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Hi, Puys CAT 2013 is finally over. Lets start the Preparation for CAT 2014. :grin: Please use this thread for all kind of LR-DI discussion by posting questions, submitting answers etc. Here are few links for previous years LR-…

Hi, Puys

CAT 2013 is finally over.
Lets start the Preparation for CAT 2014. 😁
Please use this thread for all kind of LR-DI discussion by posting questions, submitting answers etc.

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Lets Bell The CAT.!!
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Each of the six persons A, B, C, D, E and F belong to a different city among Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore and Kolkata not necessarily in the same order. Further it is known that

(i) Neither B nor E belongs to Chennai.

(ii) Either C or F belongs to Bangalore and E does not belong to Delhi.

(iii) D belongs to either Hyderabad or Kolkata.

(iv) F belongs to Hyderabad.

1) Who belongs to Delhi?


2) Who belongs to Kolkata?


3) Which among the following is definitely false?

A)B belongs to Delhi

B)E does not belong to Chennai

C)C belongs to Bangalore

D)E belongs to Kolkata

In an athletic event five sprinters Johnson, Bolt, Mathew, Jones and Stephen secured top five positions in each of the four different categories among 100m, 400m, 800m and 1000m rely. No two of them got the same position in any category and no person got the same position in any two categories. Further it is known that

,(i) Mathews is not the winner of 800m race.

(ii) In 400m race Johnson finished ahead of Mathews.

(iii) Mathews finished 4th in 100m race.

(iv) Jones always finished ahead of Johnson.

(v) Bolt and Stephen finished in the 4th and 5th position in 800m race respectively.

1) Who is the winner of 400m race?

A)Stephen B)Bolt C)Jones D)Mathew

2) Who finished fourth in 1000m race?

A)Mathews B)Bolt C)Stephen D)Jones

3) Who finished third in 400m race?

A)Bolt B)Stephen C)Jones D)Johnson

From a group of seven members A though G, a team of four members has to be selected. The following conditions must be satisfied to select the team.

(i) A and B cannot selected together.

(ii) No two among E, F and G must be selected together.

(iii) If A is selected then C must be not selected.

(iv) If B is selected then F must not be selected.

1) In how many ways can the team be selected?

A)1 B)2 C)3 D)4

2) Who among the following must always be selected in the team?


3) Which of the following is a valid team?

A)BCDG B)ADEF C)BCDE D)Both (A) and (C)

Six boys A, B, C, D, E and F are of different heights. B is not as tall as C, who is not as tall as E who is not as short as D. A is not as short as F who is not as tall as D and is not the shortest.

1) Who among them is the shortest?

A)D B)E C)B D)Either B or D

2) It is also known that, A is not as short as E, then who is the tallest among them?

A)E B)D C)A D)Cannot be determined

3) If they are made to stand in the descending order of their heights then which among the following is the possible order?

A)A, D, E, C, B and F

B)A, E, C, B, F and D

C)E, D, A, F, C, and B

D)None of these

Six persons A, B, C, D, E and F were compared in heights and weights. No two persons are of the same height and weight. They were given the ranks in each of these categories from the 1st to the 6th. The tallest and the heaviest are given 1st rank and the shortest and the lightest are given 6th rank.

Further it is known that,

(i) The third tallest is the second lightest and the second shortest is the heaviest person.

(ii) A is taller than C.

(iii) D is shorter than C and lighter than E.

(iv) F is shorter than D.

(v) E is the fourth shortest person and F is the third lightest person.

1) Who among them is the second heaviest person?


2) Who among them is the third shortest person?

A)F B)B C)D D)Cannot be determined

3) Which among the following statement(s) is/are definitely true?

A)F is heavier than B

B)The second tallest is the third lightest person

C)E is lighter than A

D)Both (B) and (C)

Twelve students, mentioned below, from 4 different schools - ABS, XYS, PQS and MKS participated in the 3 inter-school competitions Acting, Dancing and Singing. Each school was represented by only one student in each competition. There were no ties and the points awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th ranks were 3, 2, 1 and 0 respectively.

- Ajay and Prakash were from ABS and, both have scored points.
- Sunil, Akash and Amit could not score any points. None of them is from MKS.
- The overall points earned by the schools are in A.P.
- Akash is the only student from XYS who could not come 1st, and he participated in Dancing.
- Dheeraj and Pradeep came third in Singing and Dancing respectively.
- Vijay and Neeraj both came first in their respective competitions.
- XYS got the maximum points, while PQS earned 4 points.
- Sandeep and Ajit from the same school have scored points, while Amit from the same school could not score any points in Singing.
- Ajit, Neeraj and Anil took part in Acting.

