[Official] CFA Level 1 June 2015

Hello, folks. I plan to take the CFA level 1 next June. I'm completely new to this, so if anyone could tell me how to go about this process, that'd be great. For starters, how do I buy the books? Do I have to order it online? Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

@keertisuvarna Checked out this ApnaCourse...there was a free trial or sumthin

Even now they have some currency forecast competition running in dare2compete...n are givin 1 month free access to any of their course for many guys

arif ke koi video de do bhai [email protected]

Someone Pls create a whatsapp group for aspirants here.

Hello friends,

I am new to this thread. I have already registered for CFA L1 JUNE 15


Requesting all to share your contact numbers for watsapp group

any best institue in INDIA to get coaching ....

2015 Schweser Notes are now available to downlaod

how much is the fees for CFA level 1 with registration? It heard ist around 60k ? Could anyone please tell

Hello everyone! I am looking forward to appear for CFA L1.. can u add me on wattsapp guys? Any aspirant from Bangalore?

Pls add me in whatsapp group


kindly add me to the watssapp grp. 

hii puys,

planing to enroll for cfa need some info. can anyone help?

hi puys.. nyone in a CFA wattsapp group??? Pls. Add me too at 9964978663

All 2015 materials

Cfa 2015 material, Cfa schweser notes, Cfa Curriculum books. 

Cfa Elan guide,Cfa study notes 

Cfa schweser notes + videos + secret source 

Texas instrument ba 2  Calculatore Rs .2200 with 3 year warranty  

Texas instrument ba 2  Proffesanal Calculatore Rs .3300 with 3 year warranty  

Email : [email protected] or 9833541212

looking for practice exam 2015 ??? any hint where i can find it ???

anybody interested in group study CFA level 1  Pune ??? 

Please add me on  whatapp group..its 9823744027

Helllo People,

Please help me with the study material ??

Add me on whatsapp group.. 9742809599