there, all set and raring to start a new chapter in my life. That was when it dawned on me that all is not over, I still deserve another shot, my final one, at this notorious feline. Even if I fail again, I can proudly say that I fought till the end 😃

And so here I am today typing away tirelessly (thank you if you've read all of it till now!) as I present my humble nomination for the PG UDT 2015. I may not be worthy of a position in this galaxy of superstars, but I know I can rise to the occasion on my day...

Name: Prannoy Ray

10th - 93.6% (ICSE)

12th - 94.9% (ISC)

Graduation - 81.12% (BE from Jadavpur University, Kolkata)

Work Ex - 26 months (as on 31AUG15) - Risk Analyst at a leading international bank

I know this post is long and tedious, but emotions got the better of me today 😛

Thanks for reading it if you have. All the best to everyone! 😃

Here is my nomination.

Past performance => CAT'14 : 99.36 ; 99.87 in QA and 91.12 in VA


Hi everyone.

Its been two years and yet the place seems so familiar.

Another attempt to maul the CAT wouldn't have been complete without another nomination to the UDT. 😃

Nomitaing myself one more time.:)

Profile :

Xth : 95.4

XIIth : 92.8

Graduation : 8.991 / 80.92 (Computer Engineering, YMCAUST Faridabad)

Work Ex : 13 months (till 31st July, 2015)

Past Attempts :

CAT 2013 : 99.54

XAT 2013 : 96.54


Attended all except L-ABM.

Converts : IIM I, MDI, All new IIMs.

Hoping to get another chance to help me prepare and realize my dream of making it to one of my dream B-Schools.


A true underdog.:) (UDT '13)


Mock Score Repository :

I would like to put forth my nomination for UDT. This will be my second crack at CAT and other MBA exams. 

2013 season:

CAT '13: 96.97%ile (QA- 99.14%ile, VA- 79.59%ile)

XAT '14: 83.18%ile (QA- 95.xx%ile, DM- 54.xx%ile, VA- 68.xx%ile)

IIFT '13: 44.xx (cutoff was 46.xx)

NMAT '13: 213 (converted NM-HR, NM (core)- 1446 merit rank)

My profile:

10th: 84.6% (ICSE)

12th: 72.8% (CBSE)

Grad: 6.93/10 (NIT Durgapur)

When I wrote my first mock this season, I scored a 95%ile, which was more than any of the percentiles I could manage in whole of 2013 season. Back then, I used to languish in late 70s and early 80s with a couple of 60s in there as well. Only twice was I able to score a percentile in excess of 90. So this season when I started off with a 95%ile, it was some kind of a success for me and the most beautiful thing about success is that it's addictive. Once you get a whiff or taste of it, letting go of it is simply not an option. For too long I've lurked in the shadows of mediocrity, but now I am not ready to have any more of it. 

I know I have a mediocre profile and I can't undo my past sins but what I can do, is put in the extra effort and in turn give my best shot because as they say "Hard work never goes unrewarded forever." 

I don't know whether I'll get into UDT or not but what I do know is UDT or no UDT, I'll strive to continuously improve and come CAT, prove to myself, more than anyone else, that I have what it takes to compete with the very best in business. 

Here is the link to my mock repository.

I would like to nominate myself for UDT'15.

I followed this team last year wholeheartedly and it kept inspiring me throughout the journey. Hence, I would like to be a proud member of this team this year and take another shot at CAT and kill it.

This would be my 2nd attempt at CAT.

Here's my Profile:

Class X: 85.6

Class XII: 91.8 61.25

Work-ex: 1 year in family business

CAT'14: 75.56 %tile.( Last year, I used to score 95+ consistently in the mocks with 99+ in few of them. But on D-Day, I panicked and succumbed to the pressure hence my performance dipped abysmally.)

With the tag of UDT'15 and "the fire in my belly" I am determined to make it big this time around.

Here's the link to my mock score repository:

Below goes my nomination for UDT'15:

As i started writing , 2 years of turmoil and sacrifices feel fresh again and make me feel more determined that I can do it this year.

A guy without an IIT/NIT tag. (That in itself speaks of my underdog status).

CAT as a journey started in 2012, way back in college when I gave it just for fun. Results were: (70%ile) and after that , soon the CAT dream was over and I went ahead and enjoyed my job. Soon , the job got very boring and one day I decided to give another shot at CAT and I had it in my mind that I would join any college that I could get through. Endless sleepless nights and skipped meals at office defined my preparation, after working for 12 hours a day, I prepared for long hours in the night but god had different plans for me. Slowly my confidence on my abilities increased and I started feeling that even with a scarred past I can make it big. Before CAT, things went hay-wire at office and my mindset was impacted badly, and I could not give my best on 16th November. After the results I was completely broken and my performance at office dipped pretty badly. With all those sacrifices and so much effort, in the end I was left heartbroken.

But my determination to crack CAT and the dream of making it to a top 10 B-School has kept me going.

I joined PG at around that point of time and started doing the questions here and in my first mock in this season I Scored a 98%ile(which acted as a huge boost for me), whereas in the last season I could barely touch 90 thrice and after that the journey has been exciting up till now with lots of ups and downs.

A underdog who day-dreams about the red-building all day , even during meetings at office 😛 (Thanks for reading it/Ignore any grammatical mistakes , if any).

Below is the link for my mock score repository:

Present work ex : 26 months

CAT 2014: 95 percentile

Hoping that UDT would give me a nice chance to unleash my true potential.

