which exam u mainly preparing for

  • ibps clerk
  • rrb clerk
  • ibps po
  • sbi
  • rrb po

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 @Er_robin_singh  @arshigupta  please share your strategy for SBI JA and if you guys dont mind last years marks and where did you guys miss out. Im appearing for JA this year. So any suggestions, tips is welcome. 

 @Er_robin_singh doing great job sharing current affairs those are some really good questions.

All The Best GUYS.

 Direction(28-30)24 men can do a work in X days and 32 women can do the same work in (X + 8 ) days. The ratio of
work done by 15 men and 12 women in the same time is 3 : 1.
28. Find the value of X ?
(a) 8 (b)10 (c) 12
(d) 11 (e) 5
29. 10 men and 24 women works for 6 days on the same work and the remaining work is done by 18 boys in 18 days. Then
find the number of days in which 12 boys completed the whole work.
(a) 54 (b)48 (c) 45
(d) 58 (e)None of the above 

Wil sbi clk recruitment be out dis year?

  • No
  • 50-50
  • Yes

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There is a rectangular pond which is full of  water and in the middle of the pond there is a large tree in which a  species lives. there are 12 wspecies which are staying around the pond.  on each side 2 species are staying and on the 4 corners 4 species are  staying and the remaining species staying in middle of the pond . all  species are staying on fruit trees which are located in the middle,  sides and corner of the pond . the name of the species which are staying  around the pond are APE, COCK, SQUIRREL , CROW, PARROT, OWL, VULTURE,  DUCK, PEACOCK, SPARROW, PIGEON AND EAGLE ( BUT NOT IN THE SIMILAR ORDER)  . The names of the tree on which the different species are staying are  BANANA, PEAR, CHERRY, GRAPES, PAPAYA, PLUM, COCONUT, GUAVA, APPLE,  ORANGE, LITHCHI, and MANGO. Peacock is living third left of the Owl and the bird sitting on the  immidiate right of the squirrel stays on banana tree. vulture is staying  on the apple tree and the crow is sitting on the mango tree, but both  the birds are staying at corners of the pond. pigeon and eagle are neighbours of each other and the duck and the  cock are staying at corners of the pond . The parrot staying third right  the sparrow and the APE faces the immmediate neighbour of the peacock  but is not sitting on any corner. The plum tree is on the immediate left  of the coconut tree. The litchi tree is third to the right of the gauva tree. The  immediate neighbour (but not bon the corner ) of APE stays on the pear  tree and the bird staying on the right of cock stays on grapes tree. Owl is not staying on coconut or cherry tree. Peacock stays on  coconut tree and the species on its immediate left stays on plums tree.  the species whichb is livi9ng in the middle of the pond lives on peanut  tree. the species living on the apple tree is not immediate neighbour of  crow or parrot. The speciessitting on the immediate left of the APE  lives on mango tree. Pigeon sits second to the right of the squirrel. The immediate left  of the duck stays on papaya tree. The ape does not stay on litchi or  guava tree. The species which is sitting on immediate right of squirrel stay on  banana tree. But that species is neither Monkey nor Duck. The species  are facing the water.
solution plzz and xplain the approch u took to solve this puzzle...

Can i apply and appear from different states?I am from bihar but now i am in karnatka can i apply from bihar and appear from karnatka?

Result is about to come check SBI Clerk Previous Year and Expected Cut off. Also check Factors Affecting SBI Clerk Cut Off: