Nirma 2011-2013 GD PI Experiences repository thread

The NIRMA GD PI process has started today. [image] Use this thread for posting your GD/PI experiences. I am creating this thread as it becomes difficult to find the experiences of fellow puys between the many queries. This thread would be sā€¦

The NIRMA GD PI process has started today.

Use this thread for posting your GD/PI experiences.
I am creating this thread as it becomes difficult to find the experiences of fellow puys between the many queries. This thread would be solely there for the purpose of posting GD PI experiences.

Please do not post any queries here.
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Last year GDPI experience- ( NIRMA - IMNU GDPI discussions)

Congratulations to all call getters

Best of Luck
Roshan Jha

Interviews for NIRMA(IMNU) have started from today i.e 12th March, 2011.
All the best to everyone for their interviews and please post your experience of the same.For the benefit of everyone concerned, please keep the format like this:




Undergrad Major - GPA/%age

NIL/Sector - Number of Years

CAT Score -

Any other special thing about you:

Number of Ppl present
Brief Snapshot of Discussion:
Other Salient Details: As whether summary was asked to be written or not, Time given, and other stuff.

Panel Members Intro:

Any other relevant detail.

1. Kindly do not post anything other than your experience.
2. For queries, you can visit this thread
3. For appreciating an interview post, use thanks button.

DATE 12/3/11



X -78.2
XII -77.8
Undergrad Major - 69%age

NIL/Sector - Number of Years

CAT Score 84.29

Any other special thing about you: Extracurrics of ngo etc
TOPIC- Rules are meant to be broken
TIME- 25min
They gave us the sheet they use in their exams,the field of programe name,roll no etc had 2 be changed 2 candidate name.form no
Once the topic was given n time started,we were asked 2 take out admit cards n score cards n also change the attributes as I mentioned,it costed some time but was ok,u dont write 4 25min,wordlimit was 500,I wrote around 400 words

Topic: A kind of case study was given but not exactly involving numbers etc,it was ethical situation,a guy had 2 hire d daughter of d president of an important client who was not qualified for the job,wat he shud do
Number of Ppl present-12
Brief Snapshot of Discussion:I started off,explained d situation,tried directly giving out my suggestion,was a bit of fish market,not much
Unlike last yr,every1 was not given 1 minute in d beginning 2 speak,but every1 was asked 2 conclude

Panel Members Intro:3 members.2male,1female
Types of guitar
Did I play classical
Shift to Spanish guitar
Why no mention of band in d form
Difference between risk,threat and hazard
Which specialization
Why marketing
Gave some examples and how im fascinated wid dem
Wat analysis I did in d examples
Why cse if marketing interested
Have I lost my fascination in cse
Why mba
How will I use cse in marketing
Ms dhoni not playing,know why?
I said I was not even aware of it,a big smile
den didnt I read todays paper
I said tsunami stuff
Difference betn earthquake n tsunami
Wats a typhoon
Wat is success 2 me
Cm of west Bengal
Cm of gujrat
Vice president of india
Didnt know
President of india
From where she belongs
Answered rajasthan,but she is from Maharashtra I guess

Any other relevant detail.
I forgot 2 take in d copies of 10,12 marksheet,went out during d interview,den asked grad marksheet again went out,mam didnt look very happy,I apologized and tried convincing,was fluent in d interview,but at times addressed sir as mam n vice versa,though immediately rectified
my session ended by 12.30 was at home in time for IND vs SA

Another experience posted on Facebook group.

Name : Abhishek JobanputraEXPERIENCE:
Place: Institute of Social & Economic Change, Bangalore
Time: 0900 hrs

There were around 50 ppl in our batch divided into three batches.
In my batch 14 were present.
First we had to write an essay on the topic:
Time: 25min, max 500 words.

After that we had a gd on a case study given as follows:
John is an employee in the HR dept. of a company. He is recruiting candidates for a new position in the company. His supervisor has told him to consider Smita, who is the daughter of the president of their client. He was asked to favour her. Clearly she is not suitable for the position. What should John do?

