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MBA  in Organizational Effectiveness: CUTM, with  this UNIQUE,  MBA  in Organizational Effectiveness, first time in India, addresses the major challenges in business and society- leading and managing organizational change; technology and innovation; and the changing mindset of talent. Keeping in mind, the nature of the programme and pedagogy, this programme will be offered through our MUMBAI Centre.

CUTM prepares the MBA in OE students  JOB READY, by providing adequate FIELD EXPOSURE during their studies, following the principles of action learning. Students will be placed in various business organisations during the FOUR semesters, within different management functions.  During field immersion, students will conceptualize and carry out projects for companies. This will not only give ample opportunities for students to gain professional expertise but to understand the relevance of existing knowledge and to create new business knowledge. For more deatils contact +91-8779333753

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“Field Work ‘ in Four Organisations for Students during four semesters-

MBA  in Organizational Effectiveness: This UNIQUE,  MBA  programme  prepares students to address the current and future  challenges both within and outside of  business organisations

MBA in Organizational Effectiveness keeps  the student or the learner at the centre of the learning process and   uses  immersive learning methodologies with a multidisciplinary approach for effective learning and development.

To make students SUBJECT EXPERTS  and  JOB READY by the end of two years, they are assigned to four different organisations in all  four semesters for experiential learning as part of the  learning process to engage in live projects.  

Experiential learning is an inclusive approach that engages all participants to actively involve in the learning process. It involves  the practical application of knowledge and skills to real world experiences, followed by  reflection and application leading to learning and growth.

Centurion University of Technology and Management – Internationally Recognized Degrees, Approved by UGC, Govt. of India

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The MBA in Organizational Effectiveness( MBA in OE)  offered by CUTM in collaboration with Centre for Outreach and Strategic Alliances (COSA) is designed to develop students to be  professionally competent management graduates,  to take on the challenges posed by the corporate world. The programme presents an outstanding prospect to explore the critical areas of contemporary business and management, with a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of technology,  analytics and transformation.

The broad objectives of this MBA programme are to sensitize students to the social, political, economic, financial and ecological environments of the busines and society; to enable students to become effective business leaders and decision-makers to contribute to organizational effectiveness; to facilitate the use of systems thinking   while addressing various personal and organizational challenges; to develop a global perspective to respond to the global challenges and to enhance cross cultural competence; and also to impart values of  human development and sustainability. 


Can anyone help me in getting more information on the  MBA in Organizational Effectiveness & what are the career opportunities for this course.

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Organizations across the globe are facing unprecedented changes both within and outside and it is important to devlop professionals  to address the associated  challenges for growth and development. Taking congnizance of the  present and  the evolving  future  Centurion University in collaboration with COSA, Mumbai is offering an MBA in Organisational Effectiveness to prepare  'managers of the future' with necessary knowledge, abilities and Skills to be successful at the work places.

Careers for MBA in Orgnizational Effectiveness graduates include: 

Change Management / Transformation Specialists/ Consultants

Business (marketing/Finance/HR) Managers

Business/ Management  Consultants

Organization Development  Managers

Learning & Development  Experts

Digital Transformation Officers

Leadership positions in start-ups and accelerators

Project managers

Careers in a university/ research institutes

Field attachment in all semesters will be in done through the Mumbai Centre:

For More details / clarifications contact: 8779333753/[email protected]

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Hi, can you please help me with the location of your institute where MBA in OE is thought?

MBA in Organizational Effectiveness

MBA in Organizational Effectiveness

MBA in Organizational Effectiveness :For More details / clarifications contact: 8779333753 / [email protected]

You may also look at the url: https://www.pagalguy.com/colleges/centurion-university-of-technology-and-management-school-of-management-som-bhubaneswar

Can you please tell something about alumni activities?

MBA in Organizational Effectiveness @ Centurion University

MBA in Organizational Effectiveness - centurion University of Technology and Management.

MBA in Organizational Effectiveness & MBA in Rural and Unban Development Mangement - centurion University of Technology and Management.

MBA in Organizational Effectiveness - centurion University of Technology and Management.

MBA in Organizational Effectiveness - centurion University of Technology and Management.

Rapid changes in the business environment and shifts in the mindset of talent pose a number of challenges to organisations in various sectors with respect to their growth and development.  To be effective, organisations need to align and realign with the changing external environment by creating organizational capabilities and enhancing people capacities.  MBA in Organizational Effectiveness aims at developing professionals to address both these internal and external challenges and to be effective in organisations by exploring the critical areas of contemporary management and leadership with comprehensive knowledge and understanding of (i)  self and others ; (ii)  strategy, people, structure, systems and processes; and  (iii) technology, analytics, change, transformation and sustainability. In a dynamic environment, organisational effectiveness is a function of organisations’ capability to conceptualise and implement organisation development and change initiatives that are sustainable.

With the demand for Organizational Effectiveness specialists rising, there are several companies and JDs tailored for these people. 

Some of the jobs for Organisational Effective students are- 

  • Business Managers 
  • Business Consultants 
  • Change Management Specialists/ Consultants 
  • Organization Development  specialists 
  • Learning  & Development  Experts 
  • Digital Transformation Officer 
  • Leadership positions in start-ups and accelerators 
  • Project managers 
  • A career in a university/research institute

Managers can contribute to organizational effectiveness through all the management functions including human resources management, where the focus would be on enhancing people processes and building workforce capabilities.

Centurion University of Technology and Management, a multi-sector University in  India, is one of the pioneers in offering an MBA in Organisational Effectiveness. The traditional business studies model has now evolved and taken many different forms in response to the various changes experienced by businesses. Centurion University, well-known for its MBA in Rural and Urban Development, also offers a course for students to acquire relevant knowledge and necessary skills for running a business and promote organizational effectiveness.

CUTM is offering  MBA in Organizational Effectiveness in collaboration with the Centre for Outreach and Strategic Alliances (COSA), Mumbai, for candidates eager to be in business leadership positions and to shape the contours of the future of work in these ever-changing times. This UNIQUE MBA in Organizational Effectiveness,   addresses the current significant challenges in business and society, such as leading and managing organisational change, technology and innovation, and the changing mindset of talent. 

The field attachment part of the MBA in Organizational Effectiveness programme will be offered from MUMBAI Centre, to facilitate students’ experiential learning. The students’ field learning will be right where the recruiters are, for contributing to the ‘job readiness’ of the learners.

This MBA in Organizational Effectiveness offers unique tailoring of content relevant to candidates with work experience and exposure to the business. Students will experience both national and international faculty, who are teaching in this programme. Interested students will have the opportunity to do their field internships in organisations outside India. Students of this programme get opportunities for interaction and exposure to collaborative projects with students from specific universities outside India to enhance their cross-cultural competence. The course is focused on market-oriented education to develop international business leaders who can actively contribute to the transformation of established organisations, promote new businesses and contribute to sustainable societal development.

The course offers a one-off chance to study at India’s Premier Skill University with NAAC ‘A’ Grade, UGC and ICAR Approvals.  The mandatory Field Immersion gives hands-on experience to students and prepares them job-ready. Having international students collaborating with you as well, the student would also get exposure to diverse people and different market realities. Interested students would also gain global exposure and unique opportunities to enhance cross-cultural competence. The course also offers 100 per cent placement assistance for field internships and jobs. 

Organisational effectiveness continues to be one of the most booming fields in current times. Only a few universities focus on this niche market across the globe.  Currently, organizations are seeking the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities in professionals to contribute to Organizational Effectiveness for sustainable growth and development. The course offered by Centurion University has a  holistic approach and obviously an exciting option to look out for if you are considering a  managerial or leadership role.

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