[Official] IIM Calcutta 2020-22 Admission Queries

To resolve queires regarding WAT & PI process and admission to the Post Graduate Program (2020-2022) at Indian Institute of Management Calcutta

 Greetings from Indian Institute of Management Calcutta. CAT 2018 results are already declared and the shortlists from IIM Calcutta would follow suit. We have created this discussion forum to resolve any queries that you might have regarding the interview and admission process for IIM Calcutta. Wishing all of you the very best for the process ahead and here's hoping that the best of you make it to the 56th batch of PGP/PGDM at IIM Calcutta. Please join the group and spread the word! 


I recently moved to Bangalore from Mumbai, is it possible to change the interview location? @IIMC_Official

Any whtsapp group we need to join? Also are seniors going to come down for city meets prior to the interviews?

Hello !! Guys, Firstly congratulations on your CAT scores. If anyone needs training/help regarding your interview prep,Please do let me know by dropping me a personal message on Pagal Guy. I did my PGDM from IIM-Indore from 2014-2016. I will be happy to help you. I am looking for commerce students as trainees. Lastly,no fees for the training and I am just doing my bit for the society. Looking to help 15 students so First come basis. Thank you. All the best !!!

Hello! My interview date is clashing with my university exam. So can the PI be rescheduled?

Hi all, My profile is Cat -98.6 (all sectionals above 90) X-78.6 XII-82.2 GRAD-76.8 Nc-obc Can u all please share your profiles , so that I can find where I missed.

What  r my chances for a call?

OA 94.38

QA 90.71

DILR 96.73

VA 88.7

10th cgpa 10 (CBSE)

12th 95% (CBSE)

Category: general female

work experience : 0

When will the shortlist be out?

Greetings from IIM Calcutta. Those who haven't checked yet here is the link to check shortlist


All the best for those who got calls. Hope to see the best of you at JOKA

What kind of questions are there in the PGP Application form that will be available on Jan 15th?

Speed Post doesn't come often at my correspondence address. Since, IIM Calcutta is sending mails, will it be an issue if I miss receiving the call letter? Also what should I do if this is a big issue?

Also best coaching institute to join for WAT-PI classes in Delhi?

Do we have a Whats App group for IIM C 2019 call getters? If yes, please share the link.

A bit off-topic but I wanted to know about my odds of getting shortlists from Investment firms during the summers considering my poor acads (provided I convert IIMC of course :P)

10/12/Btech - 85/86/72 

Old IIT, work ex-24 months in finance (botique firm)

Any help will be appreciated!

Best Mentors for WAT + PI in delhi ncr for ABC?

Did everyone here receive a mail w.r.t your shortlisting? I haven't received any mail from IIMC , but in the link provided here I see that I got shortlisted for PGP. Why is it that I haven't received any mail? Any reasons?


Hi folks. 

Congrats once again to everyone who got calls from this hallowed institute.

Exactly a year back we got our CAT results, and by this time I am waiting for a call from my dream institute. 

I hope you all gearing up with the preparation with WAT/PI. We know how you feel at this point in time. We have been there and done that.

It is an honour for us to guide you through the process and help the best to get into their dream colleges. 

So, to help you through the process I will be posting a few tips for WAT/PI based on my experience from interviews before and after getting into IIM Calcutta. 

Here’s the tip 1:

Most of you might have started preparing the answer the most generic question – “TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF”. 

If you haven’t started yet, please start asap.

· Avoid answering this question with the information you already give in your resume or personal data form. The panel will have your data with them during the interview. 

· After a brief introduction about yourself (in about 25 – 30 seconds, if your overall answer is 90s long), you try to substantiate the points you write in extracurriculars or co-curriculars. For eg., if you write something like organising the college fest. You give a brief description of the fest and how you handled various things in about 20s.

· Try highlighting the points which are unique to you.

when are the interviews scheduled?

When will the candidate form for IIM C be released?

Hi, While filling up the CAT form, in X percentage, I entered 100% (I have a CGPA of 10, CBSE). I called the CAT helpline, they said its okay, since it is >90, and no changes can be made. Can you help me? call from C