We were supposed to give an intro each, then GD for 7-8 minutes and then each person has to conclude in a minute.

As soon as the time started, nobody gave a chance to introduce per person. It was a complete fish market(as expected... how can 14 ppl be in a single gd?!?!). At the end of 7-8 minutes, we were stopped and asked to conclude one by one.

Then came the PI.
There three panelists throughout the entire process: 2 gentlemen (G1, G2) & a lady (L1)

L1: Good Morning. Please give me your 10th 12th marksheets. (Given)
L1 looks at G1 and G2 and says: It seems you were very much interested in physics and maths in school.
Me: Yes ma'am. This led me to choose mech. engg.
L1: So you are working in ONGC. How do you contribute to ONGC's success?
Me: Explained about my job profile.
G1: What is efficiency?
Me: Told.
G1: How can you measure your team's efficiency?
Me: Told.
G1: Yes but there is a formula you must have learnt in college about efficiency.
Me: Q2/Q1 x 100 where Q2 is output & Q1 is input.
G1: So how can you relate this formula for calculating your teams efficiency in ONGC?
Me: We calculate in terms of man hours sir. (G1 didn't seem convinced)
L1 interjects: Ok so you have been posted in Tamil Nadu for the past 2 years. We three are tourists and you have to sell Tamil Nadu to us in 5 sentences.
Me: Told.
G2: Have you heard of tollywood?
Me: Yes.
G2: I've heard that tamil nadu is the only place where they make temples for celebrities.
Me: yes. Told about places.
L1: So if you get selected by Nirma then would leave your job or take a leave for 2 years?
Me: Told. and also talked about my short term and long term goals.
L1: can you tell me about the major industries in your city?
Me: Told.
G2: Can you tell me about ONGC Videsh Ltd.?
Me: Answered.
Finally, they told me to go.
Interview lasted for around 15minutes.

All the best to you guys!!

Another Experience posted on FACEBOOK group.

Mano BuddhirajuHello
Date 12th March Panel 3
Essay topic : Rules are made to be broken

GD same as mentioned below. Had a case study. One minute to read and then open discussion. was given one minute to conclude.

Personal Interview:
Had 3 Prof in the Panel. All three men

As sooon as i entered, they were like Explain the meaning of my name.
THen i am from infosys, nd infosys is a CMM Level 5 company
So what wat CMMI stands for? waht does ISO stand for?
Moving forward, what is MPFI?
and why mech to IT.?
what does ICCI stand for?
Whats Carloslim?
Some new awards are now given in INDIA (Dont even remember the name)
Who promoted Kinetic.?
What subjects did u study in Mechanical (name all the subjs and i was like šŸ˜² OMG with 2 n half years exp, hardly remember the names of the subjs)
Then Explain the control system of AC
and they asked me to leave... before leaving A SARCSTIC Good luck ( bangs head )
all the while i was only i dunno i am sorry i m not confident on that šŸ˜ž šŸ˜ž šŸ˜ž

Good luck for every1 else who r attending.
My suggestion brush up on ur technical background and current affairs

Hi Harshal,

From Majestic you will get a bus I am not sure about the exact numbers but I guess its 234, 235 etc, just confirm from some conductor at the bust depot, you will get it from platform number 19B, it will take approx 35-40 mins, to reach Nagarbhavi, get down at Nagarbhavi circle, at ask anyone, its walking distance from there.

P.S :- Ask the people there about National Law college, once you reach near the college dont go in, ask about ISEC, thats how they refer the venue, it has a separate enterance.

DATE 12/3/11


Venue :- Institute of Social & Economic change, National Law college, Nagarbhavi , Bangalore.


X - 83.71 %
XII - 52.15 % :-(:-(
Undergrad Major - 69%age

Work-Ex:22 Months
NIL/Sector - IT

CAT Score 92.37

As already the fellow puys have mentioned about the GD & Essay topics, I will not describe them rarther will straight go to the Interview Experience.

