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Enrolling in one of the best management colleges in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, can bring students to the gateway of a golden future with a plethora of dream entrepreneurial and job opportunities. ODM Business School (OBS) offers highly experienced faculties, world-class infrastructure, best student accommodation, and record placement to students interested in business management courses. At OBS, students will learn skills such as excellent leadership, management, communication, problem-solving, analytical thinking, problem-solving, eye to detail, research-oriented, and abilities which will promote them to grab opportunities across various specialisations. Check the website or call at +91-9692417310 for admission details. Hurry up and register today, limited seats available.  Learn more https://www.odmbs.org/ 

With 12 years of education excellence, ODM Business School (OBS) has ranked amongst the best MBA colleges in Bhubaneswar with quality education, excellent career prospects, and high placement packages for students. OBS offers business management and professional certification courses to students in multiple specialisations such as marketing management, finance, accounting, human resource, supply chain, etc. The B-school in BBSR also has a great reputation in producing promising students best suitable for various lucrative opportunities. To get admission details of ODM Business School, get in touch by dialling +91-9692417310 now or check our official website.  https://www.odmbs.org/pgdm.php


5 Excellent Reasons to Choose ODM Business School as Your Next B-School

* ODM Business School is AICTE approved which guarantees a rigorous curriculum best suited for modern industry's requirements.

* The curriculum perks that you will receive at ODMBS with their MBA/PGDM programs are simply extraordinary. 

* You will learn industry-specific skills and build up your own unique business skillsets. 

* With PGDM at ODM Business School, you will get the liberty to specialize in any of the upcoming sub-fields. They also have the option of pursuing a dual specialization.

* As a PGDM student, you will get an edge towards landing a job instead of one with an MBA degree in terms of employability. This is because the industry demands individuals who have had exposure to the industry and know its nitty-gritty. This is also becoming true in terms of placements, as PGDM students get better job profiles.

Dial +91-9692417310 today to get course and admission details or browse ODM Business School official website. https://www.odmbs.org/

Previously known as Astral Institute of Management Studies (AIMS) with more than a decade long successful operation as one of the best management colleges in Bhubaneswar, Odisha and now rebranded as ODM Business School, we aim to continue our journey towards education excellence while offering students a holistic environment for business studies where they can thrive with unparalleled guidance and promising careers. At ODM Business School, students will receive:

* Global accreditation 

* Global education advantage 

* Recognized alumni network

* Experimental and practical learning 

* Placement with renowned brand names 

* Modern infrastructure with hi-tech facilities 

* Experienced faculties and international guest faculties 

Fulfill your dream to join one of the best management colleges in Odisha with ODM Business School. For Certificate Specialization Course and PGDM program details, check our website https://www.odmbs.org/

After12 successful years of renowned business operation as one of the top business schools in Bhubaneswar, the Astral Institute of Management Studies rebrands as ODM Business School (OBS) to diversify and add excellence to its business model. The education institution aims to continue itssuccess story while thriving with revolutionary and advanced changes in its educationalmodel. As one of the best B-schools in Bhubaneswar, OBS offers a wide list of PGDM and professional certificate courses for the holistic development of students. For admission related queries, dial +91-9692417310 now or check the official website. Hurry up and register today, limited seats available. https://www.odmbs.org/pgdm.php

Choosing ODM Business School for your business management studies is the same as choosing a new home for you. As one of the most preferred business schools in Bhubaneswar, we ensure that our students must dwell in a healthy, hygienic and holistic environment which will help them to grow, learn, and enjoy their stay with OBS satisfactorily.

Our hostel facilities include: 

· 24 Hours Uninterrupted Power Supply

· Wi-Fi service

· Well-equipped study rooms

· Furnished common rooms

· Gymnasium

· Tuck shops & Canteen

· AC Accommodation 

Dial +91-9692417310 today to get course and admission details or browse ODM Business School official website. https://www.odmbs.org/

ODM Business School sits on a 5-acre campus in the heart of Bhubaneswar, Odisha. The institute is well-connected in every manner and offers state-of-the-art infrastructure. Ranked amongst the top B-schools in Bhubaneswar for MBA/PGDM programs, Odisha and equipped with all modern facilities, OBS provides a perfect setting for your academic pursuits. The combined glory of world-class amenities, curricular, extra-curricular activities and resources ensures a productive campus life for each and every student. Dial +91-9692417310 today to get course and admission details or browse ODM Business School official website. Hurry up and register today for a highly rewarding career, limited seats available.  https://www.odmbs.org/

After completion of 12 years successful operation as one of the top MBA colleges in Bhubaneswar, Astral Institute of Management Studies (AIMS) is now going to operate with the name ODM Business School to support its parent group name ODM Educational Group. ODM Business School (OBS) aims to amplify its business name presence nationally as well as nationally while fulfilling its vision to deliver the highest standard of business management education for students. 