Ques1: Who came second in Dancing?
a.) Sandeep b.) pradeep c.) ajit d.) prakash

Which school got the least total points?
a.) MKS b.) PQS c.) ABS d.) MKS or PQS

In which competition did Vijay participate?
a.) Acting b.) Singing c.) Dancing d.) Acting or singing 😃

A, B, C, D, E, F and G are seven friends who go to a gymnasium regularly. Each of them takes a different

day off in a week (one off for each friend) from Monday to Sunday not necessarily in the same order. Each

of them works out in one of the three slots: morning, afternoon and evening, with at least two of the seven in

each slot. Each of the seven friends sticks to his slot for the entire week. Further it is known that:

1. C goes in the afternoon slot and his day off is not Sunday.

2. A's day off is Tuesday and he does not work out in the same slot with either B or G.

3. None of those who work out in morning slot has day off on either Wednesday or Friday.

4. F and E are the only two people who workout in the evening slot. D's day off is Sunday.

5. F's day off is the day next to C's day off. E's day off is not Wednesday.

6. G's day off is not on the previous day of A's day off. D works out in the morning slot.

7. B and C do not work out in the same slot. B's day off is not Thursday.

11. Which of the following group of friends work out in the afternoon slot?

A. C and A

B. C and F

C. B, G and D

D. B, C and G

E. Data insufficient

12. Which of the following is B's day off?

A. Friday

B. Wednesday

C. Thursday

D. Monday

E. None of the above

13. Which of the following group of friends work out in the morning slot?

A. C and F

B. C and A

C. B, G and D

D. A, C and F

E. Data insufficient

hi guys

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Four married couples competed in a singing competition. Each couple had a unique team name. points scored by the teams were 2, 4, 6 and 8. The “Sweet Couple” won 2 points. The “Bindas Singers” won two more points than Laxman's team. Mukesh's team won four points more than Lina's team, but Lina's team didn't score the least amount of points. “Just Singing” won 6points. Waheda wasn't on the team called “New Singers”. Sanjeev's team won 4 points. Divya wasn't on the “Bindas Singers” team. Tapas and Sania were on the same team, but it wasn't the “Sweet Couple”.

Laxman's teammate and team's name were:

A. Divya and Sweet Couple
B. Divya and Just Singing
C. Waheda and Bindas Singers
D. Lina and Just Singing
E. Waheda and Sweet Couple

The teams arranged in the ascending order of points are:

A. Bindas Singers, Just Singing, New Singers, Sweet Couple
B. Sweet Couple, New Singers, Just Singing, Bindas Singers
C. New Singers, Sweet Couple, Bindas Singers, Just Singing
D. Sweet Couple, Bindas Singers, Just Singing, New Singers
E. Just Singing, Bindas Singers, Sweet Couple, New Singers

The combination which has the couples rightly paired is:

A. Mukesh, Lina
B. Mukesh, Waheda
C. Sanjeev, Divya
D. Sanjeev, Lina
E. Sanjeev, Waheda 😃

The regular mathematics faculty could not teach because of being sick. As a stopgap arrangement, different visiting faculty taught different topics on 4 different days in a week. The scheduled time for class was 7:00 am with maximum permissible delay of 20 minutes. The monsoon made the city bus schedules erratic and therefore the classes started on different times on different days.

Mr. Singh didn't teach on Thursday. Calculus was taught in the class that started at 7:20 am. Mr. Chatterjee took the class on Wednesday, but the didn't teach probability. The class on Monday started at 7:00am, but Mr. Singh didn't teach it. Mr. Dutta didn't teach ratio and proportion. Mr. Banerjee, who didn't teach set theory, taught a class that started five minutes later than the class featuring the teacher who taught probability. The teacher in Friday's class taught set theory. Wednesday's class didn't start at 7:10am. No two classes started at the same time.

Probability was taught by:

A. Mr. Dutta on Monday
B. Mr. Dutta on Thursday
C. Mr. Singh on Wednesday
D. Mr. Singh on Monday
E. None of these

The class on Wednesday started at:

A. 7:05 am and topic was ratio and proportion.
B. 7:20 am and topic was calculus.
C. 7:00 am and topic was calculus.
D. 7:30 am and topic was calculus.
E. 7:05 am and topic was probability.

The option which gives the correct teacher-subject combination is:

A. Mr. Chatterjee – ratio and proportion
B. Mr. Banerjee – Calculus
C. Mr. Chatterjee – set theory
D. Mr. Singh – calculus
E. Mr. Singh – set theory

The option which gives a possible correct class time – week day combination is:

A. Wednesday – 7:10 am, Thursday – 7:05 am, Friday – 7:05 am
B. Wednesday – 7:20 am, Thursday – 7:15 am, Friday – 7:20 am
C. Wednesday – 7:05 am, Thursday – 7:20 am, Friday – 7:10 am
D. Wednesday – 7:10 am, Thursday – 7:15 am, Friday – 7:05 am
E. Wednesday – 7:20 am, Thursday – 7:05 am, Friday – 7:10 am 😃

Five people joined different engineering colleges. Their first names were Sarah (Ms.), Swati (Ms.), Jackie, Mohan and Priya (Ms.). The surnames were Reddy, Gupta. Sanyal, Kumar and Chatterjee. Except for one college which was rated as 3 star, all other colleges were rated either 4 star or5 star.

