[Official] Delhi School Of Economics, Department Of Commerce ,MBA IB 2022-24 | PaGaLGuY

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Thanks, Is this for EWS catergory student ?

you can apply

Hi, It is a bit difficult for me to get my EWS certificate due to covid restrictions. Can i upload my old EWS certificate for now??

Hi yojana you can upload the previous certificate with an undertaking

Low chances for IB.

Thank you! And could you give me a rough idea about the content of the undertaking??

Hi, I have applied to MBA program and paid the fee as well but the status still showing as pending can anyone help me please. @Davesh_DSEMBAIB @Boby_DSE_MBA_IB

Open it in another browser and again click on pay now… You don’t have to pay anything but the status will change to paid

If the problem persist please contact - 8602780691

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Hello @Davesh_DSEMBAIB ,
I was filling the form for DSE and saw that in the UG degree, I don’t have my CGPA mentioned, however it has First Class mentioned on it. The CGPA is mentioned only on the final semester marksheet. Can you please let me know what should I do?

Cat’21 - 62 score
10th- 90
12th - 85
UG -7.8
Should I apply?

Hello Ashay, convert the SGPA AVAILABLE till now to CGPA using the conversion formula provided by your university and fill that in the form

Yes you should apply

Hey admin please help me…I have filled the form and made the payment, the money has been debited from my account but it is showing pending to the website an error occured what should i do

Please help me I’ve posted my query

I’m facing the same issue…

Same here…is that a glitch?

Hi Adcom, I have paid the fees for MBA, the amount got deducted from my account. Also got the confirmation from transaction system but still it is not reflecting on my DSE profile account. Its showing Pending! Please help…

Gen Eng Female (Fresher)
CAT OA - 89.6
VARC - 94.26
DILR - 49.3
QA - 91.26
10/12/Grads - 10cgpa/78.4/84
Will I be able to get a call if I apply? If yes, then what are the chances of conversion?

Is DSE DU reopening its application form for MBA HR&IB?