Panel Comprised of 3 professors, 2 Male , 1 Female. here in after referred as M1, M2, F1 respectively, Me = Me.

The following is the flow of things,

M1 :- Give me the photocopies of your certificates,
Me :- sure sir, given ( They had already asked us to be prepare with the set & they kept the photocopies with them, so Please carry them along with you ).

F1 :- Where are you currently working ? What is your job role ? Total experience.
Me :- Explained.
F1 :- Have you got any promotion till date ??
Me :- Told.
F1 :- How does your job role align with management ?
Me :- Told them I was a lead, and have to handle the things going on the floor, I am the first one to manage the team, & also interact with the client.
F1 :- Tell me 2 examples where you had problems handling the team & how did you handle them.
Me :- Told them with real life examples.
F1 :- Is any particular person in your team, troubling you ?? How do you handle him / Her ??
Me :- Told them about a guy who does not work properly, and is stubborn about the ownership of work, also explained how did I make him realize that we work as a team & the way he was behaving was not proper.

M1 :- What is Data Mining ??
Me :- Told.
M2 :- Using what techniques do you fetch data in Data Mining ??
Me :- Couldn't recollect, Told them Sir I am not able to re-collect the various techniques, however SQL queries are the most popular technique to fetch data.

M1 :- What is Information & What is a data ?? What is the difference between them. ??
Me :- Sir Information is a something related about a thing, data is more structured Information it is classified under various parameters. Information can be just plain information without any structure.

M1 :- What is difference between Information & Knowledge ??
Me :- Sir Information may or may not be useful, however Knoweldge is always useful.

M2 :- Heard about ERP ?? what is it ??
Me :- Told.

M2 :- Does your company have ERP ??
Me :- Told.

M2 :- Your marks in 12th have dropped suddenly why ??

Me :- Told them the fact, Sir I had severe jaundice during the exams, I was advised by the doctor to drop for the year, but to save one year I took exams, even in such condition.

F1 :- Why MBA ??
Me :- Told.
M1 :- Where do you see yourself, few years down the line ??

Me :-Sir I would like to go for my Phd, after doing my MBA, and I plan to take up teaching later.

F1 :- SO you want to take take up teaching on Management or Engineering ??

Me:- Management Mam.

F1 :- Why not Engineering ??
Me :- As Intend to do my Phd in Management, I would like to make us of the same, as it would be my highest degree.

After that they all discussed amongst themselves, that if they had any other questions for me ???

M1, M2, F1 :- No Questions, you may go.

Me :- Thank you Sirs, Thank you Mam.

Total Duration : - 15 - 20 Mins.

Puys do let me know what you think, how was my Interview ?? My advice for Work-Ex guys, they may not ask much about acads, but about your job.Freshers they may ask about your final year project. One person from mechanical background was asked about the following questions :-

Tell us about different Levers ??
Why MBA ?
Name 5 products of HUL ??
What are Euro1 , Euro2 & Euro3 ?? Which Euro are we currently following. ??

I wish all of you All the Best..!!

Thanks & Regards,

12 Mar 2011
9.00 AM - Bangalore


X: 91.8% CBSE
XII: 89.0% CBSE
Undergrad Major - GPA/%age
78.xx Anna Univ Affiliated B.E.

IT Biggie 2 Yrs

CAT Score -

Any other special thing about you:
Varied interests - politics, diplomacy etc. Decent Extra currics
TOPIC- Rules are meant to be broken
TIME- 20 Mins
Was ok types.... Could write about 450 words, but filled with bakwaas. Self rating 3/5

Topic: Situation of HR having to interview and choose whether to be biased or not - already mentioned by people in prev posts.
Number of Ppl present: Batch Size 18, 15 present.
Time: They said 8 mins, we got arnd 15.
Brief Snapshot of Discussion: FISHMARKET. Everyone was yelling, some people were trying to restore order, but people invariably broke in. Was very messy, had to yell and interrupt a few times. Lots of one on one conversations also going on in between discussion.

verdict: disappointing and probably picked up some negatives for interrupting. Not trying to justify, but everyone was doing the same, I was bang in front and got noticed for it. At least I was saying something different while everyone else was basically repeating teh same points.

