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Greetings to all IMI New Delhi batch of 2019-2021 aspirants. This thread has been formed to solve the admissions related queries of the upcoming new batch. 

Some ground rules need to be followed:

  1. Please refrain from asking queries about other colleges and generic questions about management aptitude exams (eg; CAT, GMAT etc). Only questions pertaining to IMI New Delhi will be taken into consideration. 
  2. Keep the discussion as IMI New Delhi centric as possible, this will eventually help aspirants gain as much information as possible about the college. 
  3. Avoid using derogatory, abusive or defamatory language, such behaviour will be not entertained and lead to immediate expelling from the group. 

Queries will be responded at the earliest and we will try to resolve as many as we can. We would request co-operation from your end as well to ensure a smooth conversation.


Good Luck! 

IMI, New Delhi India’s first corporate sponsored business school, has rolled out the application forms for the admissions of the batch of 2019-2021. The institute has had the privilege of being ranked amongst the top 10 Business schools in the country by various ranking forums. Furthermore,

· Academic collaborations with 14 leading international business schools

· Over 50+ highly experienced and established pool of full time faculty  

· A 6000+ strong alumni base spread all over the world at distinct leadership positions.

· Courses Offered: PGDM, PGDM HRM, PGDM BF&S, Executive PGDM 

· Exams Accepted: CAT & GMAT 

Enroll yourself in one of country’s leading PGDM course. The deadline for the admission registration of batch 2019-2021: December 3, 2018

For Executive PGDM: October 31, 2018

For more information visit our website: https://www.imi.edu/delhi/ 

With a goal to help students dig deep into the importance of innovation. IMI, New Delhi held the 7th edition of its annual management conclave, from the 17th to 19th August, 2018.

Catch all the details regarding Conventus’18 on http://events.imi.edu/conventus2018/ 

The first day of Conventus'18 - the Annual Management Conclave of IMI, New Delhi was successfully launched and set a touchstone. The upcoming 2 days of the 3-day marathon of 9 summits of celebrating the theme 'Embracing Innovation' was much awaited. 

The day commenced with the Inaugural ceremony, addressing and welcoming the students, followed by The Finance Summit where the innovations in the field of Finance were embraced along with a brief discussion about the risks associated with it. The Marketing Summit witnessed various industry experts expressing their view on innovation in Modern day marketing. 

The second day of Conventus'18 - the Annual Management Conclave of IMI, New Delhi continued the ardour from previous day. The 4 summits, Operations, Economics, Strategy and Corporate Sustainibility, upskilled the students with the experiences of the world out there. Diverse perspectives on innovation in the other industries were brought on the table and discussed celebrating the theme 'Embracing Innovation'.

The final day of International Management Institute’s Annual Management Conclave, Conventus 2018, concluded the series of 9 summits spread over 3 days by the intriguing and illuminating session of Analytics, Entrepreneurship & HR Summit. The Summits witnessed a diverse panel of speakers from different sectors who discussed the depth of innovation as a catalyst of change in the way we manage data and how we maintain productive environment in the industry. 

Hello @IMI.NewDelhi What would be the GMAT Cutoff for PGDM?

Common Admission Test (CAT) is just a few months away, and the restlessness among CAT aspirants is rising. Many of you must be fishing out for some hacks and tricks to crack the exam, there aren’t any shortcuts for you, however, you can still follow a systematic pattern of preparation and win this battle! 

The Preparation Mode

Try to work on your encyclopaedic knowledge, read a lot. This will help you with the verbal section and lead to your overall development. Many times, the language isn’t a barrier in comprehensive exercises, it is the domain knowledge on which the article is based, hence, having a general insight on various topics can always come handy. Focus on topics like economics, sociology and psychology. No matter how many grammar rules you mug up, you won’t remember until they register into your subconscious mind via regular usage, when you read frequently, you learn to tell the right usage from the wrong one. 

Brush the dust off your basic mathematical concepts. Solve as many questions as you can under a timer, find out areas you can work upon, topics you are good at, and questions that are very time consuming and must always be avoided during the test. Once you are clear with your concepts, don’t spend a lot of time on solving questions just from the book. Move on to giving mock tests.

The best question bank for DILR is previous years’ question papers. Solve them with dedication, try to go for sets instead of individual questions in the start. Don’t pick a new set in the last few minutes, aim at a simple individual question in that time frame.

You’ll come across this advice time and again and take it very seriously. Give as many mocks as you can and analyse them. There is no use of giving mocks if you don’t analyse and improve. Look out for easy questions that you missed out on, find out the difficult questions that you spent a lot of time on and should’ve avoided. Find out your silly mistakes and topics you can still strengthen, work on it, and don’t give up. 

Exam Hall Mantras

Remember, CAT checks your management and analytical skills, it isn’t about who can solve all the questions, it is about who a better decision maker is. The test paper has a variety of questions belonging to varied topics and difficulty levels, find out your areas of strength and weaknesses, learn to differentiate between a difficult and an easy question, you must be able to pick up just the right set of problems in that limited amount of time, and the only way to do that is through practice. 

Always solve practice problems under time constraint, you don’t want to get caught up with a lengthy question in the main exam. Just because you can solve a question doesn’t necessarily mean that you must attempt it, the time that you use to crack that one question is better utilised by someone else who solves two shorter questions.

This is probably the most important aspect of solving the test paper, without this step, neither can you manage your time, nor can you select the best set of questions for yourself. Make sure that no matter how you approach the paper, always have a look at all the questions. You may always keep aside a few minutes to have a quick look at all the questions before you proceed with solving the questions. This is very easy for sections like QA and DILR; for Reading Comprehension, you may read the first few lines to have an idea about the passages. 

The numbers matter, but they may add or deduct from your result based on your accuracy. Attempt too many questions while marking wrong answers, and the person who attempted half your share is a better candidate. Even though the paper says negative one, for every wrong attempt, you lose four points.

Maintain a positive attitude and do not stress your health away. Take care of your mental and physical fitness, and just bell that CAT! 



The session set the tone for entrepreneurial thought process among the students and gave insights on how can one go about their own start-up journey. Just start walking the talk, that will differentiate you from other players.

 "Stress can actually be productive and motivational, but the catch is to not let it slip through your hands to the point that it becomes unbearable and counter-productive."




 “I recollect how I felt at this time last year. I looked around for help and guidance and kept pushing myself harder each day to make it to the premier B-Schools of India.” With CAT approaching, preparation is of utmost importance. Read to know the tips and tricks.





Hi, Does IMI New Delhi accpets Gmat score. If yes, what's the cut off.

Student Series #1 - IMI New Delhi


 “It’s incredibly easy to get caught up in an activity trap, in the business of life, to work harder and harder at climbing the ladder of success only to discover it is leaning against the wrong wall.”




Here is an interesting take on different personalities and how the core of every individual is unqiue based on their concealed and emotions.





Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it. - Greg Anderson

It is important that we realise how motivation acts as a fuel to keep one going to conquer their dreams.




Witness what #IMINewDelhi, a home to a million dreams, has to offer to the forthcoming aspirants of #Batch2021.


Are there any specific sectional cutoffs for admission through CAT

Hey guys, in the IMI Form, it is asking me for my XAT date and score.

Should i put last year's score and date, or should i put XAT19 date?