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Hi all, For those who are planning to take GRE, i came across this interesting post: 

"Now you can get your queries directly resoled by Jason Baran, spokesperson for the GRE. Click thread and start posting your queries and do not forget to join Live Chat on 6th Apr 2017 @ 4:30 Pm"

An opportunity to get your following and other GRE® related queries answered by Jason Baran, spokesperson for the GRE® program. Join thread and start posting your queries. 

Why take a GRE® test?

What's on the GRE® test?

What is the duration of the test?

How can taking a GRE® general test help me? 

Where all can I use my GRE® score?

How can i send my score to any graduate or B School?

What is the minimum score required to be accepted by any university?

How often can i take the test?

What is the best way to prepare for GRE®  general test? 

What is the difference between unofficial and official scores?

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Hi All, Please join the following discussion thread to get your queries answered by Jason Baran, GRE official spokesperson:
Also, do not forget to join Live Chat on 6th Apr 2017 between 4 to 5 pm. 

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The GRE General Test is taken by about 675,000 people from 230 countries each year.  
Chat with Jason Baran, GRE Spokesperson to know more. Join following thread: 

 The GRE General Test gives applicants added value with free services such as: 

A listing in the GRE® Search Service so they can receive information from programs like yours.  
Four ETS® Personal Potential Index Evaluation Reports, which provide evaluations on six core attributes — such as teamwork, ethics and integrity — widely recognized as key to graduate-level success.  

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If you are pursuing your bachelors and not sure about your field of study then taking GRE general test would be a great idea as the test scores are valid for 5 years and are accepted in various graduate and business school worldwide. You will have enough time to decide your are of interest.

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Planning to give GRE but still have doubts, An opportunity to get your GRE® related queries answered by Jason Baran, spokesperson for the GRE® program. Post now  

Get your questions ready!

Jason Baran, GRE Spokesperson will be available for live chat @ 4pm. 


Hi, What is this student card, can anyone give me more details?

Any one who is planning to go to US/Can/ Ireland..please join following threads:


Can -

Ire -

 All you need to know about "16 year of Education"
Most of the bachelors program in India are of 3 years as Indian education system is inspired by British education but most of the bachelors programs duration in US or Canada is of 4 years hence universities in US expect Indians to apply either with 16 year of education or complete extra credits to be admitted.  Following are some possible options 3 year bachelor students : 
1. Apply with 15 years: Lot of high ranked universities in USA accept 15 year of education as well so shortlist those universities..Read more: 

  There are lots of ways to save money abroad when you have less time and resources on hand. And one of the most convenient ways is to get yourself an international discount card. If you’re looking to save a little on your money as an international student or teacher or just on travel, then you can choose from a range of discount cards to get discounts on a range of amenities across many international locations. There are also many student discount cards out there waiting to be exploited, so why not make the most out of every penny you spend by maxing out your student discounts!   There are many discount cards for students, teachers and others, covering things from travel, entertainment, software, education, food, and much more. And if you've yet not got access to these concession cards, then here we’ve rounded up 3 of the best benefit cards that we think are worth investing in.                

Types of International discount cards and the benefits they offer-     

· ISIC (International Student Identity Card)   ISIC is a UNESCO endorsed benefit card and the only global discount card, which lets you enjoy big discounts across the world. If you're a full time student aged 12 years or above, then you're eligible to reap more than 251,000 fantastic benefits and services, at 135+ locations in countries worldwide.     

· ITIC (International Teacher Identity Card)   ITIC is the only globally recognized discount card for teachers and academic employees of an institution endorsed by the respective Ministry of Education within India. This discount card provides access to assorted discounts on travel, culture, sport and leisure.     

· IYTC (International Youth Travel Card)   IYTC offers a lot of great benefits and discounts in over 135 countries. You need not to study to be an IYTC cardholder, only your age must be below 30 years.      These international discount cards are issued by the ISIC Association with the endorsement of UNESCO, universities, academic institutions, student organizations and national governments across the world.  

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