Other Salient Details: First 1 min to think and write. They collect the papers where u write the points. Then 8 min discussion - finallly 1 min each to sum up and present views.

Panel Members Intro: 1 HR faculty, 1 Operations and 1 Mktng prof. HR faculty was articulate and did a good job in organizing.

I was no. 12 in my batch of 18, it was already 1.30 by the time I got in. Next slot ppl had come and were waiting outside. So it was short.

Q: Tell me abt your work.
Q: So what is JPMC(the client I work for)?
Me: Bank
Q: What is the role of public sector banks in India?

Q: U did BE in ECE. What is microprocessor?

Q: Who is the biggest maker of MPs?
A: Intel.
Q: Who else makes them?
Q: What is Intel's philosophy?
A: They try and stay in pace with moore's law. - Guesswork.
Q: What is moore's law?
A: Said whatever I remembered about it - and said I am not sure of it.
Q: So u kept on interrupting in the GD. Why so? Did u find it difficult to get your point across?
A: I am sorry if it came across that way, It was entirely unintentional if it came out that way, I was only trying to be in the fray in a fishmarket situation and introduce a new perspective to the discussion.
Q: Wat other calls?
Q: Results?
A: Not out yet.

You may go.

PHEW!!! I am hoping it was not very bad, I sure know it was not grt. Fingers crossed. Feedback is welcome.
Since it was the first day things were rather haphazard. First few in each batch got long intvws and towards teh end it was very short. It happens everywhere but I felt this was more than normal. Stay cool, try to get familiar with the GD mates and work out some order. My personal opinion is that the GD size of 18 is WAY TOO MUCH for a meaningful discussion that too in jus 8 mins.

Dear all,My girlfriend appeared for the GD/PI today at Kolkata.I am sharing her experiences with her sitting next to me.

DATE - 13/03/2011

SLOT - 9 am

PROFILE:MA(english )

Undergrad Major - GPA/%age:55%(english)

NIL/Sector:3 months

CAT Score - 94.XX

Any other special thing about you:
TOPIC-corruption is a necessary evil to achieve success in any sphere
TIME-25 mins,500 words

Topic: college degree doesn't secure jobs with every passing days.
Number of Ppl present: 15 app
Time:8-10 mins after which 1 min summary

Panel Members Intro: 2 Sirs and 1 Ma'am.

(Here i call those 2 sirs as p1 and p2 and ma'm as p3 and my girlfriend = m)

On entry,saw they were having snacks, asked them
m:may i come in?
m(on reaching near them):thank you.
m:good morning sirs,good morning mam!
p1,p2,p3:(wished back,)take ur seat
m:thank you.
p1:where r u from?
p2:do u know the significance of the place?
m:yes sir,thats famous for ...
p1:any other?
m:yes sir it was a french colony
p1:name some other places in india which were french colonies
m:answered only 1(forgot the other which is at max 15 kms away from her place)
p2:so,tell me something about urself
m:just started and went to acads when p1 stopped her (s**t yaar,she was good at her extra currs,but scope prevented from going there)
p1:so,u r from arts why would u like to do an mba?
m:blah blah blah(p2 seemed convinced)
but p1 not
p1:but why mba,why not any other jobs in corporate field?
m:again explained and p1 again not satisfied(seemed so)
p2:so,do u know this author xyz?
m:yes sir,have read some of his books
p3:name some
p1:what is a sonet?
m:explained in full
p3:which daily do u read?
p3:name some editors?
m:said 1
p1:what was ur fav subj in ur acads?
m:said only english was there in our subject but there were sections of it,like shakespeare, and etc etc..
p1:hmm,so tell me about the last book u read
p2:asked question from that
(here i would like to tell u puys,the interviewers are just gods!they know everything,so try to be honest)
p1:ok u can leave
m:again a series of thank yous..


the ma'm who was there was making such faces as if M was a repelling insect!dont get frightened ,might be putting in and testing some stress scenarios by that.

