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Welcome to the official queries forum of SIBM Bengaluru for Batch 2019-21. SIBM Bengaluru has in a short span of 10 years, carved a niche for itself in the world of management education.

Through this forum, we will be glad to answer to your questions regarding the SNAP examination, our institute and other admission related queries.
Apart from this, we will be sharing with you pertinent study material for SNAP examination in the form of Prep Booster Series along with regular General Knowledge updates giving you a nudge to reach the apogee of success.

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[Note: It is mandatory to appear for SNAP Test to be eligible for admission]
For more details about SNAP, visit: https://www.snaptest.org/

By any chance will SIBM B reopen college registration - payment?

What is the timeline of SIBM bangalore GDPI rounds?


Guys join please. SNAP Defense category.


SNAP - 87.8816 %ile Grad - 73.18 12th - 67 10th - 82.60 Work Ex. - 6 months (TCS) Chances of call?

Is there any provision for accommodation in SIBM bangalore GEWATPI shortlisted candidates?

Guys,any idea what is the amount to be paid to confirm admission after merit list releases ?

By what time we can expect the results tomorrow??

Are the results out?

Waitlist 56, general. Any chance?

Till what waiting list number last year got converted?

What's your honest opinion for sibm b vs siib? Which one is better and why? I'm pretty much confused btw these two. As siib is very old college but sibm b is doing great within short span of time. What should I choose? Help me plz.

When will the shortlist be updated? Where to check it?