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Hey guys . i m kunal gajbhiye presently a BE third year electronics engineering student…In nagpur… I m quite inspired by all the efforts taken by our colleagues in other cities by taking various community develpoments projects…i have been …

Hey guys . i m kunal gajbhiye presently a BE third year electronics engineering student..In nagpur..
I m quite inspired by all the efforts taken by our colleagues in other cities by taking various community develpoments projects.....i have been searching for a long time for such groups active in Nagpur but i didnot get finally i have decided to form such a group in Nagpur which will help the society in some way or the I invite all the people of Nagpur to actively take part in this...I also invite suggestions from various other groups in other cities.....
I hope u all will come forward to help me in this new venture ........
U can mail me at [email protected] and call me at (0712)2230958....

Good Luck
Its nice thought

may be I wud be interested if some good idea pops out.
Akash Agrawal
kunal, which college are u frm?

Hey akash thanks for the message...welll i m frm YCCE college of engineering Nagpur......If u r really interested plz try and find students who will also be interested in this activity.....I m spreading this to all colleges thgh my friends....If possible for u ...try and ask ur friends for help.....May i also know which college u belong to......bye

I am in final year VNIT.
just finished with everything.
now free for 2 months.
I dont think any one else wud be much interested.
u plan something good and tell me

a nice thought.. one thing tht is needed here is a student union wing fr sure as u might be aware of the atrocities by our ngp univ (r t m ngp now)..
anyways plz lemme knw if u ve something fr me.
n best of luck

defi interested...
do u guyz hav a project in mind...
or an existing organisation 4 which we wud b contributin...

or wanna start sumthin dat guyz can pour in ideas...

best wud be an existing organization
and that too one of a kind which teaches kids.
bcoz that kind of work would be fun fro us as well as useful for many
so ppl, find out whether there are any such organizations or NGOs........

Have we started it in Nagpur ?

but just want to share somethin with all of you.

Need some help, some suggestions and some pointers to carry forward a small initiative we took.

When we started we did not know that people will be so willing to join us because it was a tuff job but they did.

Please go to this link and check if you are interested in joining us in this initiative.

Rest of the discussion on the below given thread, please post your queries and suggestions there only.

(Prevent Farmer Suicide) (Prevent Farmer Suicide) "

Hi freiend i am also from Nagpur. living in a routine office life i am missing my contribution to society as such .
If you people have any thoughts and indeas defintely i wll be with you to contribute to society.

Hey Hi Guys..
I am really interested to join the group.
Let me how to be a part of this.

hi all...good a freelance journalist in times of india,nagpur..i did an article some time back on this organisation called 'friends for care' strtd by sm nagpur college kids few yrs is now a recognised ngo. they teach slum kids.

another organisation is 'nagpur naturalists'. it works for environmental issues.

both of them are youth organizations. where u can b sure tht ur efforts will not go waste.
if any1 is interested 2 join, pm me so tht i can give u the details.

ps-im NOT a member of any of these, bt only because i have previous commitments n time contrains

meetgmat Says
Have we started it in Nagpur ?

hey guys i'm tilak from nagpur....have u guys started any NGO here? l

hey guys,
glad to see so many people interested in community work in nagpur. i am a student of Govt. medical college and some of us have started an organisation named nagpur anti tobacco organisation, that is primarily involved in imparting health education to kids in govt. schools. we build capacity by training teachers in these schools to impart health education. we have also tied up with some friends in SRKNEC, who will be carrying out the project in their area in july august. if anyne is interested in volunteering, or setting up a unit in ur college, do get in touch. we have also set up a webpage. go thru it for details.
hope to hear from u guys soon.

@[37193:kunalgajbhiye] i would like to join u

good going brooooo .....keep it up

hie..............evn i want to be part of it....