MDI-PGPIM Call getters Profile & GDPI Discussion

HEy Guys, ppl getting calls fr PGPIM, strt discussing abt the GDPI here !!!

HEy Guys, ppl getting calls fr PGPIM, strt discussing abt the GDPI here !!!

ankit.shah Says
HEy Guys, ppl getting calls fr PGPIM, strt discussing abt the GDPI here !!!

Ankit man, you know PGIM already has a dedicated thread. What's the point of creating a duplicate one?

ALL PGIM related discussion HERE :

this thread was exclusively fr GDPi discussions...
u can have that thread for anyother type of queris regarding the course structure, issues related to ur stay in Europe and other such related queries !!!

Got a call Profile Xth - 91.33 (ICSE) Xii th - 92.5 (HSC maharashtra) BE - 68 (Mumbai univ) 9 months work exp in IT I really wanna take up this course!! will try my best!! Any special pointers on GD/PI prep?

Got a call!!!

My stats:

X: 78.6

B.Tech(IT): 71 upto 6th sem

Good Extra Currics & Co-Currics

Hoping to convert it.

CAT Score: 98.98


I too got a call

moi profile

Xth -88
X11- 85

BE- 78

Work ex- 32 months in one of world`s leading IT company

CAT score - 97.1

Hello all

I got a call with 96.22%ile with 80 in Quant.
Fresher, Delhi University.

Seniors, my surname in the shortlist has been misspelled.
Now that I see, even my surname in application status has been misspelled. Its most probably a fault from my side.

Can it be rectified?

Please do tell fast.

hey guys,

I have a call from this course too..
heres my profile:

CAT: OA: 99.42
DI: 99.69
VA: 99.66

missed the PGPM boat.. quants did it for me... but happy to be posting here.

Plus i have 2 yrs ex in guess what... 'IT'!!!
Lets kick off the GD PI prep... I think we shud discuss the probable topics that can come at the GD.
I have a few in mind(please add your own so we can have a ready reference)

1) Subprime crisis
2) SEZs... in view of tata small car project etc...
3) Telecom operators/Dot fiasco(too typical i guess)

Please add whatever you feel to this list so that we can start a focussed prep.


I have a call for PGPIM course along with calls for PGPM and PGPHRM

my profile:

OA: 97.25
QA: 90.69
DI: 80.70
EU: 99.36
IIT Kanpur- 2 years and dropped:D
Graduation(BSc Maths hons, DU)- first year-81%, second year-40.33
Strong extra-curricular in sports and social sector.

It will be really challenging to convert call considering my roller coaster academic profile.
Good luck for Gd/PI to all other call getters:D

finally gt a call froma gr8 insti....

my profile is


no wrk ex

ATB to all.....

hi puys,
congos to all the fellow puys who gt the call..

me in too fr PGPM AND IM BOTH!!
my profile
CAT 07
OA: 97.92
VA: 97.67
DI: 97.41
QA: 82.54

B.TECH: 75.08 ( till 6 sem)
XII: 86
X: 80.4



calls till now: MDI-PGPM AND PGPIM,IMT G/N

hey all
me too got a call....first call of the season(which has almost ended)
my profile
96.37 in cat
99 somethin in va(my weakness)
and 83-84 somethin in quant and di(my strengths)
work ex 2 years in...ya an IT firm
seniors now please help us convert it


Cat_Dude07 Says
Got a call Profile Xth - 91.33 (ICSE) Xii th - 92.5 (HSC maharashtra) BE - 68 (Mumbai univ) 9 months work exp in IT I really wanna take up this course!! will try my best!! Any special pointers on GD/PI prep?

Well be very sure of why do you want to join PGPIM.. pls avoid usual bull shit... n show ur eagerness... make clear linkage of ur future plans/goals with the experience u will get in PGPIM...
build up on ur strengths ... like work-ex.. or any leadership experience... or any other achievement...
see if u can show any cross cultural experince.... may b international may even b indian experience....
hmm... GDs are okish... try to b logical and articulate.. well usual gyan.. we were given a graph to analyse.... dont worry if u see the discussion to be going no where... it happens as the graphs sometimes dont really give very specific information... about the context...
rest all i think u already know....
this is a new course jus try to b as educated as u can abt d course...
for specific course related query visit this link :thumbsup:

one more thing... every MBA course available in India has got its own USP... may b bcos of its course structure... the college... the location... industry linkage...etc etc.... this PGPIM course is truly a unique endeavour... it has its own features... pls understand them and see if they match ur needs.... if u r one who can settle for any mba course probably with a nice brand and a sure shot naukri... then probably PGPIM would be a tough option for u...

Hi guys...I have some queries about PGPIM course....I tried posting it in the relevant community...but was closed already!!!
So I m posting it here only....Hope it will b okay with u guys...

Few months back I came 2 kno 'bout da PGPIM prog. offerd by MDI,GGN
The course content n exposure(Src.: MDI doc explaining PGPIM prog) it gives to its students are truely world class.
The reason behind my being truely excited 'bout da course is the peculiar similarity betwn my aspirations n the course objective. Moreover who can afford to miss a chance to be in Europe!!!
I wish to work in a multi-cultural environment in true sense.I would be thrilled to work in some developed countries.

Now, u undrstnd why I say that "peculiar similarity"!!!
For this reason I "ransacked" almost all da post related to PGPIM in PagalGuy.But the result was not so colorful as I expected it to be!!!

posts containing "great exposure", "Immense opportunity", "great course structure", "Internship/placement in Europe", "PGPIM guy getting placed in India is considered a failure for the PGPIM course","American Pie type party in Paris"!!! and many more enthralled me a lot

But at the same time some posts containing "if u want to pusue MBA with a sure shot naukri at the end then PGPIM is not for u", "If u dont get placed in Europe, come back to MDI n sit for plcment", "Last time there was some problem regarding placement for PGPIM students at MDI Campus", "PGPIM guys were not allowed to sit for slot-0 companies ", "PGPIM guys were only allowed to sit in SOME companies at MDI campus", "Internship offers do exist in UK/Paris but depends upon ones sole credibility to convert them" and more...meade me somewhat sceptical 'bout the course.

I just want to know a few thing from the present and past PGPIM students....
Pls answer my queries...

Internship Issues:
1) How many ppl did internship in Europe from 2006-2008 batch(the batch strength(Indian) was 22 if I am not wrong) ?
(2007-09 students can answer this as u might be knowing ur seniors well)
2) How many ppl COULD NOT get an Internship offer in Europe and came back to India from 2006-08 batch?

Placement Issues:
3) How many ppl got placed in Europe? what was the avg pckg in Europe?
4) How many ppl wanted to work in Europe but couldn't find a job there or couldn't meet the HSMP criterion?
5) Did evry1 get placd from 2006-08 batch ?

for 2007-09 batch I am sure the scenario is good compared to last yr....
1) How many ppl got confirmed Internship offr in Europe till date?
2) Roles and stipend offrd?

I guess these r some doubts one must be having before applying to the course