The “Techno Institute” had a higher rating than the college where Priya studied. The three-star college was not “Deccan College.” Mohan's last name was Gupta but the didn't study at “Barla College.” Sarah, whose last name wasn't Sanyal, joined “Techno Institute.” Ms. Kumar and Jackie both studied at four-star colleges.Ms. Reddy studied at the “Anipal Institute,” which wasn't five-star college. The “Barla College” was a five-star college. Swati's last name wasn't Chatterjee. The “Chemical College” was rated with one starless than the college where Sanyal studied. Only one college was rated five star.

Mohan Gupta may have joined:

A. Techno – Institute which had 5 star rating
B. Deccan College which had 5 star rating
C. Anipal Institute which had 4 star rating
D. Chemical College which had 4 star rating
E. Techno – Institute which had 4 star rating

In which college did Priya study?

A. Anipal Institute
B. Chemical Institute
C. Barla College
D. Deccan College
E. Techno- Institute

The person with surname Sanyal was:

A. Sarah studying in Chemical College
B. Swati studying in Barla College
C. Priya studying in Deccan College
D. Jackie studying in Deccan College
E. Sarah studying in Techno-Institute

Which is the correct combination of first names and surnames?

A. Mohan Gupta, Sarah Kumar, Priya Chatterjee
B. Priya Chatterjee, Sarah Sanyal, Jackie Kumar
C. Jackie Sanyal, Swati Reddy, Mohan Gupta
D. Mohan Gupta, Jackie Sanyal, Sarah Reddy
E. Jackie Chatterjee, Priya Reddy, Swati Sanyal

Which option gives a possible student – Institute combination?

A. Priya – Anipal, Swati – Deccan, Mohan – Chemical
B. Swati – Barla, Priya – Anipal Jackie – Deccan
C. Joydeep – Chemical, Priya – Techno, Mohan – Barla
D. Priya – Anipal, Joydeep – Techno, Sarah – Barla
E. Swati – Deccan, Priya – Anipal, Sarah – Techno. 😃


Seven bands were scheduled to perform during the week long music festival at XLRI. The festival began on a Monday evening and ended on the Sunday evening. Each day only one band performed. Each band performed only once. The organizing committee had the task of scheduling the

performances of the seven bands - Cactus, Axis, Enigma, Boom, Fish, Dhoom and Bodhi Tree. The festival schedule followed the following conditions: the performance of Bodhi Tree, the home band of XLRI, did not precede the performance of any other band. Among the visiting bands three were rock bands and the other three were fusion bands. All three bands of the same genre were not allowed to

perform consecutively. Boom, which was a rock band, refused to perform immediately before or after Fish. Meet, who was a lead vocalist with a rock band, refused to perform after Angelina. Angelina, the only female lead vocalist in the music fest besides Bony, was with the band Enigma. Angelina refused to perform after Thursday citing personal reasons. Ali, who was the lead vocalist of a rock band, was not with the band Dhoom, and did not perform on Saturday. Sid, the lead vocalist of the rock band Cactus, could perform only on Monday. Rupam, the only male among the lead vocalists of the fusion bands, was with Fish and performed on Wednesday. None of the bands performed in absence of their

lead vocalist.

All of the following statements can be true except:

A. If Meet was the lead vocalist of Axis then Ali was the lead vocalist of Boom.

B. If Meet was the lead vocalist of Dhoom then Bony was the lead vocalist of Axis.

C. If Bony was the lead vocalist of Dhoom then Meet was the lead vocalist of Axis.

D. If Ali was the lead vocalist of Boom then Meet was the lead vocalist of Dhoom.

E. If Bony was the lead vocalist of Axis then Meet was the lead vocalist of Boom.

Which of the following must be true?

A. Ali performed on Saturday and Enigma performed on Thursday.

B. Dhoom performed on Thursday and Angelina performed on Tuesday.

C. Boom performed on Friday and Meet performed on Tuesday.

D. Ali performed on Friday and Enigma performed on Tuesday.

E. Bony performed on Saturday and Axis performed on Thursday.

Which of the following is a plausible performance sequence?

A. Cactus, Enigma, Fish, Dhoom, Boom, Axis

B. Cactus, Dhoom, Fish, Boom, Enigma, Axis

C. Cactus, Axis, Fish, Boom, Enigma, Dhoom

D. Cactus, Axis, Fish, Enigma, Boom, Dhoom

E. Cactus, Boom, Fish, Axis, Enigma, Dhoom. 😃

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1> All sentences are words
2>No word does not have a meaning
Does the conclusion below mentioned follows?? if yes, then please provide a detailed explanation.
Thanks in advance 😃
Conclusion-Some which do not have meanings are not sentences.

on waking up next morning, you find that your watch has been stolen. The suspects are 3 people you met yesterday. They reply as follows:

1) Rajesh: Mahesh did not do it. I did not do it
2) Mahesh: I did not do it. Ramesh did not do it.
3) Ramesh: I did not do it I do not know who did it.

Who stole the watch

best cat coaching center in chennai........guys any suggestions?????

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Hello Puys , I'm very poor in LR part especially in Distribution section . Pls help me how to get rid of my phobia for this section and how to manage time in CAT or any exam for this section where u'll be having atleast 3 big comprehension to go through from VA part ..