Life @ Great Lakes Institute of Management- Gurgaon [GLIM]

Learn more about life at the Great Lakes Institute of Management – Gurgaon. This is from the students at GLIM Gurgaon. Feel free to ask questions and comment.

The best sector specific B-School in India

This thread is for ALL who want to join IEMR nd wanna know nythng regarding the life out start with, i joined d college with a lot of doubts n mind, but now m compeletly satisfied with ma decision...we have the best faculty nd all d industry exposure dat we could ask for...we are privileged to have Dr.B.S.K. Naidu as our chairman who is regarded as the father of hydroelectric power in India...our vice chairman is one of India's leading venture capitalist who has set his own the few months dat v have spent in the college v have had speakers from some of the leading power sector companies and regulatory authorities for power in India...i will b happy to answer any of ur queries...

IEMR:Leadership for a brighter tomorrow 😃

just got sme brk btwn classes...forgot to tell u guys about the awsome freshers party we had...went through the whole night...:cheers:

guys d parties are real happening 😃

hi guys, today we had a guest lecture by Mr.Sunil M Verma (Head, Power Sector at ICRA Management Consulting Services) on Transmission and distribution scenario in india nd the oppurtunities in it fr ws a real enlightening session 😃 energy sector s short on manpower, he as a recruiter fr his company shared his views on how much the transmission and distribution sector is short on manpower 😃

Last week was one of the most hectic ones.. assignments, two days of classes on Financial Modeling (I don't think any other institute in India has Financial modeling in first semester!), then the Mr. Verma's lecture... the list goes on 😃

just about when we thought it ws all u go...tomo lecture on leadership developement by Mr.Praveen Singh dats what is called an impressive resume 😁

At last we get a break

rightly said mate finally something

end terms startng frm 10th Oct 😞

lyf's been a bit mre hectic fr d past few days...with d xams startng nxt week, assignments r pouring in like rain...:(

Rains would be an understatement. Its flood all over! Even if I don't learn anything else in these two years, I have definitely learnt how to value time in last 3 weeks especially!

So damn sleepy and I have get the internship excel sheet and work profile worksheet also in place...:cheers:

Hey guys if you have any concerns or doubts about joining the IEMR college, plz visit the thread


xams up frm nxt sunday

was just back frm some gud and RARE vacations when news struck...classes on all 7 days of the week...
wow dats so cool :wow: :'(
on fire

was just back frm some gud and RARE vacations when news struck...classes on all 7 days of the week...
wow dats so cool :wow: :'(
on fire

hehehe dats true good and RARE

went for a confrence yesterday...DIREC 2010...was good 😃 😁

Hi all,:cheerio:
This is Jatin Kapoor from Mumbai.Ive done B.Tech having 2yrs of experience in IT.Ive appeared in CAT last year and scored 88percentile. I want to do post graduation in energy field .Ive heard about IEMR......
I am planning to apply for it.plz give me ur views guyzzz....

@Jatin: as far as ma experience in IEMR goes, it has been a really enriching one...i would recommend the college...we have some of the best faculties in the industry and our intern placements have also been well above our expectations...i recommendation is go head with your decision, u'll never regret it 😃

The IEMR E-Week started off today...Looks Promising :)

Lets c how things turn out 😃