It was an okayish one,but not too good...

Venue : ISEC, Bangalore

The above post gives the essay topic and topic of GD, so i wont repeat it.

Would just like to say that u should pray that max ppl are absent it ur grp
Saying this because there were 15 ppl (ok but still high) in my group and my friend was in a grp of 19 ppl! In the GD, approx 10 mins are given for open discussion, so it could get difficult to get good time to speak in a grp of 19-20. One good thing is that they allot 1 min in the end for each to conclude....

The PI also got over pretty fast. For me it was for abt 15 mins, the ppl towards the end had been sent back in 5 mins , just so that the process could be completed by 2 pm. Slight mismanagement frm NIRMA i would say, if they are calling a larger grp of students this time (i believe 80 was the cut off??), the group strength should not have been more than 12 or max 15.....ATB to all

slot:13th mar 1:00 pm..

essay topic: attitude determines altitude
loads of gyaan:-)


one of the most difficult pi as they take only for 5-7 min within which you have to form impression..
on top of dat they ask very weird questions..
mam was too difficult to convince wid any ans..
its not goin to be as smooth as other interviews..
all the best..
be prepared for lot of questions on GK..
to be honest i find it difficult to understand dat y is GK given more priority than Work-ex..they should better ask abt the kind of work we have done rather than asking who is the CM of goa..atleast dint make sense to me..

slot:13th mar 1:00 pm..

essay topic: attitude determines altitude
loads of gyaan:-)


one of the most difficult pi as they take only for 5-7 min within which you have to form impression..
on top of dat they ask very weird questions..
mam was too difficult to convince wid any ans..
its not goin to be as smooth as other interviews..
all the best..
be prepared for lot of questions on GK..
to be honest i find it difficult to understand dat y is GK given more priority than Work-ex..they should better ask abt the kind of work we have done rather than asking who is the CM of goa..atleast dint make sense to me..

I was in the same group, my no. was 2. The Mam had a Phd. in marketing(Chekd the prospectus). 1st question tell me about urself 2nd line of my ans was " i am a BBA in marketing"nd she started firing all kind of marketing questions nd her expressions were hard to guess, total interview time 10-12 min nd i was left wondering should i feel gud about the interview or sulk.........
DATE - 13March

SLOT - 1:00 pm @ Bangalore


X 84
XII 84.2
Undergrad Major - 67.3

Work-Ex:2.5 yrs
Sector - IT
CAT Score - 93.XX

Any other special thing about you:
TOPIC- Changing Role of Media in India
TIME- 25mins

Topic: A situation was given.... a guy has to make a presentation of a new prospect before a client. A meeting was appointed for the same and the guy was on his way and after 2 long hours of driving he decided to take a cup of coffee and accidentally spilled it over the presentation charts. He do not have a copy of it and so in this situation what he should do
- cancel the appointment and get a new one for a later date
- carry on with the presentation and make an apology to client for what happened
- carry on with presentation with the coffee stain marks (which has not damaged the presentation) on it .... something like that

Number of Ppl present : 18 - 4 =14
Time: 7 min... but I think it was stopped a bit earlier
Brief Snapshot of Discussion:
Other Salient Details: One minute time for all to summarize at the end of discussion

Panel Members Intro: 3 peoples - 2 gents and a lady (same panel for both GD and PI)
about the organization in which I am working
my role in this organization
my views on the GD that happened earlier.... from their looks I felt like they were not happy with our groups GDs and when i pointed out few bad things about the GD they totally agreed with me and then asked why i didn't tried to control the group.

why mba?
why after 2.5 yrs experience?
why not to continue with the technical job ( as i said I am enjoying my current role )
diff between efficiency and effectiveness ( talked about efficiency to an above question)
which specialization and why?
other calls? however didn't asked which one would i prefer and why

no introduction and no technical questions however I heard that few other were asked some technical questions.

a poor GD with a satisfactory interview and a good essay. Hope for the best

DATE - 12 Mar 2011
SLOT - 9.00 AM
VENUE - ISEC, Bangalore



X: 90% Assam Board
Undergrad Major - 67% University of Pune

Infosys Mangalore 2.4 Yrs

CAT Score - 81.34%ile

TOPIC- Rules are meant to be broken
TIME- 20 Mins
Wrote a nice essay. Felt great after completing it with a befitting example to support my opinion.

