Management Education and Research Institute (MERI) Admission 2019-21

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MERI Group Of Institutions

Accredited by NAAC

26 International Collaborations for student exchange - USA, UK, China, Germany, France & many more.

Global Alliances - Global Career

MERI Group of Institutions

Accredited by NAAC

Unique Teaching Pedagogy

Holistic Development through corporate mentorship, personality development, live projects, case studies, mock campus drives etc.

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MERI Group of Institutions - 30 Years of Academic Excellence|International Interships|Global Alliances|Indo Bhutan Friendship Meet 2K19. For more details visit

Student Achievements 

24th Batch #MBA Batch 2017-2019 student Gursimran Singh selected as the associate Vice President of Delhi Hockey. Proud Moment for all of us.

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MERIANS TALKS "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" -Eleanor Roosevelt DALIP GANDHI (PGDM 2007-09), A Proud MERIAN believed in his dreams and MERI transformed his dreams into Reality.

Remembering two golden years at MERI, MBA BATCH 2017-2019 writes thanking note for the teachers. To be successful in anything, you have to have a passion for it that leads to being enthusiastic and demanding. Thankyou teachers for making us realize our dreams. #MERIGroup #MERIFaculty #MBAFarewell2K19

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Hon. Vice President of MERI Group of Institutions addresses the audience at Russian Centre for Science and Culture 

Prof. Lalit Aggarwal – Interview on MERI group of Institutions 


Getting your baby step into the startup ecosystem is now a fashion rather than a passionate dream. We all have brilliant imaginations that convert into great ideas. But then what?  What’s the next step you take? Do you have ergophobia? It’s not very difficult to get started but its enactment is difficult. A luminary always work hard for implementation as ideas are everywhere but virtuoso implementers are one in million. 

Alfa Ventures gave three T’s for a startup i.e. Traction, Team and Target Market size for a successful startup. 

Traction means having a measurable set of customers that serves as your idea validation.

Team, “People are the most important thing. Business model and product will follow if you have the right people”. – Adam Neumann

Target Market Size, It is a specific group of customer at which a product or service is shot. 

The amalgamation of these three T’s is crucial for success of any startup. Also it’s a functional thought incorporating Traction, Team and Target Market size as a part of startup plan and pitch!

At MERI we create a supporting ecosystem for budding entrepreneurs. Our E CELLTARKASH” conducts various workshops, activities and meetings regularly so that expected and nascent entrepreneurs can shoot their rockets in the sky.

Dr. Samarth Singh, our mentor who has exceptional clarity and with his strategic planning he help us to execute entrepreneurial ideas. Our E-Cell, Tarkash missions to empower budding entrepreneurs & nurture start-ups. With E Cell’s effective mentorship program we focus on capacity building that can enable sustainable business development. 

TREASURED INSIGHTS AT MERI One who keep the glass of learning always big in size is the one who can bear almost any how. From Time to time we all stumble and fall but we should count on these things because it gives us the motivation to move forward. It might get messy but you will find your way the way I did. After my Graduation I prepared my mind for MBA education, I still remember the day when I entered in an Institution (MERI, JANAKPURI ) that changed my outlook towards MBA course and getting enrolled myself in such an Institution was my lifelong dream where I can Cultivate a habit of independent learning and visualise the road ahead for my successful career. At MERI, The Pedagogy for learning is so captivating that it has helped me in shaping up my personality and enhancing my skills which has geared me up for the professional world. From Live projects to interactive sessions to case studies to practical exposure have made me an innovator and a strong-minded individual. The corporate checkmates (workshops, Seminars, Guest lectures and conferences) give us the opportunity to build corporate connections and develop the Networking skill. In addition to this, our global alliances with more than 25 international universities in countries like France, USA and Germany give us a platform to explore unending opportunities and develop infinite competencies. It imbibes in us Self-confidence & Self-esteem to develop International Linkages and gives us an understanding of cross-cultural perspectives.We acquire leadership skills, Management skills and practical insights through various activities conducted under different clubs like Precious Pixels, MERI MIC ,Literary club, MERI-CSR, cultural club which makes us step out from comfort zone to growth zone. MERI has also given us the platform to execute Enterpreneurial ideas through E-cell , “TARKASH” which aims to empower Enterpreneurs and nurture ideas. Placement cell helps us to gain corporate glimpse and maintaining sincere relations & networks. Industrial visits augment our practical knowledge and make us understand the ground realities of different industrial processes. In essence MERI has made me realize that when you are inspired by some great purpose, all your thoughts break their bonds and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be. As a student I would like to learn and stay focused on my goal by being a part of MERI family.

