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For F&M which books are you planning to go through atleast once from cover to cover ?

*Multiple options enabled

  • Indian Economy - Mishra and Puri
  • Economic survey 2015-16 & union budget 2016-17
  • Indian Economy - R.Dutt and KPM Sundaram
  • Economic Growth and Development - Mayer and Baldwin
  • f. Major economic newspapers and Economic and Political Weekly
  • Public Finance - K K Andley and Sundaram
  • Financial Management - Prasanna Chandra
  • None of the above (PLZ MENTION in comment)
  • Monetary Theory and Public Policy - Kenneth Kurihara
  • An introduction to Economics - A W Stonier and D C Hauge

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Can somebody guide me .. how to start prep for RBI Grade B officer ??

can any1....RBI grade b Paper-I:Economic and Social Issues...ramesh singh is OK?

Hello everyone, I have done B.Tech IT(2011 passout) and since 2011, I m working at TCS and my age is 26. I have an offer letter for IT Officer Scale 2 in a RRB & I m sure that I wud be in the merit list of IBPS PO V. I want to prepare for RBI Grade B(but I m not getting time to prepare for the same at TCS), so I m looking for the answer of my query that which job will b better to prepare for RBI Grade B : PO job(Scale 1 Officer) in Nationalized Bank or IT Officer Scale 2 in RRB?

guys how can statistics be conducted in online mode for phase 2??

kindly share your thoughts

How many of you use Trachtenberg or Vedic Math methods in any of the QA topics?

  • Vedic Math
  • Trachtenberg
  • Neither (ordinary methods)

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Hi...I'm new to rbi exams.Pls guide me by answering these queries:

1.Is the GK part in phase I similar to other bank exams(I have attempted only one bank exam(ibps clerk) so far.)?How to prepare for GK specially for rbi exam?

Also,pls suggest me good books for phase I preparation.

2.Which book for Management under F&M?

From Where I Can Get Study Material For "Economics" and "Finance and Management"??

any whatsapp grp for rbi grade b 2016.kindly add me up


preparing for grade b this year ......want to know the importance of DBF  of IIBF . does it help anyway??? for interview or main preparation. 

X can do a piece of work in 20 days and Y can do the same work in 30 days. They finished the work with the help of Z in 8 days. If they earned a total of Rs. 5550, then what is the share of Z?

Correct answer not provided here. Someone explain please.

  • 1850
  • 1950
  • 2000
  • 1950
  • 1800

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Kindly mention a book to prepare for financial management subject..



Hello Everyone. I am preparing for RBI Grade B 2016-17. Looking forward to opt  "Economics" as an optional subject in phase 2. Those guys who appeared last year in RBI exam and wrote Economics paper, can you please give me an idea regarding

1. What sort of questions were asked?

2. What was the difficulty level?

3. Were the questions direct or indirect?

4. Any tips/advice/suggestion for preparation is welcome. 

Anyone who has got their hands on the previous year question paper? or a good place to take up mack tests for RBI Grade B? 

Anyone from kolkata?

How is this book?


Can anyone suggest any other exams I can apply for now that are related to the bankong and finance sector?

Those of you who are planning to opt for Finance please let me know if you are studying bond valuations and financial statement analysis or not ?

Does anyone know when the notification will be out for RBI grade b this year?