A situation where a HR guy is asked to hire their client's boss's daughter who however is not qualified for the post. It was to be discussed what should this guy do?

My first GD and it was a fish market. More than discussing, people were trying to impress how they can be dominating. Some lady competitors were at the top of their voices and strangely the panelists seemed used to such situations. That sure is not the way they would behave in the campus placement GDs and nor in their offices. What I liked was that they gave each one in the group some time to express his/her view at the end of the discussion.

Judges: All permanent faculty of NIRMA. One HR lady Prof, one Marketing Prof and one Operations Prof.
Ops sir: Are you working?
Me: Yes. In Infosys Mangalore since 2008.
Ops sir: What is your Role?
Me: I am a SAP BW Consultant .
Ops sir: What is SAP BW?Does it come under operations?
Me: Informed him .
Mktg sir: Who is the CEO,CFO and COO of your company?
Me: answered.
Mktg sir: What is the project AADHAR and who leads this project?
Me: answered.
HR mam: Tell me your achievements?
Me: Told her my academic and professional achievements.
HR mam: What is ISO?
Me:told something which I had read sometime back.
Ops sir: Looking at my joining letters and salary slips, he asked me" What are these symbols in the bottom of these docs?"
Me: Sir those are the institues which gurantee authenticity and quality of the document.I was half sure.
Ops sir: Then why does not your salary slip have them? Are they not authentic?
Me: Sir thats because only an employee can login to the system and generate his pay slips and print them. This process itself has to pass through many levels of authentication.

All nodded in aproval and let me go.

I think it was a good PI. But seeing my score, I am not sure of converting it. However, I may make it to the waiting list

Another GD PI experience taken from Facebook Group. Posted by Esha Gupta.

Esha Gupta
Date- 14th march
9 AM
Panel 3
Place- Indian social institute, Delhi

Essay topic - Coalition politics in India (On the sheet given to us it was written collusion and one of d person present there had even started writing on collusion agreements in politics when it was told dat it is coalition n not collusion)

We all were divided into 4 panels. In my panel 14 were was a case study
Hrithik is a collg student very popular among frnds n in good books of his teachers.
His friends are protesting bcoz of lack of facilities in the chemistry lab. His frnds want him 2 b d leader but that might spoil his repo wid d teachers.wht shud he do?

GD was ok-ok.i spoke 4-5 times at well spaced intervals.everyone was given one minute to conclude.

Interview: panel members-3


- Introduce yourself in French
- Both parents r doctors, then why you are in non med
- Which is your favorite stroke in swimming
- What is contemporary dance form
- From where taekwondo originated
- A question abt mughal empire (wht were dey thinking?)
- What is in bush marketing
- What is gorilla marketing
- Wht was ur role in commonwealth games
- How India have projected itself in these games
- What is financial leveraging
- History of guru gobind singh
- Name 5 first generation entrpreneurs
- What ws d controversy associated with Muhammad yunus
- Wht all prizes he have got
- Name of the hospital of devi shetty
- why delhi has a CM but Andaman n nicobar does not have
- how is positioning done
- positioning models
- Wht is segmentation
- On wht basis segmentation is done
- Wht all calls u got

Some of the things they asked were totally random. more on academics n current affairs. Many times they didn't even let me finish answering. they were just shooting d volley of questions .i wonder if mine was a stress interview. All in all mine wasn't that gud.anyhow all d best to others.

