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To start the ball rolling, I found DI very challenging in the paper and cutoff of 7.5 was justified. The question in the PIC is similar in nature though not exactly RBI level. It all comes down go mental calculation speed, but what are some of the other techniques one might apply to make it easier?

Any trick that can be used for below problem?

Hi guys, not sure when this year's notification will be out, hopefully during May-June. I suppose this is the best time to start preparing, if you haven't already started. For those who are new, here are some quick pointers:

1) If you are a newbie to Economics it's safer to start with NCERT XI and XII Macroeconomics books before moving on to Indian Economy.

2) The official recommendation by RBI is Uma Kapila, but you may refer to any of the authours (except Ramesh Singh, but that's just me).

3) For GK, again to be on the safer side, try to cover the current affairs starting December 2015, for two reasons, (i) the Phase-1 was conducted on November 2015, (ii) it's only February now, easier to go back and cover 2 months topics, instead of rushing a month before the exam.

4) Unless you have an Economics background in your UG/PG or have particular inclination towards Economics, refrain from choosing Economics as your optional paper. Same goes for Statistics.

5) Study well and stay positive.

how to study core finance topics.prasanna chandra is too much for me.is there any books at basic level for finance management?

anybody having pdf of india yearbook 2016?

reference books for fm paper? would prasanna chandra and rao in sociology suffice?

Puys! ANyone please post the questions asked in Phase II in FM, ESI and Eco? Or any link to them? TIA. I have searched a lot and couldn't find one. Please help

please suggest a book(s) for statistics which is able to cover maximum course for RBI- Group B Services

Also what were the type of questions in stats those who selected stats as optional kindly guide

Thanks in advance

I couldn't make it through Phase I last time around. Does preparation requires one to leave job and devote entire time for prep ?

Anyone from Pune preparing for RBI 2016-17?

Can you guys suggest best online test series for RBI Grade 'B' for both phases to practice ??

Books for statistics plz

Hi Puys, Pls suggest me books for the optional subject of Economics for Phase 2.

Hi, anyone drafted a time plan for the exam? Like when to prepare for phase 1 and when for pH 2?. I am a working professional. Your views would help.

How is S.C. Gupta for statistics ( fundamental & applied) for RBI group B

I graduated with 60.25% in aggregate in my hons. paper but considering the numbers secured in my pass papers drag down my percentage below 60%. I am at see with the eligibility criterion , in terms of percentage shall I stand eligible? I request counsel from PUYS.

In a 140 litres mixture of milk and water, percentage of water is only 30%. The milkman gave 20 litres of this mixture to a customer. Then he added equal quantities of pure milk and water to the remaining mixture. As a result the respective ratio of milk and water in the mixture became 2:1. What was the quantity of milk added (in litres)?

Is it 12 or 18?

can anyone throw some light on phase 2 which paper is good to select for a non commerce guy and how to prepare??

which book one should prefer to learn the basiczzzz...of  FINANCE AND MANAGMENT?

(m from non commerce background...)