[Official] IIM Bangalore 2020-22 Admission Queries

To resolve queries regarding interview process and admission to the 47th Post Graduate Programme (2020-2022) at Indian Institute of Management Bangalore.

Greetings from the Student Media Cell at Indian Institute of Management Bangalore. CAT 2018 results are scheduled to be declared soon and the shortlists from IIM Bangalore would follow suit. We have created this discussion forum to resolve any queries that you might have regarding the interview and admission process for IIM Bangalore. Wishing all of you the very best for the process ahead and here's hoping that the best of you make it to the 46th PGP at IIM Bangalore. Please join the group and spread the word!


CAT OA 98.58

10/12/GRAD : 95/88/89 (CBSE)


Any Chance for a call?

CAT  overall 95.9 with 88,91,97 sectionals..

acads 90,97,82 with 4 years IT experience(Mechanical Engg working in  IT Engg services ) Any chance for a B call?

Cat overall 96.3 Sectionals 89/95/97 10/12/Grad - 95/95.2/83 Work ex - 17 months as on 31st Dec

Will the shortlists by various IIM's be released on the same day as the declaration of results?

Is the increment of seats going to happen for2019-21 batch or for 2020-2022 batch?


Hello guys!

I come from Maharashtra and I just realized that my 10th marksheet shows my percentage using the best of 5 subjects and I have entered that percentage in the CAT form instead of considering all the 6 subjects.

Are there any chances of editing this blunder during the document verification process?

And if no will this result in the nullification of my candidature?

Please help!

Hi, Do we need to fill a separate form for IIM's


When will the interview take place generally (rough estimate)? Will it be as early as end of jan?

CAT results out!!

I have two queries:

1. When will IIM-B release the shortlist?

2. How to check the IIM-B Shortlist?

Hi, I have a 10cgpa in class Xth board exams. By mistake, i did not use the conversion factor and so filled my percentage as 100. Though after the application of the conversion factor of 9.5,my percentage should be 95. Though this ideally does not affect the no. of points I should be awarded since both perventages fall in the same slab. But still is there any way I can get it rectified? Kindly reply. I do not want my admission call/conversion to be affected because of this. Pl help.

Keep checking this page for all interview related updates: 



Male- General Category

CAT- 88.82 (85.09, 94.71, 78.42)



6months work ex , currently unemployed

Which are the colleges I can get into? 

Hi NC OBC Male engineer CAT percentile- 90.36 Sectional: VARC - 80.3 DILR- 67.3 QUANT- 97.5 Acads:. 10 - 78 12 - 68 B.Tech - 75 28 months of work experience in IT. Chances?

When is IIM B shortlist expected?

OA - 97.7

VARC/DILR/QA - 94.2/97.9/95.59

X/XII/Grad - 95/94.2/85

6 months of work experience as of Dec, 2018

General, Engineer, Female

Do I have a any chance of receiving call from IIMB?

OA - 98.13

VARC/DILR/QA - 96.93/92.7/97.57

X/XII/Grad - 93.3/92.2/84

24 months of work experience as of July 2018 i.e. at the time of the application

General, Non-Engineer, Male

TIME and CrackU predict there is a high chance of receiving a call from B. 

Just wanted to know from the experience of others, has anyone with a similar academic profile and more importantly, CAT score, recieved a call from B in previous years? 


Hello Team, Does scoring 85+ in UG will fetch 20 in composite score? Will there be any difference between a 85% and a 90% in UG?

CAT: 97.07  


NC-OBC Male Engineer 



39 months as Officer in PSU bank 

Doing modelling for the last 6 months 

Recently acquired a 2 year contract from one of the best agencies in India Played Volleyball at Nationals and Football at University level.  

Can I expect a call...?  

Thank you