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Greetings from the Public Relations Committee of Delhi School of Economics, MBA (International Business)
It’s often stated that time flies; it has been a while since we gave our CAT exams yet the colorful memories of that eventful day make it seem as if it happened yesterday. Throughout the next few months, you will go through plenty of emotions. From attempting the final mocks to preparing for post CAT interviews, you are in for a hell of a journey.

Well, fear not! Since you’ve come this far, you’re probably interested in our International Business course. Maybe your interest was piqued by the High ROI of the program, or perhaps it was the enviable North Campus life that sealed the deal. Whatever your reason, DSE has a place for you.

For the next few months, we shall be there for you at every step. This page will be the official thread for all the candidates seeking admission to the 2022-24 batch of DSE MBA IB. All your queries, ranging from CAT exam strategies to the final shortlist of DSE, will be handled on this page. Follow this space for updates regarding our events, which will help you through your journey of getting into our premier institution.


4 weeks to CAT’21
The first step to the road to Department of Commerce,DSE is nailing your CAT Exam. To assist you with fine tuning your strategy , we bring the journey of some of the Current MIBians.

Davender Singh ,Cat percentile 97.84 CAT 2020

"CAT exam, as I have always thought, is never about how much you know but how you utilise ‘what’ you know. It is not always that strategy that suit someone with high percentile would suit you too. The very initial stage for preparation of CAT shall be for you to find the best approach to solve the paper and the strategy you want to use.

Well, talking about the individual sections,

VARC: For VARC, I took a very mathematical approach. By mathematical approach I mean treating the passage questions with facts present in the comprehension rather than dwelling in my opinion. You should practice enough to distinguish what type of question is asked, whether it is an inferential one or factual one or contextual one or maybe upon the central idea. I am sure everyone who is preparing for CAT have heard how important reading is, you all are told so because it LEGIT is important. Make sure to make it your habit to read editorials and extracts from sites like Aeon.

LRDI: Well, I flunked the section and the reason was I changed my strategy, that always suited me, a day ago. LRDI is all about practice. Make sure to know beforehand which it your forte among LR and DI and approach the paper likewise.

QUANT: I always had affinity towards maths so this topic was not an issue for me. Most of the people have a perspective that quant section is all about heavy formulas and huge calculations. It is actually the opposite. Make sure to get your concepts clear on the dominant topics like Number system, Algebra and Geometry. Practice as much as you can, go for Mocks even if you haven’t completed the syllabus because that prepares you to sit for the actual exam.

When the D- day comes, be COOL and give your 100 percentage."


3 weeks to CAT’21
The first step to the road to the Department of Commerce, DSE is nailing your cat exam. To assist you with fine-tuning your strategy, we bring the journey of some of the current MIBians

Himanshu Vanshiwal, From 80 percentile in CAT’19 to 97 percentile in CAT’20

"The most important thing during CAT prep is keeping an upbeat mood. After the CAT 2019 exam, I was extremely disappointed but I did not lose hope, I was determined to give my best shot during CAT 2020. In Cat 2020 I was careful not to panic and my 2 cents for CAT prep will be to stay relaxed and look for the right questions.
You could customise your strategy in each section however your main task is to identify 40-50% of the easiest questions.
What worked for me may not work for you, But I will suggest that you approach questions logically instead of following a formulaic approach. During the exam, you generally forget the formulas and shortcuts so it is important to know how to solve the questions right from the first principles

The Greeks had a saying, Pride goeth before a fall. As in life, So in CAT, your pride can be your downfall. Don’t get too hung up on one question, moving on quickly is a crucial skill.
Above all, remember to take deep breaths and keep yourself relaxed throughout the 2 hours.
All The Best for the D-Day, May the force be with you"


2 weeks to CAT’21
The first step to the road to Department of Commerce,DSE is nailing your CAT Exam. To assist you with fine tuning your strategy , we bring the journey of some of the Current MIBians.

Siya Aggarwal, from 32 percentile in the first mock test to 95 percentile in CAT’20

"CAT exam I have always believed is not a test of your skills or aptitude in a particular subject but it is primarily a test of your decision making ability. When I initially began my prep , my strategy wasn’t precise and I used to attempt a ton of questions however in the last few months I redirected all my focus on hitting a 80-90 % accuracy level. Now coming to the individual sections

VARC- this was my strong point as I always had a good reading habit. However, on the D day the section didn’t go as well as I pivoted my strategy and attempted questions I wasn’t sure about. This is perhaps the key learning from my experience. Socrates said “the unexamined life is not worth living” . As in life ,So in CAT . The unexamined passages are not worth doing. Remember, 0 > -1 if you don’t understand a passage move on quickly and save your precious time and prevent yourself from negative marking.

LRDI and Quants - Well , I prefer clubbing these 2 sections together as they were initially very challenging for me. I hadn’t studied maths for years now and it won’t be an exaggeration to say I was mathematically challenged at the beginning. However, I used this self awareness to my advantage. I hyper focused on LR and arithmetic and attempted the questions with almost 100 % accuracy .
Despite low attempts, the accuracy helped me score fairly decent.

Another thing I would like to add is during the prep stage and especially during the latter part of the stage don’t distract yourself with what isn’t immediately important.
A lot of youtubers put out videos like " which section will be difficult " " what profile will be selected in xyz college this year" all of this is baseless speculation.
Try and focus on the CAT exam and then you can decide the path forward.

All the best for the D- Day. Fingers crossed, you’ll do great


Department of Commerce, Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi is delighted to announce the commencement of the application process for MBA (International Business) and MBA (Human Resource Development) for the academic session 2022-24.

Ranked the No. 1 ROI college in the country by India Today, DSE also boasts of a rich history with one of the most extensive alumni base across the country and a proven track record when it comes to placements.

For any queries related to the admission process feel free to reach out to us at
Our website : www.dsembaib.in
Instagram : Login • Instagram
LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/company/dse-mba

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2022-2024 brochure is not yet released nor I can see the application form link. Can you please share those links ?

Hi prashant the website may be facing glitches due to high traffic kindly stay tuned. The link and the brochure shall be available soon.

All the best for CAT 2021! May the force be with you!

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The application form and the college brochure is available on

Hi! Just wanted to check if the application forms are online?

Yes, you can apply online

Thanks. I actually did last night but the payment status is pending. Does it take a couple of days to update? Because, the transaction from my end was completed successfully.

What was minimum percentile required for an EWS candidate in 2020 or what is minimum percentile required in CAT 2021 for an EWS candidate ?

Yes wait for sometime

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Hello Ankit the cutoff keeps fluctating according to the candidate pool .
And the composite score depends on not just cat percentile but other aspects of a candidate’s profile such as academics etc


Wait for a couple of days.
Let us know if the problem persists

Hi, thank you for your reply, I just wanted to know the minimum Composite score and minimum percentile of the selected candidates in EWS catergory of previous year.

Can’t predict the exact percentile but anyone with 93+ percentile and good academics will have high chances to covert…
although it depends on number of number of applications recieved each year
So do apply

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Hi Davesh,

The issue still persists. The payment status is still “Pending”. Is there an email ID I could share the details to, so that you guys could help me out. I’d really appreciate the help.


Hey admin…wanted to ask that in eligibility criteria it is mentioned that business maths is must in 12th so what subjects are included in business maths…i am from commerce background and i had accounts statistics and taxation in 12th so any of these are included in business maths??