ODM Business School operates with global accreditation, highly experienced faculties, world-class infrastructure, and a name that is trusted by thousands of students across the state as the best MBA College in Bhubaneswar for a highly rewarding career. Dial +91-9692417310 today to get course and admission details or browse OBS website.  https://www.odmbs.org/

MBA/PGDM is no doubt one of the most desirable studies among students to fulfill their career dreams and advance in life. Joining a MBA/PGDM program in Bhubaneswar, Odisha will make students future-ready and introduce them early to global business environment in order to nurture the required skills, confidence, talent, ideation hidden among them. When it comes to placement, almost every MBA/PGDM graduate will experience a great career exposure due to the continuously growing high demand of business management skills among global corporates. Selecting an in-demand MBA/PGDM college in Bhubaneswar, Odisha among national as well as international recruiters such as ODM Business School will provide your career the required boost to grab a high salary and best career progression job within country’s top business names. We would also like point here that excellent skillsets is also a necessity to get your placement in top businesses.  Learn more: https://www.odmbs.org/

Each member of ODM Business School works with top of their dedication towards ensuring the finest placements for its students in renowned organizations of their choice. Simultaneously, OBM also focuses on nurturing and developing students’ potential for better employment and leadership roles. As we continue our legacy, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to the esteemed recruiters who trust ODM Business Scholl and its future business heroes.

Given that 21st-century business ideology demands talents to work with divergent ideologies, competitive environments, incompatible economic atmospheres, diverse cultural backgrounds, and uncertain odds, ODM Business School prepares its students to be the new breed of managers and leaders to tackle these situations ethically and be the first choice of every recruiter. With the reputation of being one of the best PGDM/MBA colleges for placement in Bhubaneswar, we hone our students for adaptability, creativity, holistic growth, and teamwork, thus proving them the best asset for any organization. As we continue our legacy of 100% successful placements across the globe within top, renowned and budding organizations, we intend to continue our brilliance on student placement for the future.

Dial +91-9692417310 today to get course and admission details or browse ODM Business School official website.  https://www.odmbs.org/

Astral has the most innovative methodology towards building the career of its students. From the time of its inception, the team has a clear mindset to give industries market ready candidates while crafting and delivering a 21st century-ready connected education platform to all its students as one of the top B-schools for MBA/PGDM courses in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. My journey of 2 years (2011-2013) has built up the confidence to explore the competitive market with paradigm. I wish all my good wishes to the upcoming batches to focus on their aspirations aligning to the institution's vision. Learn More https://www.odmbs.org/

Arijit Banerjee

(Batch 2011-13), Senior HR Manager, Capgemini

Jyotirmay Halder


I feel proud that I was one of the students of MBA AIMS. The department has made me gain knowledge and solid experience on issues like business, ethics, personality and professionalism. My doubts and queries were always welcomed by the lecturers and sometimes lead to healthy discussion which motivated me to develop curiosity and in-depth thinking. AIMS has the best faculty team which provides a 360-degree support to the students and justifies AIMS’ name as one of the best MBA colleges in Bhubaneswar. I am always proud to say that I am an alumnus of MBA at AIMS. 

Learn More: https://www.odmbs.org/

(Batch 2009-11), Regional Manager, Reliance Retail


As one of the top B-schools in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, Astral Institute of Management has shaped me from the day one to face the corporate world. The environment in the placement cell has taught me to be innovative and meticulous in approach to any strategic goals set for a professional. Whether the work scope is within domain of expertise or not, a proper approach can solve all issues in hand. It’s because of the knowledge I gained in AIMS. It was the support of my teachers/ mentors which motivated me to THINK BIG & GET BIG. Thank You Astral Institute of Management for bringing a positive attitude to face challenges.

Soumya Ranjan Rai

(Batch 2017-19), Personal shopper, Shoppers Stop


We are extremely happy to place ODM Business School candidates in our organization. We found the OBS training programs equip students to face today’s digital world. Students are competitive enough to fit in our organizational environment with less training. Our association with ODM Business School has been very fruitful. We have been able to pick out some very capable and confident students for our company. We are very impressed by the hard work that has been done on these students by the teachers. We wish all the best for OBS in producing future Indian talents for the global market. Learn more https://www.odmbs.org/

Suresh Devireddy

Human Resource Manager, Wipro


We have sourced some very good candidates from ODM Business School. We were amazed by the immense skills and talent these students possess. Not only the students we were very impressed by the quality of education and training the institute has provided them. The students were confident and very well prepared for the interviews. The quality of candidature we find at this University is outstanding. The candidates had a very thorough knowledge and displayed excellent communication skills. We look forward for a future association as well, and wish the best for the same.


Mohar Singh

Human Resources Generalist at Mahindra Logistics