Here is my nomination for UDT'15:

This will be my third and final attempt for cat'15.

CAT 2013 : 91.97%le (QA 96.xx%le VA 88.xx%le)

CAT 2014 : 82%le (appeared without any preparation and revision to  get familiar with new pattern)

X:- 90.15%


graduation:-8.15 CGPA

my mock scores for this year are as below:-


AIMCAT 1622 ___98.41__94.75__98.51___both cleared

AIMCAT 1621__98.72__83.65__97.53__250__va not cleared

AIMCAT 1620_QA 96.97_VA94.43_OA97.92_both cleared

aimcat1618 QA99.21 VA 94.59 OA 99.26 _both cleared

AIMCAT1614 QA99.13 DILR70.34 VA 92.02 OA95.76

AIMCAT1613 QA99.68 DILR 96.78 VA 87.48 OA98.96

AIMCAT1612 QA97.49 DILR 99.08 VA 97.64 OA99.51

AIMCAT 1611 QA99.61 DILR81.52 VA 91.17 OA97.6

AIMCAT1610 QA93.61 DILR 92.13 VA96.72 OA  97.62 


DASHCAT 1__92.6__72.49__86.18



SIMCAT 1 QA99.06_VA89.52_OA98.47_All cleared

SIMCAT 6 QA 89.15 DILR98.46 VA84.07 OA 95.71

SIMCAT 7 QA 93.40 DILR94.59 VA92.87 OA96.33

Thank you

Hello everyone,

Here goes my nomination for UDT 2015.

This will be first attempt for CAT and I hope it would be my last attempt.. There is a lot of pressure in my college due to various projects and placements but still I am whole heartedly dedicated to crack CAT this year and get admission in a top B School😃

My profile:

X - 95% (CBSE)

XII - 82% (State Board)

CGPA - 7.42 till 6th sem (Chemical Engineering)

The link to my mock scores : 

Not worthy enough by a long shot. But as I have made the score repository for the sake and namesake of nomination only for UDT, I will put it here.

This will be my 3rd and last attempt for CAT. I have been on PG from 2 years now. Have witnessed next to god like people in both the years, who can achieve anything they want. There have been people whose scores and consistency I wouldn't even dream to reach. Needless to mention those people are a great source of motivation for me and many other people on pg. If I am able to crack the almighty one day, those people will have a big hand in that.

I have learnt few things from past two attempts, that your mindset matters a lot. How ready you are to change in a blink of an eye. How tough you are mentally. How well you manage your expectations. And of course you need mock scores with high level of consistency. Only consistency matters on the D day. If you were not consistent, it does not matter how good you were in previous mock, CAT might as well be one of your series of bad mocks.

And one last thing, never take cat too seriously as if your whole life depends on it. It might seriously affect your performance on D day. This thing has been said by many veterans also. 

I am already in a B school considering the unpredictability of CAT. Seemed too risky considering my poor acads to not to join a college this year itself. I will give my best and final shot from here only. No of mocks is small because of the well known B school back breaking curriculum.

Past CAT results :

CAT 13 : 75.xx (72.xx, 70.xx)

CAT 14 : 95.75 (98.02, 81.4)

Profile :

Xth : 88.6

XIIth : 78

UG : 59.46 (IIT Roorkee)

Below is the link for my mock score repository, I hope to repeat the performance of best of these on the day which actually matters.

Though with the nominations of people like @rdrahul  , @Rooney13 , @djdeej ,@ABC_99 ,@swargr,@MJ477  (and others) chances of me making into this group is very bleak. Still I want to give this a try .

This coveted team has been a source of inspiration/knowledge  to me for the past one and half years and i would love to be associated with it. 

This year's CAT will hopefully  be my final attempt 

CAT 14 : 93.58 (99.15, 51.XX)

Profile :

Xth : 89.2

XIIth : 80.6

UG : 63.36 (NIT Kurushetra)

Work EX : 6 months

P.S. : I actually wanted to write a lot  ,but that requires sound verbal ability and apparently I am not very sound at it.

Here goes my nomination for UDT'15!


Xth: 95.2%  

XIIth: 93.4%

Graduation: 82% (B.E., Delhi College of Engineering)

Work Ex: 27 months (as of September 2015) - Market Research and Analytics

Mock Scores:

After scoring a meager 88 percentile in CAT'14, I am determined to make it big this year. This will be my second and last attempt at "belling the CAT", and with relentless efforts, I am certain of adding the coveted IIM tag to my profile this year.

Hello everyone,

Here goes my nomination for UDT 2015.

This will be my second and last attempt for CAT. I somehow thought to drop Indore, and Kozhikode last year to get the dream ones. Let's see if it happens..😃

My profile:

CAT 14: 98.36 %ile

X - 84.2% (CBSE)

XII - 90.2% (State Board)

CGPA - 8.71 (Electrical Engineering, IIT GN)

Work ex:- 2.5 years by December 2015. + 2 yrs as a faculty at T.I.M.E

I have recently switched my job to Delhi, so having a hard time appearing for a lot of Mocks. But below are my scores : 


Here's my nomination for UDT 2015

This is my 3rd attempt in 4 years. 

2012: 94.03

2013: NA

2014 : 97.3

HSC : 92.4%

SSC : 86.8% 

B.Tech : 76%

Work Ex: 24 Months (as of September) - IT Engineer

Below is my Mock Repository :