[OFFICIAL] 2020-2022 IIM Rohtak Admission Queries and Discussion

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Greetings from IIM Rohtak, and welcome to the admissions thread for the batch of 2022!

We understand this is an extremely important time when you are anxious and have various doubts regarding the admission process. This thread is to help you out and answer all your queries.

Maintained by Public Relations Cell, IIM Rohtak, this is where you can have all your doubts cleared.

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What is the last date to apply for IIM rothak?

What is the difference between NEW STUDENT and OLD STUDENT while choosing the course for the payment when registering? Also, what are we supposed to fill in the roll no/application number?

  Percentile - Overall 86.4. Varc - 53.63(messed up), Dilr - 93, Quant - 92. Workex - 2 yrs, 92/83/88 OBC Engineer. Possible chances?  

 X/XII/Btech- 95/91.6/87.2 ------CAT %ile OA-96.69-------VARC/DILR/QA- 72.83/98.37/98.3 --------Work Experience- 30 Months till date---------Sector- Manufacturing and Constructions. (GEM)  

Chances of call and conversion ?? Asumming there is no sectional cutoff this year as communicated in their criteria.

Hi, My details are: CAT OA- 88.4 VA- 89.6 DILR - 55.6 (messed up) QA- 93.9 X/XII/B.E. - 85.57/79.67/7.24 NC OBC with 27 months work ex. Do I stand a chance to atleast get a call? Thanks in advance!

GEM (Local) OVR : 95.47 VARC : 90.91 DILR : 92.82 QA : 95.83 10th - 85.17% 12th - 82.77% Grad - 2.37/4 No Work Ex Chances of call?

Everyone clearing min cutoff got mail or is this for wat pi? Someone pls clarify

 Hello aspirants

Greetings from IIM Rohtak

The results are out and we hope it to be in your favour. Its time you gear up for your next step towards being an IIM student. To guide and bring you closer to the final step, we have opened up our helpdesks to address your doubts and queries and to make sure your journey from being an aspirant to a student is smooth and hassle-free.

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Hi adcom team Can you let me know ews cutoff And i received mail saying that i qualified for iim rohtak in ews Category .but registration it shows " you are not offered in current list" can you guys explain this ?? Adcom ???

I read somewhere that there are no sectional cutoffs for IIM Rohtak this year? Please clarify if it is true. 


I have score 95 Perentile in all three sections, also my overall is 99.xx

I recieved a mail from IIM Rohtak saying I am shortlisted, But when i am trying to register, the portal is saying i am not shortlisted.

What is the final decision then?

Hey, What's the scene with IIM rohtak shortlisting mail. I am unable to login, it says you are not shortlisted for current session. I believe many are facing the same issue. Do we need to pay again? As I have already paid while registering earlier. Any clarification would be much appreciated . Thank you

Earlier IIM Rohatak sent a mail saying that they will be conducting a seperate admission process and asked everyone to register for the process by charging ₹2000. Now do we need to register again for WAT and PI by paying ₹2000 after today's mail.? Please help.

@ admin team, why does IIM Rohtak need my guardians sign?? LOL

Did anyone logged in? I got the mail but it says not selected for current course ? Is anyone else facing the same issue?

Why there is no option of EWS in the iim Rohtak's admission form?? what should we put then otherwise as the mail clearly suggested "ews category"??

What to write in Parental income ?? Does this will include my income also??

Will there be further shortlist for interview after filling registration form and payment of 2k??

So this shortlisted mail is being sent to everyone or only for the shortlisted guys