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I am facing problem while filling the application on the page of question & answers. There is a command saying'Form submission failed' after clicking on Save & Next. Would you please look into this & do the needful.

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Is there a sectional cut-off for CAT 2020?

CAT - 82.03 Xth - 93.8 Xll th - 82.13 Grad - 8.83 cgpa EWS , General , engineer female Will I be able to convert ? Which colleges should I aim ?

I got 85% in cat overall, dilr- 94.11 quants-87.28 varc- 48.17 Engineer Workex- 17 months 10th- 10cgpa 12- 82.83% Engineering(cs)- 75.02% Category - EWS Co curricular - district level cricket player , part of renowned ngo etc Do i have a chance to convert iit kanpur ?

Hello, is there any sectional cut off for ews category? Please reply ☺️

Hi All, my degree has gone for modification for some reason and it wont come by 31 jan i have taken degree completion certificate from my college can i fill it in place of qualifying degree? plz answer

engineer male obc-ncl

cat 2020:- 96.33





any chances for call?????

Cat overall : 86 Acad 10/+2/graduation = 91/86/71 Obc engineering male fresher Is there any chance for getting call and converting?


Hi Adcomm

I have 4+ years Manufacturing OEM Experience.

Cat OA 93.96 percentile 78/48/99 percentiles

10th Maths 100%

12th Maths 95%

UG 7 cgpa

What are the chances of shortlist?pls suggest

Hi adcom.

Amount has been debited from my account, but the application status is being shown as incomplete.

Kindly suggest.


cat 89.3 %ile(66.49in varc ,96.2 in dilr,85.39 in qa)




general engineer female


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In the marks obtained field of qualifying degree, it asks for marks obtained and maximum marks. We had CGPA. What do I enter ?

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Non engineer girl fresher General category Cat 83.42 ( 81/84/73) B.com hons 84.5% 12th 94% 10th 89.3% Any chances for getting call and convert?


CAT  87.11 OA  

10th : 79.8

12th :78.4

Graduation: 70.9

Workex 12 Months

EWS Category , Any chance?

Hi CAT Overall: 96.09%ile VARC-65%ile, LRDI-96%ile, Quant-98%ile Acads: (88.3 / 71 / 80) General Engineer Female 7 months of work exp Is there any chance to get a call and convert??

General Engineer Female

Cat Oa (86.05) 10/12/B.tech - 95/89.2/8.7   36 months work ex 

Do i stand any chance to get a call ?


CAT 2020 OA Percentile - 85.97%

VARC- 65.48% DILR-95.92 QA-75.95%

10th - 96.6%

12th - 90.58%

UG - 76.6% (Non-Engineer) final year


No work Experience

Can I get a Call? Or Suggest me some other IITs

hello adcom,

Can you please tell should i apply to the programme with 53% in dilr and overall 97.71%ile.

Does sectional percentile has any role to play here?