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Hi All,

Congrats on getting selected as Assistant Manager (Systems) in SBI...!! 

I am a System Officer working in SBI.

Way back when we joined the bank, there was a dearth of information in the cyberspace, regarding Assistant Manager (Systems).

We were clueless on joining formalities, posting, nature of job, career prospects, salary, perks etc.,

It was then I decided that future candidates shouldn't face such a situation and hence I'm here to help you out with whatever I'm able to.

After a long wait, it's a pleasure to see our name in the final select list.  What next?

Once the result is published, the candidates are allotted to Circles/Establishments (for simplicity assume State). Thereafter, the HR personnel in respective circle/establishment begins to contact the candidates allotted to their unit. First, they send an e-mail/letter asking you to appear at their office for document verification and medical test.

Medical Test:

A medical form would be given wherein you will have to fill some basic details and give to bank's doctor. After some preliminary examination (height, weight etc.) the doctor recommends some tests like Blood, Urine, USG etc. They also give a list of labs for taking the tests. After completing the medical tests, an offer of appointment will be issued in a week's time.


Usually 1-3 month time for extension is given, on submission of proof that your present employer requires you to serve a specified notice period, before quitting. You can discuss on this when you meet the HR manager for document verification/medical test.

Date of Joining / Probation:

The entire batch receives the appointment letter in same format, with a common Date of Joining. (except those who are permitted extension). Duration of probation will be for 2 years. Note that DOJ affects your seniority. No bond needs to be executed.


Basic Pay is 23700.

(PO recruits receive a basic of 27620 - due to 4 addl increments , which is NOT applicable for Specialist Officers)

Approx. take home pay (Salary) à 30-32K.

Apart from Salary, monthly monetary perks include

1. Cost of 55 lts of petrol (if you own a two wheeler) - 3500 (approx.) - a bit higher if you own a four wheeler

2. Tea/Entertainment Expenses - 750 (approx.)

3. Newspaper Reimbursement - 550 (approx.)

4. Cleansing Material and Casual Labour (*) - 700 (approx.)

Above perks do not require submitting any bill. It's just credited in addition to your salary.

*- Applicable only when you have availed furniture allowance facility of the bank.

Other Important Perks:

1. Leased Accomodation:

You would be permitted to avail leased accommodation as per eligibility. For Mumbai, it's around 40K and around 20K in other metros.  Bank will pay the landlord/house owner directly. Even brokerage fees (of a month's rent) is borne by the bank.

2. Furniture Allowance:

Furniture allowance of approx. 1 lakh is granted. You can use this to purchase furniture as per your choice.

Apart from this you'll be entitled for some other allowances for purchase of Briefcase, Utility Items etc.,

Place of Posting:

Huge number of officers in every batch are posted in Mumbai, and the rest are distributed across India.

In Mumbai, postings would usually be in one of the two places

1. IT Centre (in Navi Mumbai)

2. Corporate Centre (in Nariman Point)

Rest of the batch is placed in Local Head Offices (usually State Capitals) or Zonal Offices (in Tier II Cities/Urban Centres).

When allotted to a state, you will have to serve there for some 3-4 years. Only after that, your request for transfer to another state will be allowed.

Work Profile:

Highly varies based on the department/centre where you are posted. Some of the work profiles are

1. S/W Development (Websites, Apps, Standalone tools etc.,)

2. Proj. Mgmt

3. Report Generation

4. Liaising with technology vendors/partners and tracking status of ongoing IT projects

5. Technical Support

6. Branch Server Installation / Support

7. Testing

8. Backup/Data Centre Operations

9. IT Infra/Networking Mtce, Planning & Support

10. Data Warehouse, Analytics, Social Media etc.,

Career Prospects / Promotions:

It is very much true that, when compared to General Bankers, Specialist Officers have limited opportunities for growth in the hierarchy (since Spl Officers form a very small chunk of the bank's workforce and the vacancies shrink higher up the ladder).

For Eg. General Bankers (say Probationary Officer recruits) are eligible for promotion as Deputy Manager in just 2 years (when their probation period is completed). But it takes 4 years for Specialist Officers (including Probation period) to get their first promotion.

However, my senior peers feel that, promotion avenues for system officers is somewhat good now when compared to earlier period (1990s). They also expect it to be much better in the future.

Hope this post clears some of the very basic doubts.

Post your queries/doubts in the comments.

Will try to answer to my level best.

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Can you tell some topics/programming languages etc we should study which will help us @ SBI ?

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@sparrowjack is there any reserve list

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