[Official] IIM Trichy PGPM Aspirants 2020-22 – Admission Queries

Is there any Fee Consesion or Scolarship available for NC OBC students at IIM T?

 I am NCOBC category Engineer 

Sectional 91/96/92 OA 95.63 

10th 88

 Diploma 83

 Graduation 7/10 

4 months Experience 

What are the chances of conversion? I am really opting for IIM T

OA 96.91 GEM 10/12/Grad 95/94.2/79.2 Work Ex 11 months according to CAT form and mentioned 18 months in CAP form. Decent PI Average WAT. What are my chances of Conversion. Please guide

Apart from the curriculum , interaction with students alumni and faculties , industrial exposures and events can you please tell me one major usp of iim trichy??

I forgot to fill the personal data form. Is there anything that I can do?

Hi I have got OA 87.42, VA 90, DILR 85, QA 77

10th 90.45, 12th 94.50, BE UG 84.3, 

NC OBC, 6 years of work experience, my chances for Trichy. Pretty good wat and PI. Have mentioned my state level TT wins and participation in PI.

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Did iim trichy release the extended shortlist???


What is the general cutoff of the total score of GEN for IIM Trichy PGP admissions?

I have scored 52.58 out of 72. The WAT and PI were above average. What are the chances? Can someone help with 2019 total score. TIA


I was not able to provide my original document during CAP WAT/PI verification. I was asked to submit scanned copy at  [email protected] 

but mail is not getting delivered. It says Email Adress not found. Can any one help


EWS-Engg-Male 96.18
Workex 21 months as of CAT form
10-81 12-76 Grad-71
Gave CAP interview
Good PI, Decent WAT!

Chances of conversion?
Please reply so that I can plan my Resignation/LWP accordingly!





work ex-29 months as per cat


Avg.pi(5-6 out of 10)-stressed based for 15 mins

chances of conversion.

Hi Admin team , Can you pls suggest on how IIM Trichy is for finance in terms of learning experiences and future prospects ? Your help will be highly appreciable.

Hi, Cat percent: 94.1 X: 97.6 XII: 94.5 UG B.E. : 7.97 WAT: Average performance Pi : average NC-OBC, male Work ex: 0 Could you please say whether there is any chance of conversion?

By when should we expect the final shortlist?

Hi, CAT: 82.88 10th: 93.8 12th: 89.17 UG(B.E): 74.7 WAT: Avg PI: Avg SC,Male Work ex: 0 What are my chances of conversation?

Hi , Sc category Non-engg male   CAT:72 X/XII/grad : 77/7six/six2     Work exp: 19months in finance/CFA level 2 candidate     WAT: excellent Pi: Good                                            Do the interviewers have any say on the campus allocation looking at the relevance of the profile of the candidate interviewed? 

What will be the total intake of IIM trichy this year?

when the shortlist will be released? adcoms please 

Cat-98.2 Acads- 87.4/89.6/68 General non engineer male Fresher Wat-Decent Pi- below average

  • Direct rejection
  • Wailtlist and then rejection
  • Waitlist and convert later
  • First list convert

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