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Simcat 101 scores?

  • 170+
  • 130-140
  • less than 90
  • 160-170
  • 150-160
  • 140-150
  • 110-120
  • 120-130
  • 100-110
  • 90-100

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Hi, do anyone have last few year mock papers of IMS? 



VARC 33/84.07 Disaster

DILR  50/99.85

QA    48/96.79  padhai shuru karni padeg iski

OA    131/98.57%ile Exaggerated as always is the case with Take Homes

Has anyone given any of the sectional tests, of any section?

New to join...Can proctored ims be given from home?My city does not have IMS center,so would i be able to give proctored tests?



VARC 65/99.89

DILR 31/95.35

QA 79/99.9

OA 175/99.97%ile :) 

Quants was easy

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SIMCAT 104- 98.41/93.11/97.22  OA: 99.47

SIMCAT 105- 94.91/99.63/93.93 OA: 98.88

Your score please... Simcat 101 VA 36 Dilr 44 Qa 63 OA 143

Are the take home simcats in CAT 16 pattern? 34+32+34? Also, 8 sets * 4 Qs/set in DILR?



VARC 52/98.41

DILR 16/80.15 kab tak ye dard dete rahoge :( :( :(

QA 65/99.88

OA 133/99.57%ile

A 150+ mock. DILR as always played the spoilsport!!!

Simcat 102 VA 9 Dilr 55 Qa 25 OA 89 Disaster

Simcat 103 VA 30 Dilr 17 wtf Qa 66 OA 113

Sim101 -

VARC: 28A 25C = 73

DILR: 19A 17C = 49

QA: 26A 19C = 50

OA: 73A 61C = 172

First mock of the season. Felt quite rusty, specially in QA :/

Bhai log, time test series launched today.I personally found it very very expensive, can anyone please help to decide which one should I be buying. thanks in advance.

Guys anyone here participating in Cl mocks, if yes please share feedbacks abt proctored 3. To my surprise, I felt a lot of nerves in Lrdi and quant. Bad attempt. VA - 50 (Easy but wtf only 50 in Easy paper) Lrdi - 34 (difficult, question selection was very very imp, some sets would turn to be untouchable) Qa - 29 tough (but not worried since most questions came of probability and geometry which are yet to be touched) potentially lost 10 marks in overspending of time in bad areas.

Sim102 -

VARC: 22A 15C = 39 .. so many VA Qs :( 

DILR: 22A 21C = 63

QA: 27A 24C = 70

OA: 71A 60C = 172

Simcat 104 Varc 44/95.23 Dilr 34/96.69 Qa 54/96.27 isne dubaya... OA 132/ 99.05

Can anyone kindly explain me regarding AIMCAT. How are these  invigilated and non-invigilated mocks differ? What is Slot booking and  its relevance? 

 I need some serious tips how to improve my VA RC.I am performing well in other sections.If I go for increasing number of attempts my accuraccy goes down.I am reading novels,articles and news papers(But not as a voracious reader).I don't see any major improvements.Please help guys.I am ready to put an extra effort in this section if it is required.But I need a proper guidelines so that I can improve my scores in VA and RC.Thanks in advance.