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Discussion thread for NUS admission for 2015 intake.

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Does anyone know if NUS will be considering Integrated Reasoning for the 2014 intake?

Hi Could somebody please evaluate my profile

10th 80.2%
12th 80.8%
Graduation 7.84/10
GMAT: 710

Good Extracuriculars

Hey wat are the chances for get shortlisted for the interview?


Hi Could somebody please evaluate my profile

10th 80.2%

12th 80.8%

Graduation 7.84/10

GMAT: 710

Good Extracuriculars

Hey wat are the chances for get shortlisted for the interview?

Hi @cool_prateek . You have supplied only part of your profile data. ALL MBA programs look at your entire profile, which in addition to your academics looks at your work ex. Your GMAT is higher than the NUS average. However, this year onwards, NUS will be considering your IR score as well. Since NUS is a finance oriented school, they will require you to show a good quant background - either through curriculum in college, or work ex, or GMAT score. Like application to any other MBA program, you need to have great essays - which make you stand out from the crowd, and good letters of recommendation, to get shortlisted for the interview. Good luck!

can anyone shed light on the job prospects in Singapore after NUS MBA? Also, any details on the differences between Nanyang vs NUS and if admitted to both, which one is the better choice ?


Does anybody understand the application deadlines? I mean, my understanding is that 15th November is the deadline for Indian candidates. Is this correct?

My GMAT Score is 700 (Q47, V38) (AWA: 4). I've completed my graduation in Electronics & Communication Engg. at SRKNEC, Nagpur (Degree: 57.1%), X Std: 89.46%, XII Std: 89.33% (PCM: 95%). I have a work experience of 2.5 years at iGate (erstwhile Patni Computer Systems), Bombay in Software testing with the designation of Senior Software Engineer.

How are my chances?Thanks.

Could some one shed some light on how to go about answering the 3 NUS essay questions?

where in the application does one mention extracurricular pursuits...what if an achievement is not a publication, award, prize or membership? How does one mention it?


I'm a current NUS MBA student and I'll be happy to help in answering any specific questions you might have on the school and anything about it.

There is a specific thread for this so I would recommend you maintain PG rules (and the sanctity of this thread!) and ask your questions there. Please read my first post on that thread for my intro.

@totalf1 Any suggestions on how to approach the essay-

"The mission of NUS Business School is to advance knowledge and develop leaders so as to serve business and society. Discuss how you will contribute toward advancing the mission based on examples of past work and activities."

Please advise the how begin with essay

Tell us something interesting or unique about yourself which you think would be helpful for the Admission Committee to better evaluate your candidacy.

In which direction to I need to follow up?

has anyone received an interview call yet?


Can someone share light on my chances at NUS...

2 years consulting experience in Information Technology
Gmat - 700
BE - first class
10th/12th - 85%

Can anyone in this forum guide me on the documents to upload for Financial support? I will be taking a loan partly the remaining will be supported by my parents and personal money. Since banks give loan only based on admissions how do I provide proof here?

Guys, no where in the application essays did I find a question that asked 'Why NUS'! Is it just me or NUS has really not asked this question? Savings this for the interview perhaps?

Hi Piyush,

I saw that the NUS essay gives a limit of maximum of 3500 characters, but going through various blog, I see the essay limit being given as 1800 character or 300 words...Am I missing something here?

For Q3

We would like you to tell us about your post-MBA immediate career goals and how your professional experiences have prepared you to achieve these goals.

we have a choice between written essay and video essay. Which one is more advisable? Does one has greater merit than other or we can choose as per our convenience.?


Hello Guys.. one doubt regarding Academic section... In category drop down - we have values like ... 1st Bachelors Degree... 2nd Bachelors Degree.. then Professional Degree.

I'm a BTech Graduate, can some one tell me under which category, should i mention those details..
Also Pre University can be 12th marks rite..?
Kindly help 😃

My application is complete. But I am Waiting for my Recommenders to submit the reco's. will the application be submitted only when the recommendations have been received by NUS?