[OFFICIAL] 2020-2022 IIM Rohtak Admission Queries and Discussion

why is the site down? 

I am the only one with this problem?

I recieved the shortlist list email but while I am trying to login to the registration link with my registration credentials recieved during december, I get below message.

Also i did register on IIM rohtak site earlier in december but I didnt pay the registration fees.

Anyone facing  similar issue or can help?





category obc ncl

can i be shortlisted if i pay 2000 registration fee for wat and pi round

General OA: 91.72 BAF Acads: 90.6/78.9/83.6 Any chance?

Hi. I got 82 percentile in cat and shortlisted under NCOBC. Do I have chance of getting shortlisted for wat/pi if I pay 2000?





I have received that Mail to pay for WAT/PI registration.But how is this possible since my Sectionals are not cleared ? Also is there any least chance to get selected for WAT/PI Round or will I be simply rejected because of Sectionals after paying 2000 Bucks.

Overall percentile -95.61 Verbal -82 Qa-96 Lrdi-97 Work ex -26+ in banking Acads-73/85/63 General non engineer (commerce) Any chance of getting a call?

can someone here please help me 

1) i received a mail from iim rohtak saying that i am shortlisted

2) when i log in through the link in the form it says not shortlisted

3) i register again and then log in . it directs me to a PERSONAL DATA FORM

4) nowhere it is mentioned that i got shortlisted for the WAT/PI process except for that mail from IIM ROHTAK and in that mail also it is written that i am shortlisted for the admission process of IIM ROHTAK  and not that iam shortlisted for the WAT/PI process of iim rohtak

5) also in the personal data form it is written that i can submit the form by 26 FEB but how is that possible but by that time IIM ROHTAK would be done with its WAT/PI PROCESS


Guys here I am also one of the candidates as you people, this is my second time i have given cat. I am seeing people over here sharing their cat score profile etc. But to make this process much more standardized I made a Google sheet, where you people can upload your scores /profile. This will help understand us who are getting calls and final convert.

You people can also  fill form without  phone no. 

Do we need to add all the subjects we studied in Engineering?

Why there are 2 blanks?

CAT percentile 94.5 (VA-95.8, DILR 83.5, QUANT 93) GRADUATION 91 % 12th- 88% 10th- 10.00 ch pa Do i have any chance of getting a call?

Hi In the registration form, there is a column for Employer name and contact. Do we need to provide our manager's details or company details (if so then which contact no)? Please share the details anyone?

Can someone from IIM Rohtak let us know why they opted out of CAP if u have any information?

I didn't receive any mail for registration after cat result. My overall percentile is around 94 with 85+ in all sections. Should I register on rohtak site by paying 2000 or it is only for students who have received mail yesterday?

I have filled up the application form and have made a payment of 2ooo rs by netbanking..then I submitted the form with the transaction ID..do I need to send the printed application form via speedpost or is my registration done?

What is the sectional cutoff in Rohtak?

I scored 69.15% in LRDI. Is there a chance?

and what about the mail sent by IIM Rohtak?

is that for GDPI or for we have to register for shortlisting and then there would be a GDPI round?

Cat 19 OA-94.81 Va-66,dilr-99,quant-95 Acads 10th/12tg/grad 95/90/63 Fresher.. NC obc Should I apply?

Hi, Can you please let me know whats the criteria for shortlisting for interview i mean 10,12,grad,acads and cat weightage

 I received the mail and did a new registration but while logging again it shows you are not offered admision in the current offer list. My percentile is >95. What to do? 

In the aggregate CGPA, do we need to mention the obtained CGPA again or do we need to calculate the aggregate CGPA after each sem (Like for sem 3 = aggregate of first three sems)?