[Official] CFA Level 1 June 2015

Starting a new thread for CFA level 1 June 2015. Do contribute 😃

Anybody registered for the exam???

I want to register for cfa level 1 june 15......can i do it with my debit card(master card)???

Hey all,

Anybody interested forming study groups for the exam? I am located in Bangalore. I am an IT professional currently working for an investment bank. Open for suggestions. 😃

Hi All!! I will be registering for CFA level 1 in 3 days!! My current address and the address in passport is different. So which address should i use to register for the exams?? Can somebody guide me in this??

Starting a new thread ... Why did you choose to register for CFA?


Does anyone know whether the latest Schweser study material for Jun'2015 exam are available at Laxami notes?

Hello Everyone,

I have registered for the CFA L1 exam for june 2015. Can you please tell me where can i get the Schweser Notes.


Registered for June 2015....

Good Luck.. everyone 

Hi ppl!Planning to register for CFA level 1 2015.Can you help identify where I can get schweser material?

Guys please help me with the fees payment bit.It is not at all clear to me.They said payment had to be made in dollars. I have State bank Maestro Debit card..how to pay for the fees then?Please help

Schweser CFA All levels notes 2015 available  om book center Mo.9833541212 / 9833001214 or ombookcenter@gmail.com. 

hello ppl. can anyone plz recommend a few coaching classes for cfa level 1 in mumbai?

CAT over. So,which one would be the favoured calculator for CFA??

The HP Platinum / Texas Instruments B II...??


P.S.- I already have an HP Platinum. The idea is if this selection provides any distinct advantage to the aspirant ?

Maaf karna. Life mein pehli baar koi exam de raha hoon jismen calculator allowed hai.  😛 😛  


Hi Puys, 

Anyone from pune??

I want to purchase 2015 L1 books...any idea where can I get them in pune??

Has anybody tried downloading torrents schweser cfa level 1 notes for free?

Hi, Can any one provide the link for downloading softcopies of CFA L1 2015 schwewser, without payment. Thanks in advance