adiadzz Says
I was in the same group, my no. was 2. The Mam had a Phd. in marketing(Chekd the prospectus). 1st question tell me about urself 2nd line of my ans was " i am a BBA in marketing"nd she started firing all kind of marketing questions nd her expressions were hard to guess, total interview time 10-12 min nd i was left wondering should i feel gud about the interview or sulk.........

slot:13th mar 1:00 pm..

essay topic: attitude determines altitude
loads of gyaan:-)


one of the most difficult pi as they take only for 5-7 min within which you have to form impression..
on top of dat they ask very weird questions..
mam was too difficult to convince wid any ans..
its not goin to be as smooth as other interviews..
all the best..
be prepared for lot of questions on GK..
to be honest i find it difficult to understand dat y is GK given more priority than Work-ex..they should better ask abt the kind of work we have done rather than asking who is the CM of goa..atleast dint make sense to me..

Had the same experience on 12th Mar @ Kol. The lady in the panel was too focussed on questions relating to Indian politics, ministers and their departments :drinking::drinking:
And to top it all, when she asked me about my favourite subject, I said Finance. Next she asked me how about Marketing, I said I was not too keen on Marketing and even after this she asked me questions on Marketing.. Still wondering about the reasoning behind that.

Almost everyone I know today was grilled, I'm a little tensed i wasn't!!
Wonder if they had written me off already!

Anyway, the write-up today was on the topic "Hard work verses smart work"

GD was on something like "if wishes were horses, beggars would ride....given a choice I would rather be rich than talented...". A minute to think and 8 minutes for discussion, 1 minute to each student to give summary!

DATE - 15th March 2011

VENUE - Indian Social Institute (Delhi)

SLOT - 9 am (Panel 1)


X- :banghead:
Undergrad Major - B.Pharm GPA/%age

Work-Ex: 12 months
NIL/Sector - Pharmaceuticals (Marketing profile)

CAT Score - 88.95 %tile

Any other special thing about you: Many Intra college achievements, national level TT, blah blah.... list is too big

TOPIC- Judicial Activities in India
TIME- 25 minutes and 500 word limit

They will provide you the exam sheet, you have to enter your name, IMNU form no., the program name, CAT Regn. no. etc

Topic: It is and will be the man's world
Number of People present-14
Time: 8 min (1 min to think)
Little bit fish market(as expected) but everyone contributed. At the end of 8 minutes, we were stopped and asked to conclude one by one in a serial order within 1 min.

Personal Interview:

I have to wait for more than 2 hours for my turn. PI ranging from 5 to 25 minutes. Mine was 20 minute

There three panelists throughout the entire process: 2 gentlemen (Economics & Finance) & a lady (Marketing)

1. Introduce yourself?
blah blah.... stopped in between

2. What is Medical Science acc. to you?
I have written this in my form... explained.... you have coined this term?? i was like then justified my answer in detail.... all of them started laughing...

3. So have work ex??

4. Tell me about your company??

5. Your job profile??

6. USP of your company??

7. One more USP of your company??

8. Your contribution??

9. You are 2009 passed out?? Can i ask you some questions from your graduation??
Ans. Sure Ma'am... first question and i'm clean bowled :splat:

10. Tell us your favorite subject?? Few cross ques from it

11. Top 5 pharma companies of World?

12. Top 5 pharma companies of India?

13. Explain the process of ranking?

14. Which company has the largest R&D; portion acc to you?

15. What is the percentage of xyz company investment on there R&D; of pharma product?

16. Name the patent products of India?

17. Suppose you are the CEO of ABC company and you have to launched a product in the market? Tell us the procedure?

18. Tell us the procedure used in R&D;?

19. Duration of stage 2?? (i answered that in my previous question)

20. Generic and patent drug in India??

21. Full form of ANDA??
yeh kya pooach liya :oops:

22. Full form of CIMS??
prof. to me hv u ever visited ur college lib.?? if yes, then u should answer this... then he gvn me some hint.... thn i explained that... but i told him tht what u were asking is DT not the CIMS

23. Back to my work ex & few more ques.

Finally, they told me to leave.