Meri group of institution Global allaince Creating the relationship globally as the students get the opportunity of global exchange program and get the undefined experience of global education

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We just dont teach we give a complete learning experience 

Mr. Vishal Chaudhary (MBA Batch 2016-18), Diagnostics Specialist,Agappe Diagnostics Limited  conferred with National Excellence Award Trade Sales- All India.

MERI PIONEERS Just as treasures are uncovered from the earth, so wisdom appears from a Pure and Peaceful mind Dr. Maitri, Associate Professor #MERIGroup #Faculty Profile

OPPORTUNITIES AT MERI I truly believe in the saying that “An unexamined Life is not worth living”. There are some situations when we encounter something escapade that creates remarkable impact on our mind and heart and It is actually an icing on the cake when you get to experience those startling moments in your college days. I feel MERI is such an Institution which provides students every opportunity to make alive all the dormant forces and talent in an individual to foster overall development. One of such opportunity that I got was short film/Documentary making contest-“PRALEKHI”. I still get electrified when I remember that wonderful experience. I could not ever imagine that PRALEKHI will originate the kind of ambitious spirit, deep thinking, persistence, perseverance and resilient attitude in us that we always dreamed about. It awakened the creativity in us that transcends our thought process in a beautiful way. We were the team of 10 innovators who never imagined themselves as Directors, Actors, Script writers, Screen players and what not. The theme or topic of our short film was cyber crime and cyber bullying. keeping in mind all the facts and incidents we actually wanted to spread a strong message of replacing cyber bullying with cyber believing . With all the challenges, we learned so many things that we will cherish forever. We applied many theories and concepts which we learn in our classrooms in practical. We learned management skills, team work, Leadership skills, creative thinking and lateral thinking. Ms. Swati Chawla was our mentor , With her positive attitude and motivation we were going ahead with full passion & determination. Fortunately we won the PRALEKHI contest with priceless learnings. MERI has always cultivated a habit of fascinating learning in students and made them realize their potential for creating the career path brick by brick.

MERI New Delhi :: Opportunities for Students 


Management course allows you to obtain the knowledge and skills needed to assume management positions in a wide range of organizations but are these courses really a right fit for the same in actual scenario and in workplace?  
D. Blochler once said that “Learning is not a spectator sport”
Most of the management students would be familiar of these lines like ‘you’re not fit for the industry’; ‘Industry is different from this’ etc. by our mentors and corporate individuals but have you really strove to understand what it means? Why they say it on repeat? 
Colleges have done little to reproduce and distribute college courses, choosing instead to redo each college class, much like ancient monks reproducing the scrolls of history. Over the coming decades, the amount of education we consume to stay competitive will increase exponentially. One of the articles published in FUTURIST SPEAKER says that by 2030 over 50% of colleges will fail. The reason is that we will want education that is relative, timely, available on-demand, and fits within a specific need. 
All the above mentioned things can be achieved by teaching the management courses practically. Giving the students opportunity to learn by their own, providing those live projects, case studies and learning through games.

What if I tell you that all these things are being practiced in our college? I will tell you one of the learning I got from an event in my college. Management Education Research Institute organized Holi Mahotsav 2019 where the management students were given opportunity to setup food and games on a stall. These stalls were rented for 3 hours. We got an opportunity to showcase our entrepreneurial skills and take home ample of learning. My team displayed a food stall "Khatta Metha" where we had some chocolate items and bhel puri. We successfully applied many principles of different disciplinary that we had studied so far and also were able to make some profits out of it. We learnt about the practical application of supply-demand forecasting,, advertisement etc.

I would conclude by a quote given by Earl Nightingale that fits here very well, "Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. Don't wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future. Think how really precious is the time you have to spend, whether it's at work or with your family. Every minute should be enjoyed and savored." 
Businesses need to take up that mantle, for their own self-interest and the greater good.

There is a saying "Excellence is not a skill it's an attitude". Perhaps MERI college is writing it's own theory of excellence. The college prepares you to get the excellence with the skillset of leading the masses to self development and for others.

The following visitiors testimonials are not the only proof, but it shows the appearance and visibility of the college's excellence for generating the passion in youth to achieve their goals.

Life is 10% what happens to u and 90% how you react to it..💛☺ Great initiative taken by MERI college for the students with special needs #positive_vibes❤

For me It's always something Unique in the Parameters and indicators that help me in taking decisions of my Career. At the time of completion of My graduation I made my mind for Post graduation and When I was searching for the same parameter which can trigger me I just got my eye on MERI college. They were actually offering students the opportunity of Global Exchange Program which I found really exciting. The Global alliances with 25 international universities was the fact that really get me into deep search. After all the search and analysis I could really figured out the extent of opportunities MERI is offering to students. Finally I became the part of MERI family and I feel proud to be MERIAN.