[Official] IISc, M.Mgt Business Analytics (2022-2024) Admissions Queries

Dear Aspirants, Welcome to official thread of IISc M.Mgt Business Analytics queries. Our Business Analytics ROI outperforms all other programs in India. First to establish in 2011, pioneer of business analytics and technology management. Feel free to post queries.


Hi, can you provide us the cutoff for Interview last year for various entrance tests? Also what would be the admission criteria this year?

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Kindly refer to the link mentioned below for elaborate details on the admission procedure and the sectional weightages of the scores in qualifying exams(CAT/GATE/GMAT) and the test/interview.

DoMS, IISc Bangalore Admissions

The Admission Cutoffs for the previous year are attached herewith.


Kindly refer to the placement statistics of 2019-21 batch.

Highest Package : 39.5 LPA, Average Package: 25.76 LPA, Median Package: 20 LPA, Minimum Package: 17.5 LPA.
We will also update the placement statistics of 2020-22 batch soon.


Hey team,
I am considering applying to IISc M.Mgmt program but there is no data for past placements about the kind of roles being offered there and when i went on linkedin almost 100 percent of the people were employed in some kind of analytics role. So are non analytics role like in marketing or in consulting or in operations out of the picture ? could you please help me with what other kind of roles can we expect after graduation or is it niche roles in analytics only ?

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Hey Subarashi,
Although the course curriculum covers all essential aspects of traditional MBA, which makes you eligible for profiles you have mentioned, but the present course was started in 2011 keeping business analytics in focus. Due to this specialization, DoMS IISC attracts many recruiters, majorly for analytics, data science, and quant research profiles . Each year we do receive a few roles (mentioned by you), but due to multiple placement opportunities and genuine interest in analytics , most of us prefer roles related to our specialization.


hey thanks for the reply, could you also please help me with the placement stats ? it says around 24 is the median but that data is around 2 years older i guess so any latest data and suggestion if the current student/college committee could maybe make a more detailed placement report and upload on the institute website

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@subarashi We are currently working on updating the Department website with the current year final placement stats, meanwhile you can take a look at the placement report of the 2019-'21 batch uploaded above to get an idea of what you might be looking for.

Hey Sameer what are the topics we can expect for the Communication Skill round for M.Mgmt program and interview being from civil engineering background and having a year and half of work exp? Was 15% GATE weightage followed in the previous years too?

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Hi Raaz, Sorry for the late reply. There was 15% weightage for GATE/CAT/GMAT in our year as well. In communication round, we were asked to write about a particular topic (Ex: Crypto currency, Farm laws, cricket without spectators etc.) for about 10 minutes and had to talk about the same topic for 1 minute.

Our interviews typically included basics of probability, linear Algebra, Statistics and things mentioned in your application.

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Interview Call Letters for the shortlisted applicants are being rolled out. Kindly check your E-Mails/ Application Portal (Available Downloads) to access your call letter.
Anyone who needs a clarification on any issue can reply to this thread. We will try to answer and resolve as soon as possible.

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Sir, my GDPI date is clashing with FMS Delhi. Since both are offline interviews this year and it’s physically impossible to travel between Bengaluru and Delhi I’m requesting this. Is it possible to reschedule? Kindly help me please. :pray:


@vamgadu Please communicate the issue to [email protected] ( E-Mail from which you received the communication).
We’ll try from our end as well. Since it’s a weekend there might be no formal response, but the issue will get resolve as soon as possible.

I can only see my application on the dashboard. Where can I see my status?

i think rejected I also face same issue

All the shortlisted candidates have received their call letters via e-mail as well as their call letters are visible on the application dashboard.

How and what to prepare for the GD and Interview for M. Mgt?

@Saurav_Kumar1 Although the Interview Part is very subjective and depends on individual’s profile, but as a whole the Communication Skill Test and the Interview, from the past experiences can be expected to be based on Current Affairs and General Knowledge, General Management Topics, Probability and Stats, Mathematics and Discussions based on final year projects or job related projects.

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If there is no update on the dashboard and I haven’t received any mail, should I consider myself rejected? I scored 97% in CAT and I thought that at least I would get the chance to sit for the interview!

Sir, what do they expect from work ex?