I said Thank you Sirs, Thank you Ma'am.
Pleasure meeting you and they said same here & All the best.

I have no idea about my performance. Hoping for the best..... Rest Rabb Rakha :D

All the best to others.... PM me in case u need some details.

Sorry for posting so late. was travelling so cudnt post earlier
DATE - 13th march
SLOT - 1pm
X - 93
XII - 91
Undergrad Major - GPA/%age - 9.6/10

CAT Score - 95.62
TOPIC- Corruption is necesarry for success in any sphere
TIME- 25min
Overall an easy topic and could put down important points.
Topic: College degree no more gurantees a good job and this has been proved especially in this decade
Number of Ppl present 12
Time: 10min or so ( not sure though )
Brief Snapshot of Discussion: Overall a good discussion, felt ppl were concetrating only on engieerin degrees and dint bother to talk about odr degree like BCOM BCA BA etc etc. Cud have been a great discussion if this also was included.

A very decent group two times the discussion went into Fish market kind of a situation, but ppl were humble and decent enuf to come out of it. evry1 was allowed to put his point by the odr members.

In the end evry1 was asked to conclude ( personally felt ppl cud have spoke more bt wat can be done to avoid tis rather than just taking their stance on the topic.

1min for each person to giv his conclusion

Panel Members Intro: two ma;le prof 1lady prof
m1 m2 L1 and me
i was the second one to be called in for the interview
m1 - Gd mrning harshal have a seat
me - gd mrning sir 9 and i took my seat)
m2 tell me bt urslf harshal.
me - I am Btech Biotechnology Graduate from so and so Univ ( at this juncture i was stopped by the lady prof )
L1 - Plz tell us somethin aodr than wat is given in the form ( tey had my NIRMA form whch we had psoted earlier to the college )
me - told
m2 - i think i would deprive the nation of a probable scientist if i select u
me - no sir explained y i needed to do MBA and my exp of last six months and so on. m1 li were convinced and impressed
m2 - m sry harshal I am still not convinced .
me - tld abt my famiy backgrnd. and thoda stuffs regarding y mBa in a modifed way
was able to convince m2
m2 - so harshal dnt u think ur ideas will go waste in these two years
me - no sir, i had ideas wen i was in first year . i used four years to nurture them
m2 - so u wanna be an entreprenuer
me - yes sir
m2 - thn i think u are well positioned to be one . I dnt think u shud go for Mba . Phd is a better option
me - expalined y MBa again. this time in adiff way and m2 was impressed.
m2 - i like ur style of convincing me.I am convinced that anb MBA wud help u
m2 - so wud u give ur ideas abreak in this two years
me - no sir , ideas run paralelly in my mind/// and i knw how to mange it with my education ( i learned it during my B tech 0
m2 - I am done Harshal. Good to know u, nvr gv up ur ideas for anything
me - my pleasure sir
m1 - so U had sanskrit in ur 10th and 12th
me - yes sir
m1 - can u chant a bverse for me in sanskrit
me - surely sir
I chant ( pushpanjalam )
m1 - U almost took us to worship god with this pushpanjalm.
l1 - i cud feel the vibration of each wrd that u pronounced.
m2 - U havent learned sanskrit but i think u have taken it into ur soul
me - thank you sir
m2 - We are done harshal Thank You
me - Thank You sir ( to m2) thank you sir ( to m1) thank you madame ( to l1)
m1 -( as i was leaving ) which odr calls do u have -
me IIM Shilong TAPMI KJS BIM trichy
m1 - wat wud u prefer if u get all calls converted
me - IIM shillong
m1 - dnt u think it very far
me- sir my parents are concerned abt it.
m1 - ok thank you . have a gud future
me thank you
I am happy with my attempt. There is nothing wrong that i did. But i am not sure of my essay rest all i was good.

Plz do comment and suggest me my chances. Thank You mates