[Official] IIM Trichy PGPM Aspirants 2020-22 – Admission Queries

Dear Aspirants, 

Greetings from IIM Trichy! 

Congratulations on acing CAT 2019. We understand that you might be having endless queries about the admission process. We, therefore, are here to answer your queries related to IIM Trichy and the selection process for the Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGPM) and Post Graduate Programme in Human Resources (PGPM-HR) for the academic year 2020-2022. Join the discussion for knowing details about IIM Tiruchirappalli, Campus, Admission Criteria, WAT-PI preparation, Shortlist, Results, and much more. Feel free to get in touch with us. We wish you all the very best!

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Hey! GEM Cat OA : 94.02(94.80/94.57/85) X/XII/Btech : 9.6/9.8/8 MS Data Analytics : 7.5 Work experience : 14 months I got call for trichy, probability of conversion at such a low cat score?!

Is IIM Trichy going to release an extended shortlist apart from the one for CAP ? If so by when will it be out ?

I couldnt submit the form.. what should i do






1) It would be great if you could clear my query regarding IIM Tirichy PGP HRM course.


Will IIM Tirichy release a seperate form and list for PGP HRM program like IIM Ranchi or will they include the same in CAP interview.

In the CAP interview message, they have not mentioned  about PGP HRM interviews explicitly. Even in the admission page , I am unable to understand the process.

It would be great if you could clarify the process  whether there will be a common interview with CAP or a seperate shorlist like IIM Ranchi hrm.


2) My CAT OA - 95.64


10- 95.3

12- 86.2

GRAD- 8.96(78.3)

19mths of workex in Big 4 consulting(GEM)

It would be great if you could also let me know abt chances of getting call with this profile. 

Hello, So my interview dates are clashing. I had overlooked my call letter for IIM Trichy as it was clubbed with IIM Sambalpur (which I hadn't applied for), so though the admin asked us to revert via email if we had a date clash by 31st Jan, I only managed to do it by the 4th Feb. I phoned up IIM Ranchi (which is conducting CAP 20) on the 5th to ask about the request for change in dates, and they replied that they are still processing it. My interview date is on the 10th, which is just 4 days away now. The interview dates are 10-14th Feb, 2-6th March in chennai. Is there any chance my request will be approved (if you know someone who has gone through this same ordeal)?


I have been shortlisted for CAP 2020  WAT/PI process for IIM Trichy but while filling CAT 2019 form last year I made a  mistake in class 12th aggregate percentage section. I appeared for class 12th CBSE improvement exam also in the  following year of my class 12th board exam and have two mark-sheets for  class 12th due to which I was in confusion. Can I change my class 12th aggregate percentage now? Please confirm if I can continue with  selection process or not. My CAT ID is 9015728. 

Thank You

I am a final year BE undergraduate and have been shortlisted for CAP 2020 for IIM Trichy. My college has not issued the 3rd year marks card in original. So, currently I only have my 1st and 2nd year original Marks Card and only the web version of 3rd year marks card. Will it be a problem when appearing for document verification? @IIMTrichyER .

1. Passing certificates of educational qualification- does this mean the graduation certificate? Do we have to produce something related to 10th and 12th too? 2. Regarding extracurricular achivements, do we have to take the certificates' copies too? Or the original ones are sufficient?


Hello, I've got a mail saying I'm shortlisted for CAP colleges. But I haven't received any mail from IIM Trichy like many did, does that mean I'm not shortlisted for IIM Trichy? 


I am unable to provide the original certificates at the time of interview. My interview is scheduled on 10 at Bangalore and am from Hyderabad, where as my originals are in my home town some 18hrs away from Hyderabad. My commitments in Hyderabad do not allow me to travel to my hometown and then to Bangalore. Kindly help me on the same

Are payslips mandatory for people with work experience

Cat percentile-95.52, 80+ in all sections, 10/12/grad-96/93/6.89 Gem. 18 months work ex in sales & marketing. Chances of converting iim trichy?

Hi Team , I need your help I have entered my annual Income under monthly remuneration. Can this be rectified??

Hi people, I made a mistake while filling the CAP form. For work experience end date, I mentioned January 2019 instead of January 2020. Is it acceptable if I show the relevant work experience proof with the correct data? I have the last two-month salary slip and offer letter as work proof. TIA

For workexperience proof, I dont have payslips as it was local construction firm and i was paid in cash. I have work experience certificate and joining letter on which monthly salary is mentioned. Will there be any problem?

OA -85.75

VARC - 80.56

DILR - 82.45

QA - 87.41

10th - 91

12th- 90

B.E- 67

3years work ex in family business 

chances of converting IIM Trichy ?

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