SBI JA selected candidates 2016

Those who are qualified, whose Roll No is there in provisionally selected for appointment.

When SBI will send us notice ?? By what mean ??

i have'nt received any confirmation mesg. which many other members of this group are claiming. is it a problem


I have done two mistakes during filling up d form first 1 s according to our university dey convert d ygpa to percentage by deducting. 75 marks from d ygpa bt I didn't do it I just filled d form by ygpa 

hi how is ur preparation for ibps po

some of my friends did not recieve message from SBI. should they wait for some time or report to SBI HQ.

any idea,,, when will we get mails? document verifctn date?

nyone frm delhi selected in sbi-ja?

Is there anyone who got rti response regarding waiting list for SBI JA..??

What is the in hand salary of sbi ja. Plz reply who joind as sbi ja.

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