Student Series #1 – IMI New Delhi

Being from a business family, I was exposed to the functioning of business and its nitty gritties, at a very early stage which developed my financial and economic acumen and it eventually led me to choose commerce as my majors in high school.

Despite being a meritorious student in my school life, I was not able to engage well with the curriculum of my under-graduation and therefore started losing interest in academics in the college, where I spent more time investing in stock market rather than attending classes.

As my under-graduation came to end, I was clear in my mind that I wanted to pursue master’s in management and got admitted to IMI New Delhi. After securing admission at IMI, I again got inclined towards academics particularly because of the exceptional faculty and the excellent pedagogy. I’ve been able to score a good grade in my term one, as the faculty goes out of the way to make the subjects interesting and make all the concepts clear in the class itself so that during the exams the students can deliver their best performance.

The conceptual clarity of the subjects along with the guidance and constant support of seniors and student bodies, helped me to bag a great internship at the leading NBFC of the country, LTFS. All the students were guided at each step by the seniors, as to how to be well aware of the economic and political situations going on in the world, how to polish your communication skills and most importantly how to maintain your calm and composure to deliver your best on the D-day.

I am proud to be associated with an institute, which has played a pioneering role in formalizing management education in the country and given me ample opportunities to participate in seminars, business plan competitions, career advancement clubs, sports and cultural activities. The institute has been continuously evolving to meet its goals in dynamically changing global business environment and I am proud to be a part of this transformation.


Priyam Garg
SIP: L&T Financial Services


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