SBI AMSY 2017 Final Selected Candidates

Joining formalities and further discussions about SBI SO Asst Manager -

Systems 2017

Congratulations everybody!!! When can we expect the joining date. Those who r working already, Have u planned ur resignation ? pls share ur thoughts friends... 

Notice period in current job is 90 days. will SBI consider this and give us some time?

Answers for the basic queries can be found here:

Thanks to @sparrowjack for the article.

I hv applied under Obc category but the respective certificate was not accepted during the interview. Panel asked me to get while joining. Thinking of the worst case if I am failing to submit my Obc certificate and having cleared the cutoff of general will they consider me as general??


Hi guys congratulations to all of you. Please tell me where exactly will the training be conducted and how big of an issue is weight in medicals?

Anyone having 3 month notice period here? Have you guys resigned if not when are you planning?

when can i expect the date of medical exam? 

 i have only a provisional degree certificate and i was made to give an undertaking during interview that i will provide the original degree certificate within 30 days.But i will not be able to submit it within the given time frame. Will my candidature be cancelled? 

 When joining letters are expected to be received? Are these guys going to send e-mail or send it by post? Do anyone received any e-mail or letter by post?

Guys how many of you are selected in IBPS SO as well?

Just wanna know if there is any chance as i am in reserve list of IBPS SO

 Guys who have qualified for SBI SO 2017, did anyone got official mail. ??  

Did anyone tried contacting the Crpd?i tried but no one is picking up the call..

what is the cutoff score for sbi amsy?

guys offer letters are out. Received mail yesterday. Has anyone else got the mail? what is your joining date and location?

Did anypne receive offer letter for mumbai circle?

has anyone given medical? What is the procedure? I have tried calling at the number provided but they are not picking up the phone. Also tried another number and he switched off the phone..... sarkari behaviour :/

How can we get the extension? to whom we need to send the email for the same and also to whom we need to send the offer acceptance email

Hi guys, We need to file extension request through mail only or we send to send it through post also?