SIIB GD/PI Experience

Helle Frends, Plz share your SIIB Gd PI experience here.

Helle Frends,

Plz share your SIIB Gd PI experience here.

Yes If anyone is thru with their GD/PI please do let me know what the procedure was like

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i dont think it is neccesarry to freeze the thread...
this thread is needed..~~~
no need to freeze it coz siib GD/PI starts soon ...:( 😞

Hi Friends

Its a pleasure for me to be the first one to post my experience . It was a simple process and they (SIIB) believe in selecting people instead of rejecting them . It was a four round process : GD , group task , essay and interview . Just go cool minded . Dont hesitate to say what u feel , be honest and believe in ur self .GD this time was case study . If u hav further queries , u may call me at 9213923059

what was ur case for case study and pls tell whats written communication did ur stuff go and how much time they took?
pls answer coz im scared ..first ever a real pi etc:wow: u hav been thru gd..i would be glad if u could detail out ur exp at siib..wht was the essay topic,wht kinda case study did thy give??how was the interview??it would really be of great use for ppl like me who waiting for their turn on 18th at pune..

by the way,all the best for ur results n other exams..

ya exactly.
can u and others give us an elaborate idea on the gd/pi exp.
and i had last year attended gd/pi classes ( though didnt get a call last yr).
does it make sense to join again there or self study will b better?

can somebody advice as to what can b done at the moment to prepare for the same?

Helle Frends,

Plz share your SIIB Gd PI experience here.

puys this is 1 year old stop posting in this...SIIB will shortlist candidates only after 20th

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Hi Puys,
Anybody missing SIIB interview on 1/2/3 for any reason, pls reply back.
Thanx in advance.................

Guys All the best for those having GD/PI on 1/2/3 feb
please share the GD/PI experiences for 1/2/3 feb



KIndly post your GD/PI experiences for admissions 2008 on the following thread:


:thumbsup:hi everyone here is my experiencefirst call of the season........
landed in pune one day before.......went to the institute....searched for residence nearby but in vain.....only star hotels were available at exorbitant rates(tammana ,lemon tree).better u guys find accomodation in pune.... the hotel i landed later was some 5 km from the institute and its shabby.

i reported at 9:15 for 10:15 slot......announcement made at 10:to report at 5th and 6floor
we were asked to fill up form regarding our acadz/work ex/etc,we were given a batch id , our group had 10 candidates...2 absent....

power point presentation about siib and present students anwering queries posed by us....

5 member group was given group task....rules were given to follow....we were asked to make 5 equal squares out of given plastic sheets....i was the first one to break the guy sat very quietly seeing we r breaking the rulea of the game....our group was very cooperative....

we were called then for gd...nice case study....all the panel consists of only one member...i think all r retired military study very long to describe....its about two scientists working in rival firms competing for the same source for raw material to save human lives,who should be given the preference.......given ten minutes to think....after 9th minute i started but cut shorted by the panelist that he is giving one more minute....then after a min he gave the instruction to start. i started suppossed to be more thn 30 minutes but we were repeating the same thing after first 10 min.2 did not speak at ,the panelist gave them the fish market the panelist agreed upon our conclusion in 20 minutes....

had a good symbi lunch.......

pi more of a HR,very smooth ...all work related and why mba stuff.....10 minutes i did most of the talking....only one panelist.....

essay writing topic.... shuld educated youth must enter politics....a single page essay....ample time 30 minutes........

then document verification......

process finished in 4hrs.....

i can say 50/50 chance as my snap score is only 70. 30%weightage in final selection....

all the best for rest of u :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

Hey guys can we have some more GD and Pi experinces..

rakeshsancheti Says
Hey guys can we have some more GD and Pi experinces..

Refer two posts above yours. There is a separate thread for gd-pi experiences, where there are more experiences.


mods close this thread..its confusing..
we have another similar thread..
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hi don't worry even i was scared before pi . i feared that i would be grilled on my graduation background (i have done my agri business management ) so i thought i would have to answer many agri related questions , but before going for interview my mentor GAURAV eased off my tension , and was really thankful that he made me relaxed .

i was in fact worried about the most simple question , tell me about urself ? ,as this question makes or brakes ur impression and paves the way for further interaction.

but luckily the interviewer ( a marketing faculty from the same college ) didnt asked me anything of that sort and asked very simple question like why MBA , asked about my family background , also asked me what i do in my leisure time and i said i read and watch movies. so she asked me if i have to give best movie award for 2007 then which movie i would select and i was stumped by this question ( coz i never expected such an easy question ) and i couldn't recall the best movies of 2007 (i hadn't seen chak de & tare zameen par ) and they dint came to my mind and had seen OSO very recently so told her without thinking OSO (i was so stupid). well then she asked me if i have to give an award for best business person in india for 2007 then who would it be ?

again answered it stupidly , ( when this question was asked couldn't remeber anyone except narayan murthy and sunil mittal ) but at last said arun sarin and explained why i think so ( well i regretted it later coz how could i forget ratan tata , again did a stupid act )

so the moral is dont get tensed and keep ur cool coz they would ask u very easy questions which u wont even expect so just answer them sensibly , take ur time , (dont commit the mistakes i did ) .

even if ur tensed then try to answer ur questions in such a way so that u can steer ur interviewer to the topics ur comfortable with .

dont worry about the group test , gd and essay ( all of it is very easy )

well best of luck .come out with flying colours .

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